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Shadow Maker

July 28, 2014

Shadowfall in Chaos

Gear Up For Gravelyn's Attack on Chaos!

Empress Gravelyn has watched the Alliance crumble and Chaos spread like a plague across her world... and she is DONE preparing! This Friday, she is readying for the first step in her assault on Mount DoomSkull - raising Shadowfall, her dracolich fortress! She will need help from all who wish to defeat Chaos! Will you stand by her side?*

If you played the last 13th Lord of Chaos Saga release in the /drakathfight map, you're wondering "... HOW can I do THAT? Didn't I (spoilers removed) ?!?!!" Yes, yes you did ... and that is a life-or-death obstacle you'll need to demolish in order to reach her!

If Gravelyn succeeds, Shadowfall will rise, the ShadowScythe will strike, and the Living Shadow Assassins will stalk the realms of Lore to do her bidding!

Living Shadow Rares Shop!

This Friday, you'll find the ShadowScythe Assassin and the Living Shadow Sets in your game menu and when you talk to LoreMaster Maya in /mountdoomskull! Each piece of the Living Shadow Set will be sold for AdventureCoins and has the Shadow item animation attached, as well!

* You must have completed the Mount DoomSkull release to begin the ShadowRise story. /Join MountDoomskull to begin it.

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July 28, 2014

Chaos Fan Art Winners: Wolfwing

5th Lord of Chaos Fan Art Contest winners announced!

Last week, we announced the first batch of winners in the Chaos Fan Art Contest:

If you liked those masterpieces, then you’ll be Lycan the winners of the 5th Lord of Chaos, Wolfwing!

Grand Prize Winner: 5th Lord of Chaos

WOW! Soulknight really poured his heart and soul into this Wolfwing fan art. Congratulations on winning the grand prize!



Please enjoy your grand prize earnings of: 1,000 AdventureCoins, the exclusive color-custom Chaos Paintbrush + Chaos Artist Palette dual weapon set, the Art of Chaos character page badge, AND your art as an in-game House Item (which will be released at a future date)!

2nd Place Winners: 5th Lord of Chaos



wolfwing dracowerepyre




Wolfwing seth hydra

Seth Hydra

These 2nd place Wolfwing winners scored a K-9 out of 10! Each of you will get: 800 AdventureCoins, the color-custom Chaos Paintbrush polearm, and the Art of Chaos character page badge.

3rd Place Winners: 5th Lord of Chaos

View the Dropbox folder here to see all the 3rd Place Winners! Our third place winners are: Ryan_Asesino, Sir Master Dark, Revelations_Creed, Silverster, Toaudro, Daddy10125, and Alan68.

Ryan Asesino

You guys and gals won: 500 AdventureCoins, the Chaos Paintbrush Polearm weapon, and the Art of Chaos Character Page Badge.

Runner Ups: 5th Lord of Chaos

Here is the Dropbox folder to see all the Runner Ups, and here’s the list of Wolfwing’s runner-ups: Jhadecarlyle, Koukaoh, Dragon Warrior Blaze, Kaldr Mc17, Naza344, Ninjags, and Vincent Zatria.

dragon warrior blaze

Each runner up will get 200 ACs and the Art of Chaos character page badge. Keep practicing your skills and one day you’ll win the grand prize!

Important: Tracing versus Referencing

There is a fine line between tracing artwork and referencing artwork. Here, allow me to explain:

  • Referencing
    • You look at a picture, a pose, or a design, and then you create your own artwork from scratch. You use the referenced picture(s) to help design your own artwork… but you are NOT tracing or copying over the lines. Reference back to the image(s) that have inspired you to create something new and unique!  
  • Tracing
    • You use someone else’s photo/picture, and directly copy their work (easily accomplished with opacity + layers in just about any photo editing program). Your finished product heavily resembles the copied image (and both images can easily be lined up), even if some of your proportions may be larger, smaller, different, or slightly skewed. At its core, traced artwork is an apparent copy of someone else’s work. 

With that being said… it pained the entire AQW team to disqualify the following Wolfwing Fan Art entry:

tracing versus referencing example

As you can literally see, this Wolfwing entry was directly traced from a popular MMO’s werewolf model. Sure, the player changed the armor, added wings, and modified the background… but, sadly, all the lines lined up, the weapon in Wolfwing’s hand is exactly the same, and even the tiniest of details in the necklace and pauldron were traced—NOT referenced—from the original werewolf image.

Rule #3 in the Contest Rules states:  

Your Chaos Fan Art MUST BE created by YOU. And only YOU.

  1. 100% original artwork created by YOU
  2. NO tracing
  3. NO stealing someone else’s work (we WILL find out if you do, and you will be automatically disqualified)

This Wolfwing artist is obviously very VERY talented, but, sadly, we cannot award them a prize due to the fact that this is not their own artwork. Had they referenced this werewolf photo, and created something new and unique using the werewolf photo as inspiration, then we would have awarded them the Grand Prize—but, alas, this is a direct copy and not original artwork, and as such, it is disqualified =(

Please do not be discouraged, though! You wield that Photoshop paintbrush VERY well, and I know you’re capable of creating your very own masterpieces without tracing the work of others!

And that goes to everyone else reading this: the internet is a great place for artistic inspiration, but, at the same time, it has become easier than ever before to find out if your “own work” was copied/traced from another source. So please, if you want to create art but do not know where to start… reference a few different pictures, and then create your own unique masterpiece! 

Even if you don’t win the Grand Prize with your original artwork, it sure beats being disqualified for tracing someone else’s hard work. And, not to mention, you will evolve into a better artist the more times you keep drawing and perfecting your talents!

you can do it example reference

You can do it! Referenced, not traced.

Doggone good job, everyone!

Let’s give 3 werewolf howls for our Chaos Lord Wolfwing winners! /howl /howl /howl!

(Winners: it might take a few days to get the prizes added to your inventory, and we’re working on creating the Grand Prize winners’ work into in-game house items, so thank you for your patience!)

Stay tuned to the Design Notes, as we will announce our 6th Lord of Chaos Fan Art contest winners tomorrow.

Come on over to Chaos, my loves!

xoxo Beleen >:D

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Future Dragon Slayer!

July 28, 2014

/cast your vote!

AQWorlds, Artix Entertainment, and Beleen nominated in Dragon Slayer Awards!

Ohhhh yes, you read that right—thanks to you and our wonderful heroes, we’ve been nominated to win the coveted Dragon Slayer Trophy in the 3rd Annual Dragon Slayer Awards!

Vote for Beleen AdventureQuest Worlds and Artix Entertainment

Cast your vote at http://community.guildlaunch.com/promotions/g/DragonSlayer/ and help us win—because if we do, EVERYONE will win too!

WOAH—everyone will win what!?!

Tehehe, glad you asked =) If—and hopefully when!—Artix Entertainment, myself, and/or AQWorlds wins a Dragon Slayer Trophy, we would need to start recruiting fellow Dragon Slayers—like YOU.

Dragon Slayer awards

Dage the Evil is horned to forge a brand-new Dragon Slayer Armor Set (for you and me and everyone else to enjoy) IF we win the Dragon Slayer Awards (and possibly a special Pink Dragon Slayer set If I win, too)!

AWESOME—what are the Dragon Slayer Awards?

Hosted by Guild Launch and GameSkinny, the Dragon Slayer Awards are a fan-nominated award for communities in online gaming, focusing on community managers, community builders, and community members (that means you!). 

SWEET—how do I Vote?

It’s simple! Go to http://community.guildlaunch.com/promotions/g/DragonSlayer/ and cast your vote by clicking on your favorite contestant for each category. MAJOR PROPS when you choose:

  • Most Passionate Fan Base: AdventureQuest Worlds
  • Community Manager of the Year: Beleen
  • Best Community Management Team: Artix Entertainment
  • Most Engaged Design or Dev Team: AdventureQuest Worlds

Your vote will be cast as you click each contestant’s name, so be sure to vote for AQWorlds, Artix Entertainment, and Beleen (that’s meeee!) so we can win the Dragon Slayer Awards Trophy!

Beleen animated gif

Vote for AQWorlds, Beleen, and Artix Entertainment here!

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Chaos Maker

July 25, 2014

Drakath Embraces Chaos

Relive the Birth of the Champion of Chaos!

Drakath, the Champion of Chaos, has had only ONE goal all along... and tonight you'll learn exactly what that is but more importantly... WHY his desire to raise Chaos and destroy YOU has been all-consuming!

Confront Drakath in a NEW form!

Tonight, /join falcontower to go back in time! After last week, you learned about Drakath's father, King Slugwrath, and Prince Drakath's early years as a bandit. Now you'll see his rise to power, his greatest ally and his worst enemy... and the Queen who frees him from ALL debts, except the one her owes HER!

After you defeat tonight's three bosses, you can face the final two in challenge maps and complete Lady Celestia's daily quests to gain Seals of Light and Darkness! Collect 100 seals (50 each) to earn the Bright Knight armor!

The Knight of Light +5 and the ArchMage's Wrath armors are available in the Chaos Rares Shop*! The Knight gives you +5% more gold and damage against undead. The ArchMage's Rage has an item animation.

OR you can complete the Daily Quests AND pay 1 million gold for a free player version of the Knight Armor (no bonus). A free-player version of DragonFable's ArchMage armor (no animation) is available from the Chaos Rep shop for rank 10!

* Knight of Light +5 will be moved Monday, as it is not going rare. DragonFable's Archmage armor WILL go rare, as will the ArchMage's Wrath.

Upgrade to unlock new exclusive sets!

Legends should log in NOW, because the BitterHeart and FlameBlade Assassin sets are live! Talk to Ragnar in Battleon to access all 28 items from both sets in our newest Legend-only shop! Each month, the shop will get a new exclusive set only available to Legends!

We've been doing a lot of upgrade packages, and that means we've got a LOT of Legends running around! The Monthly Member Shop will feature an exclusive set (or two) each month, each as showstopping as these! 

  • If you have an active membership, you'll be able to open the shop and buy the gear right away!
  • The shop will have both rare and permanent Legend-only gear (rare sets will be announced ahead of time)
  • Gear in the shop will be available for various amounts of gold, so if you haven't had a chance to save up, there will still be a lot for you to get!

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Announcement Maker

July 25, 2014

Join the AQW Mod Team

AQW Is Looking for More In-game Moderators!

We have always said that we make these games for and WITH you... and that's why so many of our team members began as regular players! Now we need some of you to join Reens, Sora, and Stratos' in-game moderation team to make AQWorlds a safer, funner game for everyone!

Interested? Read our Volunteer Mod Hunt Guidelines! If you're 18 or older, have a clean game account history (for at least the last several years), and want to help your fellow players, check it out today!


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Unbearable Pun Slinger

July 24, 2014

New at HeroMart: Panda Hoodie

Keep your cool in the warm Panda Hoodie

Everyone knows that pandas are skilled Kung Fu masters. And when you get your paws on the Panda Hoodie* at HeroMart, you’ll unleash pure pandamonium upon the world!

panda hoodie heromart

The Panda Hoodie is quite paws-ibly the coolest hoodie ever—in fact, it’s a bear necessity for any wardrobe. We are furry certain you’ll love this Hoodie and all the in-game items it comes with:

AdventureQuest Worlds:  

  • 2 armors
  • 2 helms
  • And the bonus (Legend-only) Shadow Panda Pet


  • SnugglePanda Helm


  • Pandah (head weapon)

Turn a grizzly situation into fun by ordering your Panda Hoodie at HeroMart.com!

*No pandas were harmed in the making of this hoodie… although we can’t say the same for fabric softener teddy bears… 

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Teaser Maker

July 23, 2014

Have YOU Chosen Chaos?

Summer of Chaos Event Schedule

Last Friday saw one of the most destiny-shattering secrets in ANY of our games revealed: your TRUE nature and why YOU are the most important Hero on Lore! What we revealed in that cutscene is probably our biggest spoiler EVER, so... if you want to know, you'll need to have chosen your Chaos Lord form AND faced Drakath on top of Mount DoomSkull first!

Then /join Drakathfight and confront the Champion of Chaos once more to hear him reveal why he chose YOU as the 13th Lord of Chaos... and what you can expect to come NEXT! While we prepare the rest of the summer storyline releases, we are releasing the "Drakath's Story" 2-part release combo:

  • LAST WEEK: Drakath's Story, Dreadhaven
  • This Friday: Drakath's Story, Embrace the Chaos
  • August 1: Death's Gauntlet, Gravelyn Goes to War
  • August 8: ShadowFall Rises
  • August 15: The Final Confrontation
  • August 22: Into the Realm of Chaos

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Spoiler Alerter

July 23, 2014

New Release on Friday, July 25!

Drakath's Story: Embrace Chaos

Drakaths Story

Check out all the new NEW happening this Friday, July 25, in the best free MMO, AdventureQuest Worlds!

Drakath story

Drakath’s Story, Part 2

Who is ready to embrace Chaos?!

  • Discover Drakath’s past... through his own eyes!
  • Witness Drakath’s journey to becoming the Champion of Chaos
  • Battle through Falconreach’s Tower and the Dracolich Fortress
  • Chaos Rares Shop
  • Chaos Rep Shop

If you hope to save the future of Lore, you must first understand the past of the Champion of Chaos himself!

Member shop

Monthly Member Shop

Speak with Ragnar in Battleon to access the Monthly Member Shop:

  • BitterHeart and FlameBlade Assassin Sets
  • 28 items currently available
  • New exclusive set(s) added each month!

Only upgraded Legends can harness these elite items, so if you want to get the best loot in the game, consider becoming a Legend today!

Chaos Paragon

Chaos Paragon Set Going Rare

This is your last chance to get the Chaos Paragon Set, because it’s leaving the Limited Quantity Shop on August 1st!

  • Go to http://lqs.aq.com/
  • “Buy Now” under the Chaos Paragon set
  • Enter your AQW account info (of course it’s safe!)
  • Click “Buy Chaos Paragon” for 2,000 ACs
  • Become the Chaos Paragon in AQWorlds!

Get more AdventureCoins here if you need a refill, and prepare to dominate the battlefield as a Chaos Paragon!

Panda hoodie

Pure Pandemonium

Get your paws on the Panda Hoodie, arriving this Friday at HeroMart!

  • Zip-up Panda Hoodie with Ears on hood
  • Made from 100% fabric softener teddy bear
  • 6 exclusive in-game AQW items included
  • Unlocks SnugglePanda Helm in DragonFable & Pandah Head Weapon in MechQuest

No one can resist the Panda Hoodie—it’s im-paws-ible! Order yours this Friday from www.HeroMart.com to keep your cool in any grizzly situation. 

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July 23, 2014

Fire and Ice and Chaos

Chaos Gear Leaving, Featured Gear Arrives Friday

As the summer's battles heat up, you'll want to look and stay cool. That's why we're got a shop full of 28 items for our AQWorlds Legends, our Chaos Paragon set for Adventure Coins, and new gear dropping from the Chaos Rep and Rares shops this Friday for everyone! 

FireBlade and BitterHeart Assassin Sets!

This Friday, the BitterHeart and FlameBlade Assassin sets arrive in AQW! Talk to Rangar in Battleon to access all 28 items from both sets in our newest Legend-only shop! Each month, the shop will get a new exclusive set only available to Legends!

We've been doing a lot of upgrade packages, and that means we've got a LOT of Legends running around! The Monthly Member Shop will feature an exclusive set (or two) each month, each as showstopping as these! 

  • If you have an active membership, you'll be able to open the shop and buy the gear right away!
  • The shop will have both rare and permanent Legend-only gear (rare sets will be announced ahead of time)
  • Gear in the shop will be available for various amounts of gold, so if you haven't had a chance to save up, there will still be a lot for you to get!

Chaos Paragon Limited Quantity Set!

We released the Chaos Paragon set during our "Summer of Chaos" limited quantity set event earlier this month... and it's almost time for it to go! The set goes rare PERMANENTLY on August 1st, no matter how many sets are still left!

If you want to conquer the world as a Chaos Paragon:

  1. Go to our Limited Quantity Set webpage
  2. Purchase the set for 2000 AdventureCoins
  3. Head into AQWorlds and find the Chaos Paragon Set badge in your Book of Lore!

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Dream Maker

July 22, 2014

Hercules! Hercules!

Tonight's Random Midnight Release is LIVE!

Presenting AQW's biggest, buffest, BEST arena warrior EVER! If you've ever wanted to intimidate ALL your opponents, then get ready, because Hercules and Herculisa are here to PUMP. YOU UP!

You'll find the Gladiator Powerhouse armor in your game menu for 500 ACs. It will be available until next Monday night!

Galanoth <3s Gladiators!

Lore's most famous dragonslayer LOVES movies, but not just dragon movies; he loves action movies and over-the-top battle scenes! I knew the Hercules movie was coming out in a couple days, and that Galanoth was going to be pretty excited about it. So I wasn't surprised to find him in the AQW room last Thursday with an AWESOME request:

Galanoth: We need a gladiator armor. WAY bigger than anything we've got now.
Alina: Ok, so we're talking "hoist a two-handed sword with one hand" type?
Galanoth: Bigger!
Alina: ... "Able to lift several dwarven wrestlers" big?
Galanoth: BIGGER!!!!
Alina: "Crushing cars with their han-"
Alina: I think we can make this happen for you. 
Galanoth: "DragonSlayer battle cry"*
*Dage cues training montage soundtrack*

So Memet got to work on Friday and finished up Hercules and Herculisa (she's Herc's baby sister. It's a family name.) And tonight, Galanoth's dream of wearing AQW gear muscle-y enough to benchpress dragons is a reality!

* We have life-size versions of the DragonBlade AND Galanoth's helmet at the secret underground lab. The above conversation is pretty typical.

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