Design Notes

May 07, 2013

A Design Notes Post

This Is The Sub-Header Where A Headline Goes. 

Write text here. Keep is short, informative, dynamic and, if possible, funny. Wathc fro tyops. Now post a picture that looks radical. 

Maybe a quick note describing the image above.

By this point nobody is reading anymore so you can pretty much start writing whatever you want. Make obscure references to the things that you like and maybe the cooler folks will catch them. 

A Second-Sub Header To Break The Info Into Digestable Chunks

Put most of the useful information here so you can just tell them to read the Design Notes when they ask questions that you've already answered in this post. 

Maybe a list of stuff would be good...

  • The thing most people will be interested in.
  • Something else cool.
  • Something funny.
  • Something seemingly unrelated until they play the release and realize how clever you were being here (but they won't, don't take it personally). 
  • Something else funny.
  • The second most interesting thing here. Kinda of a test for making it this far into the post. 

A quick summary of what they saw above. 

Something Unrelated To The Post But Still Noteworthy

Maybe a shop is going rare and you know that if you don't go on record telling then WHEN it goes rare then you will be raged at on Twitter and on the forums. You're basically covering your rear. 

Completely Unrelated Section, Closing Thoughts

Editorialize. Maybe you want to be funny or snarky. Maybe you have something serious to discuss about account safety (again... forever) or maybe you want to say a few quick words about something that's going on in the world. It's also a great place to thank whomever (players, staff, volunteers) for being awesome, since it leaves them with a happy feeling. 

Cookie goes here. 

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