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May 04, 2015

May the Fourth Be With You...

The First of 4 May Holiday Rares Shops has Arrived!

Here at the Secret Underground Lab, we are all game developers... but also HUGE nerds! All I've been hearing about in the lunch room is Star Wars, clones, and what would happen to pop culture if the Star Wars and Avengers franchises crossed-over (hint: EXPLOSIONS)!

free rpg mmo may the force be with you

To celebrate this nerdiest of pop holidays, Memet launched herself into hyperdrive on Friday and created all-new gear based on one of her favorite new characters: Ahsoka Tano. YOU can head into AQWorlds now and find the May 4th (sci-fi/space-themed gear) in the May Holiday Shop in your game menu for a limited time. 

  • TT8
  • Ahsoglin  
  • Dark Twigder
  • Galactic Light Sai
  • Galactic Light Spear 
  • Togrulek Helm
  • Togrulek Locks  
  • Youngling Armor

Why IS May the Fourth a Holiday?

Well... it's not, really. Unless you're a particular breed of nerd. As the Intergalactic Space Wiki (run by wookies, of course) tells us:

"May 4 is considered a holiday by Star Wars fans to celebrate the franchise's films series, books, and culture as well as strict religious rituals.[3] The date was chosen for the easy pun on the catchphrase "May the Force be with you"—"May the fourth be with you". Even though the holiday was not actually created or declared byLucasfilm many Star Wars fans across the world choose to celebrate the holiday."

May 04, 2015

Enter the Forgotten Tombs

Battle to Save the Seraphic Paladins from the Undead Legion!

The Saga of Dage's Betrayal continues this Friday with the "Dage the Evil: the Forgotten Tombs" story release! Members of the Undead Legion are guarding one of Dage's most treasured artifacts deep inside the Forgotten Tombs, and Laken's Seraphic Paladins will do anything to possess it! This weekend, battle to reach the Dark Shard first! What happens to it then will be up to you!

free rpg mmo darkness evil warriors

The Story So Far...

The First Betrayal

Battle as Dage the Evil through Nulgath’s Shifting Planes cavern in the /darkfortress as you quest to gain your Mark of Mastery and become a full-fledged necromancer! But beware, betrayal waits for you... from the person you least expect!

Undead Legion Infiltration

The Order of Seraphic Paladins are charged with keeping Lore safe from Evil, and the Undead Legion is their favorite target! But something is amiss inside the Seraphic Fortress... Talk to Darkon when you /join seraph and answer the call of the Seraphic Paladins as they seek out the spies sent by the Undead Legion!

free rpg mmo

Watch out for:



... and murder.

May 03, 2015

Why call it "AdventureQuest?"

AdventureQuest has become more than just a game

Recently I have had some players on Facebook and Twitter ask me why we have been naming our new mobile game projects "AdventureQuest: *INSERT AWESOME NAME HERE*" There is a good reason. Actually, there are a few REALLY good reasons.

AdventureQuest More than just a game

  • It is special.
    The name "AdventureQuest" was created by Warlic, Galanoth and I before anyone knew who we were.
  • It is 100% original.
    We created it and have a Registered Trademark. No one else can steal it.
  • It is funny... intentionally :D
    The tongue-in-cheek redundancy of the name perfectly captured the humor of our growing games and community. 
  • Everyone knows AdventureQuest.
    Pick any random person (like I do at conventions) and ask them what Artix Entertainment is... then after the awkward blank stare ask them what AdventureQuest is-- they will instantly smile and start telling their favorite memories.
  • It lets us use any name we want... like DRAGONS
    This is probably the strongest reason. Because it has become nearly impossible to name games recently. Legally, we could never use, trademark or protect a game named "DRAGONS." But by branding the game as AdventureQuest: DRAGONS, we can. It gives us the ability to use nearly any name we want in the future.
  • Award Winning Legacy
    The original AdventureQuest, AdventureQuest Worlds, and AdventureQuest: BATTLE GEMS are all award winning games.
  • I want an AdventureQuest TV show and Movie
    Yes, still. I never should have turned down that opportunity to build a show for that half hour Saturday morning block on CBS's CW back in 2010-- it just seemed financially impossible at the time.  I am probably just too stupid to ever give up. And I know I am not a alone. You might be reading this thinking... "wait, would this ever actually happen?" If Deadpool and the entire lineup of Avengers Heroes are getting/got movies... and you think way back to the time when they were completely unknown outside the comic book comunity-- then, what we are building now is like the foundation of the next generation's Star Wars, Marvel and DC. We have an ever growing lineup of interesting villains, heroes and monsters-- it is time we refined it and take it to the next level. I see a future where we accomplish what seems impossible now... and you will have the bragging rights of saying you were a part of making it happen.

So, how many times are you allowed to use "AdventureQuest"?

According to our idols... um, as much as we all want O_O.

Final Fantasy Logos


We have a lot of work ahead of us... and with it, an endless opportunity for creativity, originality, and whatever the word is that respresents that "we built it together and feel good about it" thing that has been the unquestionable source of everything amazing we have done thus far. One thing that makes us really different from Final Fantasy... is you were probably not directly involved with that creation of that game. We love them... Especially 10, that was my favorite... However, AdventureQuest is unique, and to our community, very special.  We made this together... and every week, we still are. I know you are thinking a few things about this post right now, and it is important to our future that you are. You should post to me about them however you can. I thank you for being optimistic and encouraging, and I also thank you for being honest and helpful. Check these design notes every day this week... things are getting interesting.

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May 02, 2015


Contest to win 2 hours with your favorite moderator

Every few weeks (or until Alina realizes what a terribly dangerous idea this is), we will be running a contest where you can win the ultimate AdventureQuest Worlds in-game adventure... a one-on-one adventure with your favorite moderator! Including Artix or Dage or J6 or whomever your favorite AE Team member is! You will get a personal moderator of your very own for two hours, following you around, answering your questions, and doing whatever you want. *gulps*

  • Take your personal mod-servant around the game and show him/her off to all of your friends for about 2 hours!
  • Ask them anything you want!
  • Get “Temporary Mod" status during your hang out time.
  • Throw a party at your in-game house with your friends.
  • Get 1 Wish (…from our wish menu which will be posted later. Fun!)

The Contest Has Already Begun!

Winner for this contest will be randomly selected on Monday, May 11th! (That is right after next weekend) The winner has 24 hours to log in and claim it, or a new winner will be selected. So hang on to your Golden Cheezburger... oh wait! Hold onto it anyway. The winner gets an item wish, and whatever they wish for... everyone who has the golden Cheezeburger in their inventory gets it! It really is a WIN-WIN.


Easy. All you need to do is have a Golden Cheezburger in your character’s inventory at the time the winner is being selected. You can get a Golden Cheezburger from Cleric Joy (the girl in the white robe when you first log in) in-game for 0 ACs. (It is a non-member item.) The Golden Cheezburger gives you 1 chance to win.

May 01, 2015

100k AC Contest Winner Announced

There is a VERY Happy Hero in Lore Today!

Congratulations to the winner of the 100k AC random drawing! As soon as we get in touch with him, we'll announce the winner; we want him to be the first to get the news about his prize! And given that his account will be the most hacked in the history of the game we want to make sure he knows about the bonus security on it!

free rpg mmo pet weapon

Congratulations to the 50+ heroes who won the Bonecrusher or the Toxic Revenger Polearm! Our volunteer mods and testers ran through the game last night to get a list of heroes battling. They sent in a couple hundred names, and from that pool, we pulled the winners!

If you're one of the 167 million players who did not win the ACs, pet, or weapon... READY FOR THE NEXT CONTEST!? 


It's back! Win a gold name for a day and hang out with the game deverloper of your choice as your own personal friend, lacky, slave, buddy!

free rpg mmo contest

All you need to do to enter is get a Golden Cheese burger from Twilly in town. This time... all players are completely equal. One Golden cheese Burger = one chance to win.

If you do not win, the golden cheese burger will turn into a surprise item... it is sorta a win win win!


  • Two hours with your favorite moderator: That’s right. You get a personal moderator following you around, answering your questions, and doing whatever you want.
  • One Wish Granted: These are a secret list of rules about the wishes that are only uncovered when a wish triggers them. A lot of them are yet to be uncovered... and some are VERY interesting. 

May 01, 2015

The Phoenix Rises

Defeat Cinderclaw the Ravenous This Weekend!

Pass through the Phoenixrise Gates to enter a restricted area entirely controlled by the Firestorm Onslaught. Tread very carefully and keep your weapons close at hand, because each Firestorm Warrior has pyro-battle magic hotter than their tempers! Battle your way through the maze of corundum caverns and defeat the dread beast Cinderclaw the Ravenous! The fate of Embersea will rest in your hands... IF you survive! /Join Phoenixrise to begin battling!

free rpg mmo phoenix battles

If you're not caught up on the storyline so far, what are you waiting for? Check out this post for a summary of what's happened, then jump in-game and begin battling!

free rpg mmo fire tiger gate gear

Even if you're not up to date, you head straight to the gate and talk to Draden; he's got quests for anybody willing to help him out... and he'll reward you with some pretty cutting-edge gear forged by Memet if you do!

Cinderclaw Rares Shop Available until 5/29

Once you're done battling through the Phoenixrise Gate release, check out the rare Cinderclaw gear in the Rares shop in your game menu! This is some of Laken's biggest, best, and FIERCEST gear... like Tony the Minotiger would say, it's GRRRRRRRRRR-EAT!

fire tiger rare gear free rpg mmo

May 01, 2015


Ah, so you are a rebel. I like that about you :D

Hiya! So I asked on Twitter what the focus of today's post should be... and we have a lot of awesome stuff to talk about. So, today is Design Note Shotgun post day! We should start... WITH THE BIG ONE!

AQWorld's New Main Storyline

An ancient evil has been released into the world. It was our fault... who could have forseen that the giant glowing runed portal that just happned to be lighting up... in order... every time we defeated a chaos lord... was actually the stops to open a gateway allowing the most dangerous being in the multiverse into our home? *really long pause for dramatic effect* Ok. Well maybe you saw that coming. It is still pretty awesome. Now the being responsible for all of the monsters in our world is free. Oh yeah... and it feeds on fear. (I hope that was not a spoiler... Alina, was that a spoiler?) It made it's home in the new unexplored contient-- which is conviently shattered into perfectly explorable sections, each with a brand new monsterous threat and gallery of creatively quirky, vile and clever villains. There is a good reason for you to defeat this ancient evil. At the end of the 13 Lords of Chaos you discovered what you really are, but made the sacrifice losing your powers. Winning this... will give you them back.

I feel we immediatley jumped into the weekly releases without properly setting up to story. Here is what I propose we do to correct that:

  • Title this new major storyline! Current choice: Secrets of Lore
  • Ask Nulgath/Ghost/J6 to create a killer intro video for this storyline.. ONWARD, TO YOUTUBE!
  • Create a perfect adventure map of the new continent
  • Make 2 versions of future maps... one for lower level players and one for high.
  • Make the new storyline a place new players can start the game
  • Change the focus of individual maps from being focused on the storytelling/cutscenes with short game play... to being full well developed adventures/dungeons with the story bits clverly woven in them if you are actually on the quest. (More of this coming in a post next week)


Want to hang out with me or any mod of your choice? Maybe a gold name for the day and a "wish" to go with that?  Immediately following the selection of the current contest winner, we are starting up the most popular community event "CAN I HAZ MOD." I requested that the rules be simplified. All you need to do to enter will be to get the Golden Cheezeburger (level 25) item and have it in your inventory at the end of this month. Details on how to do this will be posted. Everyone gets an equal shot. (Unless the account is an obviously a fake, bot, or seems really fishy like it was created just to enter the content. We will ignore those ones so a real player wins.) If you win, you will basically be King for a day. Everyone else wins too... because the  Golden Cheezeburger in your inventory will turn into the winning player's wish. It is a WIN-WIN for everyone who participates. We will be bringing back the "wish rules." These are a secret list of rules about the wishes that are only uncovered when a wish triggers them. A lot of them are yet to be uncovered... and some are VERY interesting. Be sure to check back often -- more on this coming in the official post.

Character Page Fixes

That you for letting us know about the character page item color issues! They should all be fixed now. Next up we are going to try to have your character scale to the size of your screen. Wish us luck! Also, do you like the quick character search feature we added to the homepage?

AQWorlds Server rewrite

For the past two months, Yorumi has been furiously rewriting the server from scratch. there is a good reason... and I am not sure if this is public knowledge, but since I cannot keep a secret to save my life-- we ran out of lines of code. WHAT!? Yeah. We have been stuck for the past year and a half because we hit the maximum number of lines that will compile in Java.  For all of the most recent features we had to gut out semi-unusued parts of the game, or chop it up into smaller bits. As you can imagine, this has been the biggest point of struggle fighting the bots. If you are a code savvy person, then you probably know all the tricks we already did before finally hitting the brick wall of "well, if we want to add anything, we need to remake this whole thing a lot more efficient." ...and efficient it is! Written in C#, the new server is crazy fast. Yorumi added in the ability to have elemental damage, improved monster AI, and a lot of other great features-- including a lot of new server defense mechanisms. We will begin testing the new server this Summer as it gets closer to completion. If you ask the AQWorlds team about it, they will probably focus on guilds, guildwars, and a lot of the features on the web/flash side. But I am most excited about getting the AQWorlds mobile app project started which also requires this server to be finished. Like the 3D project, you should be able to login and play your AQWorlds account from any device in the world.


Last night, I went to the midnight showing of Avengers with Cysero, Geopetal & Yergen. We set our expectations pretty low... so it was extra amazing when the movie really delivered! It was AWESOME. If you are a creative person too, then you probably always find yourself thinking about the "how and why" of things when you watch it. I feel the Avengers movies are perfectly timed, the character development is really solid, and it has that perfect mix of humor, action, and epicness that all of us are aspiring to create. The movie is a good role model for how our games should feel. It is funny, but never stupid. It is action packed, but never bloody or gross. The girls are portrayed as powerful and attractive but never inapprorpriate. The cast of Marvel heroes are people I can see myself being friends with... just like I see the cast of heroes in our games. The movie was a perfect example of something for "all ages", just like our games are meant to be. I am sharing this with you because I was deeply inspired... and I always try to be very open and transparent with you. It is important to me that someone created a massive success without taking the easy road. Because that is what I intend to do. Now, in all fairness they had a budget of $250,000,000 and more people than I can count. We have a just a few of us working in this room... we are going to have to work REALLY HARD.

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April 30, 2015

Fyreborn Tigermaster Leaves Tomorrow

Last Chance for Fyreborn TigerMaster AC Tier Packages

Things are heating up in Embersea Isle as the Firestorm Onslaught begins its invasion of the Ring of Fires... and now YOU can get your gauntlets on the hottest mount armor yet: the Fyreborn TigerMaster! Starting this Friday, February 20th, at 6 PM server time, get your gauntlets on our first AC package of the year: the Fyreborn TigerMaster gear!

Fyreborn TigerMaster set comes with all 3 AC packages

We've got a lot of amazing gear coming up over the next couple months (Dage's birthday shop, Legion DoomKnight Class, Friday the 13th, and more), so if you need to restock your ACs, now's the time!*

Dark Fyreborn TigerMaster: 12000 AC Package 

Get all 23 items with a 12,000 AC package - 7 items exclusive to the 12k AC package plus every item included in the other two AC packages.

Dark Fyreborn TigerMaster set comes with 12k AC package

  • 4 armors (Fyreborn TigerMaster, Dark Fyreborn TigerMaster, Dark Fyreborn Guard, and the Fyreborn Guard)
  • 10 weapons
  • 4 helms
  • 2 capes
  • 3 pets
  • and the TigerMaster character page badge!

Fyreborn TigerMaster: 5000 AC Package 

Get 13 items with a 5,000 AC package and dominate Lore from the back of a ferocious tiger!

  • 2 armors (Fyreborn TigerMaster and the Bright Fyreborn Guard)
  • 6 weapons
  • 2 helms
  • 1 cape
  • 2 pets

Fyreborn TigerMaster: 2000 AC Package 

Get 6 items with a 5,000 AC package and battle through Lore from the back of your own tamed tiger mount!

  • 1 armors (Fyreborn TigerMaster)
  • 1 weapon
  • 2 helms
  • 1 cape
  • 1 pets
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April 30, 2015



Yulgar's Inn is getting a stage... bring on the bands!

Hiya guys! Thank you for cheering on the idea of putting a stage in Yulgars Inn. It is actually happening!!! I would like to introduce our "house band" THE NPCS! Lots more on this unique and crazy group of monsterous musicians later... because... we have just booked our first real-life musical guest, Synderes! Now this next bit of info is probably going to shock you... especially after you watch Synderes' music videos for Enemy Inside and Expendable (I really like Expendable because it prominently features a creepy Slenderman type figure.) Ok, ready? Brace yourself... the lead singer and guitarist of this band are truely, really, legit HUGE AQWorlds and DragonFable players. To prove it, I asked them to come to the Lab and film and episode of AdventureCouch for you! O_O  <-- Face guide. Thank you all for helping put the "Yulgar's Inn Evolution" in motion. Check back tomorrow... because *TRIPLE DRUM SLAM* (You know... like "BAM BAM BAMMMMMM" to be all dramatic.) I am going to write you a design notes post every day for the next week. Because I miss you. Also, I want to cause lots more trouble! Want to join me?


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April 29, 2015

Face Cinderclaw the Ravenous

Face Cinderclaw, Guardian of the Phoenixrise Gates!

Long before the Queen of Monsters was freed, Cinderclaw the Ravenous stalked the molten caverns beneath the Phoenixrise Gates. Mothers throughout the Firestorm Islands threatened to send their children to him if they misbehaved, and many foolhardy adventurers dared to enter his realm... and never returned.

free rpg mmo tiger minotaurCinderclaw concept and Flash art by Laken

But that was before the Firestorm Onslaught... before Tyndarius was chosen by the Queen to serve as her Fire General in our world. Now, Cinderclaw has been tamed - barely - but will ONLY answer to those who have formally sworn to serve the Mother of Monsters.

This Friday, brave the deep, dark Fyreborn Caverns beneath the Phoenixrise Gates and face down Cinderclaw the Ravenous! Since the Firestorm Onslaught rose, he has gone without food - because all surplus personnel have been conscripted for a much more terrifying purpose - and he is VERY eager to feed - on YOU!

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