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April 29, 2016


Throne of Darkness: The Time War

Portals have opened up all over Battleon, and mysterious beasts are pouring out! Kairos, the High Chronolord, has arrived from the future to aid you in driving these scavengers from the timestream BACK to where they came from. It's time to get your Battle On!


  • Take out the Timestream Scavengers
  • Unlock predictions... and consequences as the war meter rises
  • Farm for resources to unlock rare and permanent exclusive gear in the War Rewards shop!

We've been getting a TON of great feedback on the Throne of Darkness Saga, and I'm really glad to hear everyone's enjoying it! This week's Time War is a bit of a prologue for next week's "Xeven's Story," which was originally slated to release this week. In order to get her story JUST RIGHT, though, Artix needed more time. And time is exactly what we gave him! 

You'll see Kairos next week, as well as the Time Wraiths... and the warning remains - BEWARE PORTALS! 

Kairos the High Chronolord Foresees Success... Maybe!

Kairos the High Chronolord is scrying into the future to show you what is to come in this war. Use his guidance to drive you onwards!

  • 10% Prediction: The world feels the timestream changing… failing… drive back the invaders and all Lore’s heroes will reap a golden reward!

  • 20% Prediction: When the time streams are crossed (don’t cross the streams!), a new danger will arrive on our world!

  • 30% Prediction: The world knows you as a mighty Hero, but if you battle valiantly, you will see your fame rewarded more brightly than ever before!

  • 40% Prediction: If the time stream’s decay is not halted, no one will be safe from its unpredictable effects! Even the mightiest will become no stronger than a child.

  • 50% Prediction: Every journey we take makes us wiser, just as every battle you fight will make you stronger. (Many fortune cookies crumbled to inspire this fore-telling.)

  • 60% Prediction: Warriors, Mages, Rogues, Healers… all shall be called to the battle, and all shall know the taste of victory. This MAY come to pass. Perhaps.

  • 70% Prediction: The trials of war are not without rewards… I see you gaining even more than ever before… IF there is still a world at all.

  • 80% Prediction: The longer the war rages, the closer the source of the disturbance will be… and the greater the flood of creatures pouring into our world!

  • 90% Prediction: I see an… item… light glints off a sharp edge. I see you wielding this during the final charge as you drive back the last of the scavengers. This, I hope, will come to pass.


War, and Class, and Buy Back - OH MY!

What a crazy, crazy week it's been! We've got a LOT for you to do this week! In addition to all THOSE things, the Earth Day event has returned! /join pollution to begin our annual Earth Day celebration!

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April 29, 2016

Abyssal Angel Class Skills!

Join the Nation as an Abyssal Angel!

First Nulgath Class in 3 years, get ahold of Abyssal Angel! This Class is GOING RARE so don’t miss this Class and support the Nation!

How to get this Class:

  • Find the Abyssal Angel in the shop in your game menu for 2000 AdventureCoins!

For the Nation!

Heya guys, it’s Sync. I like to thank Arklen (get used to this) for making my dream come true. Make a Class for the Nation! This Class was the largest production Class I made and took a lot of time, now I would to share my dream with you all. Abyssal Angel is a SpellBreaker, excelling fighting more opponents, using Arrows Nulgath Forged himself, and trained by the great Revontheus to spawn crystal weaponry! Bow and Arrow is your weapon of choice, now soar the skies as an Abyssal Angel!

Abyssal Angel Skill Breakdown!

Mana Regeneration: Abyssal Angel’s Mana Regen is like all other Rogues, gaining mana when they dodge. (Also restores HP as well) This grants the TRUE SpellBreaker feel, being an Evasive Caster. High amount of Wisdom and Evasion will lead you to great success.

Stats: This Class is a SpellBreaker, Wisdom sources the most out of the Class, giving it Higher Hit Chance, Crit Chance, and Evasion within the Class. Intellect helps a lot too giving it raw power to your skills, auto attacks, and your DoT.

Auto Attack:  Sinned Arrow

2 Second Cooldown

Fires a long range bolt infused with Void Energy dealing Moderate Damage hitting up to 3 targets enhanced by your Spell Power. Each bolt exposes their deepest sins, dealing a Minor DoT for 3 seconds. Stacks to 6.

This isn’t your normal auto attack, in fact, this is your main damaging skill. Enhanced by your SpellPower, your Autos will do a constant Magic damage influenced by Intellect. The added DoT is for more DPS while you’re going through your rotation of skills.

Rank 1:  Flight

15 Mana, 8 Second Cooldown

Spreads it's wings and takes flight. Applies Vantage Point, increasing Hit Chance and Dodge by 15% for 6 seconds. Also allows you to focus all your fire on one target, empowering your arrows increasing your overall DoT Damage by 50% for the duration as well.

This skill decides whether you want to continue a barrage of damage, or focus all your damage and attention to one target. While giving you some nice stats, you’re able to 1 up your target with nimble movements while also empowering your arrows for extra damage.

Rank 2:  Aphotic Overdrive

26 Mana, 12 Second Cooldown

If Vantage Point is in play, sends shadow images striking up to 4 targets for Moderately Strong Damage. Applies Aghast, stunning the opponents for 3 seconds. If Vantage Point is not in play, applies Catalyst, siphoning their Haste, lowering it by 20% while doubling your Haste for 8 seconds.

This is by far my favorite skill on the Class. This is what makes or breaks and give the Class a lot of variety. You can either do an AoE stun to hinder your opponents movements and to reset your position of fire, or you can siphon their haste, slowing them down while you max yours for a constant DPS of damage. Not just damage, your other sustain and buffing skills to maximize your playability.

Rank 3:  Fallen’s Judgement

18 Mana, 30 Second Cooldown

Suppresses your inner Void Energy to temporarily put you in a stasis granting you a High HoT and dramatically Doubling your Endurance for 10 seconds. However, your auto attack can’t apply Sinned Arrow for the duration.

This is your sustain skill on the Class. Not only giving you a solid heal, it also DOUBLES your Endurance for the duration. Meaning it officially doubles your HP for short time which can be huge in certain situations. However, you lose the ability to cast Sinned Arrow from your autos for the duration, only the DoT part, thus losing a good chunk of DPS for god-tier sustain.

Rank 4:  Inscribed Arrows & Master Tactician

Increases DoT Damage by 12% & Increases Wisdom and Dodge by 18%

The DoT increase helps overall with the Class to keep it’ DPS steady, you will really see this shine when paired up with Flight. Increasing your Dodge and Wisdom gives the Class the overall SpellBreaker feel, making it fairly hard to hit while you’re being consistent with your arrows dealing damage from afar.

Rank 5:  Crystallis Veil

32 Mana, 13 Second Cooldown

Spawns Crystals from the void on your wings to increase 25% Damage Resistance for 8 seconds. Also applies Clean Cut, increasing your Crit Chance by 25% for 6 seconds.

Bring out the inner Revontheus I say, this gives you a sturdy Damage Resistance, giving you a bit of a tanky side while increasing your Crit Chance to better your DPS. The Mana cost is quite hefty so use this when needed or you’ll drain your mana down quite fast.

Rank 10:  Always Hit their Mark...

Increases Hit Chance by 10% and Critical Strike Damage by 15%

To get the max abilities from the Class, you MUST get it to rank 10. Increasing your overall Hit Chance gives you the consistency while you kite your opponents. The overall Crit Damage buff compliments your Wisdom and your Crit Stat from Crystallis Veil, increasing your Crits further in damage.


I recommend SpellBreaker and Wizard enchants for this Class. This Class is truly a SpellBreaker guys so the more Wisdom allows you to increase your Secondary Stats (Hit, Haste,Crit, Evasion) by at on to be nimble but effect while your arrows do the damage. You can go Wizard to maximize your Damage but you sacrifice a lot of your utility within the Class.

SpellBreaker: Wisdom sources the most to the Class and SpellBreaker enchant gives the most than any other enchant. Granting you Hit Chance, Evasion, and Crit Chance basically making you an Evasive Caster which is what the Class is built for.

Wizard: Intellect gives the Class raw power to drastically increase your Damage, HoT, and Damage over Time. However it trades off for tons of utility making you easier to hit, and you can miss more often as well as crit less.Take that into consideration.

Overall Summary

In conclusion, this Class is a very nimble Caster. From kiting your foes in PvP, all the way to sustaining against multiple strong monsters as you farm, this Class can do it all. With multiple ways and combos to improve and adjust to your playstyle, you can never get enough of Abyssal Angel. Use Vantage Point if you’re going against someone one on one to make harder to hit while making you more consistent while your DoT intensifies. Aphotic Overdrive can drastically change a fight in seconds, literally doubling your DPS while lowering theirs is something huge in all aspects of the game. You can also stun your targets to give you a bit of breathing room in between rotations.

Fallen’s Judgement allows you to trade damage for sustain, making you basically a raid boss for a short amount of time. Crystallis Veil is an optional skill to improve your weak spot at the cost of a good amount of mana for a short period of time, use this at perfect times to lower your opponent's burst while increasing yours to triumph in fights with ease.

This was my dream to release a Nulgath Class ever since I started making Classes. Please Contact me on Twitter, I want to know your thoughts on the Class. :)

BONUS Class Update from Pisces: Paladin

Because so many players have asked us to go back and buff older classes, we decided to revisit one of Artix Entertainment's most iconic classes: Paladin!

The class art, skill icons, and animations haven't been changed in order to preserve the original creator's classic vision of how the class ought to be represented, but we did add (and remove) a few effects from the skills.

The first thing that we changed was the mana regen model; instead of needing Zeal applied to recover mana, you'll recover mana whenever you deal and receive damage. Zeal was instead replaced with an effect called Abolish, which decreases incoming damage by 5% and stacks up to 10 times. Healing Word now heals 3 people, which adds extra utility to Paladin in large boss fights, and Blinding Light now decreases enemy hit chance by 50% for extra mitigation.

And to top off the list of changes, Exorcise had its damage significantly increased and can now hit up to three additional targets. For fans of the original Paladin class, we'll be releasing an additional class with the original skills-- and we may have another surprise involving Paladin class in the future. Keep checking the design notes for more updates!

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April 29, 2016

Buy Back Shop

The AC Item Buy Back Shop is Open!

Since 2008, we've had people asking for the ability to buy back gear they've sold or deleted... and for the last two years, we've been telling everyone that we would need to wait until after the server rewrite was complete to begin working on that.

But behind the scenes, we've been working on a web-based version... which means we can launch it NOW! Testers have been hitting the new system hard, but now we want a real-time, LIVE test, and that's where our members come in!

Buy Back Shop Details

What: A way for AQWorlds heroes to buy back AC items they owned in the past, but sold or deleted

Who: ALL players


Where: The AQWorlds account manager web site

Why: This is something tens of thousands of players have asked for since the game began... and now we can DO it!

How to Buy your AC items back

  1. Log in to your Account Manager
  2. Go to the "Buyback Shop" tab on the left-hand Menu
  3. Scroll through your items to see which ones you'd like to buy back
  4. When you find one, hit the "Buy" button!

Frequently Asked Questions (we anticipate)

  • What items qualify?
    Any AdventureCoin item you've purchased is available in the Buy Back shop! If you paid ACs for an item and sold it back, there is a 99.99% chance of it being available for Buy Back.*
  • How much will it cost to buy the items back?
    You will need to pay the full, original price of the item in order to buy it back. This prevents potential exploits. 
  • How long will it take until items I've sold/lost appear in the buyback shop?
  • Why did members get to live test first?
    Because we needed to try this out on live servers with a bigger group of testers, and one of the perks of upgrading your account is to get to preview new functionality.
  • What about AC-tagged monster drops?
    Since monster drops are received after battle, not purchased, these are not eligible in the Buy Back shop.
  • What about Wheel of Doom items?
    Most of the wheel AC item drops were tracked in our system, and available for Buy-Back.
  • How many of my items does the Buy Back Shop store/display?
    The Buy Back Shop will show ALL of the AdventureCoin items you've EVER purchased, all the way back to your account creation date.
  • Why are you bringing back RARE ITEMS?!!?
    Never fear, we are NOT bringing back rare items! The only items people can get from the Buy Back Shop are ones they previously bought (then sold or deleted).
  • Why do you not see ALL the items you used to have?
    Some items, like quest Monster drops, were not tracked as being "purchased" and since they were Zero AC cost items, were not tracked as being "sold".  These types of items we can not provide for buy-back.  We apologize for not being able to have everything available for buy-back.

April 26, 2016

Server Rewrite: Final Phases in progress

MORE Testing Needed! 

Hi, guys! It's been a while since our last update on the server rewrite progress... and it's time to fix that! The biggest hurdle we face NOW is getting enough testing to make sure we're launching a solid, stable new server.

Usually with these, I add a "XX% complete" note at the top of the post, but I'm not doing that today. We're at a point where we need to pin down as MANY of the bugs as possible to know EXACTLY what we've got left to focus on. We're in the ~9X% area -- we are CLOSE... but we've got to CRUSH THE BUGS before we can say exactly where we're at, and give a more solid idea of what the rewrite will release.

Getting that testing is going to come in two parts, and if you want to be a part of helping us make AQWorlds history, I'd like you to be a part of both! 

1) Pre-data save testing

Right now, on the testing servers, no player data is saved, because we have been testing the core game engine and fixing the issues you and the testers report. You can log in and test, and nothing you do will save on your account. Before we can move forward, we need more testing by a much larger group of testers (that's you!).

2) Final LIVE player testing

Once we are confident that the server is good and ready, we'll implement player data saving. THEN... we'll have mega boosts and some pretty wicked incentives (example: 0 AC Matrix Sir Ver bank pet to everyone who logs on and tests) to reward everyone who logs in and helps us test.

Here's how to help test!

1) Log onto either Testing Server or Testing Server 2 at

2) Keep your handy, dandy "New Server Testing Checklist" (shown below) next to you as you play so you know what to do. Test out as many things as you can from the list

3) Report any issues you find HERE

4) Log back in and FIND MORE BUGS! /cheer

New Server Testing Checklist


  • Joining Maps, does this ever fail?
  • Joining instance(/join name-#####)
  • Are new instances properly generated? Are new instances destroyed?
  • Do monsters load properly? 
  • Do monsters respawn properly?
  • Do clickable items for quests appear and disappear as they are supposed to?
  • Do all special functions work? (Think wars, clickable items, unique effects, etc)
  • Do players appear/disappear from the map properly? 


  • Test all chat channels (say, whisper, party, guild)


  • Test skills, effects, buffs, debuffs.
  • Do monsters fight back, drop gold, exp, cp.
  • Do items drop and get added to inventory? 

Player Saving:

  • Check that your player's data saves properly after completing quests/killing monsters, etc (it will not save after you log off the testing server...YET) 
  • Check that your items, gold, exp, etc are what they should be each time you kill a monster, complete a quest
  • Do items equip and unequip properly? 
  • Do Factions get added, and do points properly save?


  • Check that all commands work: add, remove, promote, demote


  • Check that all party functionality works
  • Check that players are removed from list when logging out


  • Do quests display properly?
  • Check description, rewards, end text
  • Check to make sure your Quest progress is saved as you complete stories/quets 
  • Check to make sure story quests are completable


  • Test both shop types: regular and merge. 
  • Check to see that Gold/ACs are gained/lost in correct amounts
  • Check to see if items added to inventory
  • Check to see if merge requirements removed. 
  • Are Shop location checks working?


  • Items display properly including preview (name, desc, enhancement, etc).
  • Items can be equipped and unequipped properly.
  • Items sort into the correct tabs
  • Regular items can be removed 
  • AC items should prevent deletion


  • Items show in bank correctly
  • Items sort to correct bank tabs
  • Items can be moved between bank and inventory. 
  • Add to bank, add to inventory, and swap two items work
  • Items are recognized as in bank when dropping.

Thank you so much to everyone who has, is, and will help us test! We say that we build our games for and with you, and it's TRUE! We could not create AdventureQuest Worlds' weekly updates or its server rewrite without you, and I'm so excited that we are all building this together.


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April 25, 2016

Friday: The Time War BEGINS!

Message from Kairos, the High Chronolord

I have come, and not a moment too soon! The coded message from your Chronomancers arrived two years too late, but I could sense the turbulence in this point in the time stream as I drew closer… I sense Paradox Portal energy coalescing, and worse -- Creatures from deep within the timestream are massing to invade.

I need you and your fellow heroes to drive them back. Buy me the time I need to discover the cause of this invasion! And remember...



April 22, 2016

Skull Towers of Silver and Gold

Upgrade to unlock the member-only zone and class!

Members: unlock the exclusive Skull Towers of Silver and Gold NOW! Battle to discover the backstory of the Castle Of Bone's "The Butcher" monster, battle to create the Silver and Gold DeathKnight Lord armor sets, and more!

Memet had a BLAST writing and designing this release! Though Artix is the main architect of the Throne of Darkness Saga, Memet (AQW's assistant game lead, artist, and now release designer) is helping him fill out the many quests and areas the Saga contains. PLUS, she is also writing and designing the Saga's member-only and bonus content!

While Artix was writing last week's release, he kept going back and forth choosing a name for what we'd ultimately call "The Butcher" -- before, the monster's name was Chef Ramskull. Memet built this entire character around the idea of what an undead Gordon Ramsay would be/sound like, and could not stop laughing. 

Unlock the Silver, Gold, and DeathKnight Lord armors

Get ready to get battling, members! If you want Vaden's DeathKnight Lord armor, you've got a trek ahead of you! 

  • Quest to create the Silver DeathKnight Lord armor (requires level 15)
  • Quest to create the Gold DeathKnight Lord armor (requires Silver DeathKnight Lord and level 30)
  • Quest to create the DeathKnight Lord armor (requires Gold DeathKnight Lord and level 45)

Once you have all of this... then, oh then, you will be able to intimidate ALL your opponents! 

Why a Member-only Zone? Because We <3 our members!

Not so, random hero! Exclusive zones, classes, and other content are our way of thanking AdventureQuest Worlds members -- their support lets us keep AQW free to play for everyone! Without the support of Members, we could not make ANY of AdventureQuest Worlds available... but since we CAN, we've added the Royal DeathKnight armor set to the merge shop in /bonecastle for you to unlock this weekend! The Castle of Bone house is also available for 2000 AdventureCoins!

Not a member but really want the Class or to help support AdventureQuest Worlds? Upgrade your account and unlock this week's Class, zone, and all the other exclusive perks!

Birthday Gear!

TWO of the Artix Entertainment team contributors have had birthdays this week, and we're excited to celebrate them! Eonaleth, one of our web testers, had a birthday earlier this week. You can find her King Altemog pet in the April Rares shop in your game menu!

Tendou, an AQW quest designer, tester, Forum ArchKnight, and HUGE Nulgath fan also had a birthday this week! Talk to Skew in /tercessuinotlim to begin the Eternal Rest quest! You'll get the Void Avenger Scythe AND 5 Blood Gems as your prize!

PS: the Lore Day event (aka Earth Day) has been moved to next week. The event maps and seasonal gear will return then!

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April 22, 2016

DeathKnight Lord Class Skills!

Unlock DeathKnight Lord Class This Weekened!

AQWorlds Members can become just like Vaden to crush your foes while gathering their bones as resources. 

How to get the Class 

  • Spend AdventureCoins: Until May 1st, the AC version of the Class is 20% off! That means you will only need to spend 1600 ACs to buy it. On May 1st, the price will increase to the regular 2000 ACs.
  • Spend Time: Complete the "Slithering Shadows" daily quest in Shadowfall to get 30 Shadowed Skulls. Then turn those in to the Merge Shop in /bonecastle to create the 0 AC version of the Class.

No matter which way you unlock the Class, BOTH versions will be non-member AC, so you can use it forever once your membership expires! 

Note: the Armor version of the art and all the accessories will ALSO be available as rewards from this week's exclusive member zone in the Skull Towers!

Crush your enemies!

Heya guys, it’s Sync. Note that this is not my Class and I’m not the Designer of it. This is Arklen’s Class, he’s been working very hard with other designs and coding so I’ll be here to explain Death Knight Lord to you all. DeathKnight Lord is a tanky AoE DoT Based Class that’s designed to hold aggro for your allies while they put down the hard DPS. Don’t get it wrong though, this Class still puts out a lot of damage for it’s purpose. With constant DoT rolling on the opponent, you also apply AoE debuffs and have a very reliable sustain in the midst of all of this.

DeathKnight Lord Skill Breakdown!

Mana Regeneration: This Class has a very unique Mana Regeneration. It’s the same as DeathKnight, ALL Damage you do will be compensated into your mana regen, so more damage, more mana. 
Stats: This Class is a Fighter, so very High Endurance and Strength will be your two main sources of your Damage and Tankiness.

Auto Attack 
2 Second Cooldown A basic attack, taught to all adventurers. The description explains itself.

Harvest Bone
8 Mana
3.5 Second Cooldown

Strengthen your Gauntlet by harvesting the bones of your enemies. Bone Harvested causes more damage over time with each stack and improves the power of your gauntlet, which buffs other abilities. Stacks up to 10 times and hits up to 3 enemies and lasts for 16 seconds if not restacked.

This is your bread and butter to help you become the massive wall you lead up to be. Always use this whenever this is up, constantly applying a stacking DoT and to further improve your other skills abilities.

Curse of Grimskull
15 Mana
6 Second Cooldown

Curse up to 3 foes with the burden of Grimskull and inflict a damage over time and also slows your foes haste and forces them to attack you. Enemy's haste reduce more with more stacks of Bone Harvested.
This is your aggro move. Pull strong monsters off your allies immediately with this skill. Does a good amount of damage and lowers their haste so you can tank more hits by getting hit less. (funny right) Sync this with Harvest Bone to maximize the debuff.

Bone Gauntlet
25 Mana
15 Second Cooldown

Strike with your Bone Gauntlet and Deathgrasp your enemies. Up to three foes feeling their life slowly crushed causing damage over time and reducing their damage output. Enemy's damage reduced more with more stacks of Bone Harvested. Has a small chance to give you a Calcium Rush, buffs your Haste by 30% for 6 seconds.

This is somewhat a nuke, the original DeathKnight was known to hit very hard with this skill but not hit up to 3 people! Reduces their damage further based on the stacks of Bone Harvested. You have a 10% chance to apply Calcium Rush, if you do, you become this unstoppable wall with massive DPS for 6 seconds. It’s very rewarding.

Bone Armor & Massive Gauntlet
Increases Damage Resistance & Hit Chance by 20%

This improves your overall tankiness and consistency within the Class, you need to make sure you pull aggro and can take hits for your allies.

20 Mana
20 Second Cooldown

You tap into the power of Death to pull your form back together. Heals you a moderate amount, and significantly increases your Damage Resistance for 10 seconds, increased by stacks of Bone Harvested. Also applies Tainted Marrow which reduces your Damage Output and Crit Chance for 6 seconds.
Here’s where the tankiness lies, compared to DeathKnight, this heal is godly. (if you used DeathKnight you would know.)

Also you apply a HUGE Damage Resistance buff on yourself only gets stronger with Harvest Bone.At the cose of this skill you lower your damage output and crit chance for the duration. It’s not so bad while you rely on your constant DoT while you tank tank for you allies.

Final Word
Rank 10 Passive

Rarely, a frozen wave explodes out of you smiting your foe with all of the finality of death itself. What can I say? POW!


I recommend Fighter and Luck for this class all the way. You need the raw Strength and Endurance to be as beefy as possible to be a wall for your allies, or be an unstoppable force to your enemies. 

Fighter: While the Class sources it’s damage and tankiness from the Strength and Endurance, it’s the best enchant for it. Overall Strength gives you raw damage and Crit Chance. Endurance completely sources to your overall Hit Points to to absorb more hits.

Luck: Honestly luck does this class very well, when you apply Calcium Rush, the high Crit Chance and Damage already coming off of the Luck stat itself will make you a temporarily DPS monster critting very hard and often. It’s not bad with the amount of Aoe this Class comes with as well as making your Heal have a higher Chance to Crit and Crit higher.

Overall Summary

In conclusion, DeathKnight Lord was a fresh restart to all the tank Classes in AQW. This gives a new era for tanks starting with this Class in my opinion. With a reliable and mediocre DPS from your DoT and Gauntlet, you can face tank multiple enemies for your allies or if you’re just by yourself. Use Harvest Bone as often as possible, to increase your DPS and your other skills effects to maximize the gameplay. Curse of Grimskull and Bone Gauntlet source from your Harvest Bone to improve your tankiness while making you a very annoying person to deal with. In PvP these two skills will be your best friends, putting out solid damage while debuffing multiple enemies. Cerement when you’re taking too much damage to sacrifice damage for sustain briefly. Note all skills on the Class are AoE so be careful or you might pull the wrong monster to you. (Ex -Random Nulgath Crit)

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April 20, 2016

Reminder: Clear your cache

Bugs, Reports, Cache & Flash

Hello from the land of crazy bug people again!  Cemaros, AQW Bug Squasher Extraordinaire, here with a few more reminders for everyone.  So let’s just jump right in and start with the big one.


Then clear it again.  Then clear it one more time to make sure you actually cleared it.  I recommend clearing about 3 times a week if you play daily. It only takes a few seconds and saves you many hours of frustration.

Yes, I keep reminding everyone about this one because this is the cause of about 90% of the reports we get. A "stuffed cache" not only causes issues with the game, but it will slow your entire browser performance down.

I especially want to remind folks to clear your cache since the Flash 20 update.  We’ve been getting some new types of reports in, and when investigating them, every single one of them has been because of a ….

Guess? Stuffed cache!

For a list of some of the common causes of a stuffed cache, see here: Cache Reminder Design Notes 

Artix Entertainment has nothing to do with the making of Flash, as most of you know.  Our programmers do everything they can to make sure things run smooth, but we can’t actually fix Flash itself.  But YOU can prevent a lot of issues by keeping your cache cleared out regularly. Which brings me to my next reminder.  

Fill out the report form

Every single bug report filed is read. I promise you that.  (I can, since I’m one of two people who reads and sorts them!) However, if you don’t fill out the bug reports entirely, we simply do not have enough information to work with. If you send in a report that looks like this...

There isn’t a single thing we can do with it.  Please!  Fill the forms out completely.  While I do reply to a great many of the reports sent, I can’t reply if I don’t even know what is being reported, right?

Please report from the device and browser you are having the issue on.  The bug report form gathers data about your browser (no personal info!).  In many cases, I need this data to figure out the problem.  So if you play on your Windows laptop on Firefox browser, but you report it from your iPhone, I don’t have correct data.  
So! Everyone is going to clear their cache and fully fill out the forms now, right?  RIGHT!

Below is a list of the most popular browsers and how to clear the cache on each of them.  This guide provides links to the homepages of the various browsers. 

"What's a stuffed cache?" you ask? GOOD question! 

A cache is a place on your computer where the browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari) keeps things you've downloaded in case they're needed again - like the logo on a website or information about your AQW character. That way, it doesn't need to be downloaded each time you visit the page; as long as the same logo is displayed, your computer already knows what to look for.

Caches have a limit of how big they can be. When a cache gets full, the items in it that haven't been used in a while are discarded to make room for whatever new items you're looking at now.

And it’s all transparent to you... until something breaks! (Like with this bug.) But that's when you need to "clear your cache."

If you have any other issues, please remember to report them to the Bug Tracker! I send emails to the developers every week, and they fix as many as they have time for (starting with the highest priority issues first)!

Thanks!!  ~Cem

Clearing your browser's cache gives you the latest version of the game

When you play AQWorlds, or any Artix Entertainment game, the game window you see is called the "client."The client shows you the updated files (that make up each release) we put out every week. Those files are stored in your browser's "cache." 
Browsers store things in caches. We store them in boxes. 

When we release BIG new features or fix important bugs, we want you to get the latest version of the game client, which means your browser's cache needs to be emptied of all its current files. Emptying your cache is called "clearing your cache." That lets it get all the new, most up-to-date files so your game works right.

Below is a list of the most popular browsers and how to clear the cache on each of them.  This guide provides links to the homepages of the various browsers. 




  • Click on the Options -> "History". (Or Ctrl + H) 
  • Click "Clear Browsing Data". 
  • From the drop-down menu, select "The beginning of time" 
  • Make sure that all options are unchecked, except for "Empty the cache". 
  • Click "Clear Browsing Data". 
  • Alternative method: Press down Ctrl+Shift+Delete to open up a browser settings menu. 


    Internet Explorer

  • - To clear the cache for a single site: hold down "Ctrl" and click "Refresh" on the toolbar, or press Ctrl + F5 or CTRL + R 
  • To clear the entire cache:
    • Click "Tools -> Delete Browsing History..." (or Ctrl + Shift + Del) 
    • Check only "Temporary Internet Files." 
    • Click "Delete." 

    • Restart Internet Explorer. 
  • Alternative method: Press down Ctrl+Shift+Delete to open up a browser settings menu. 


  • To clear the cache for a single page: hold down "Shift" and click "Refresh" on the toolbar, or hold down CTRL and press F5. 
  • To clear the entire cache:
    • Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> History(drop down menu) 
    • Remember History > Remove individual cookies -> Select cookies -> Remove Cookie 
    • - Or Use custom settings for history -> Show Cookies -> Select cookies -> Remove Cookie 
    • Optionally Remove all cookies 
    • Restart Firefox. 
  • Alternative method: Press down Ctrl+Shift+Delete to open up a browser settings menu.




    • Click "Tools." 
    • Select "Delete Private Data..." 
    • Click the "Detailed Options" button. 
    • Uncheck everything except "Clear Entire Cache." 
    • Click "Delete," and restart. 



    Safari 6

  • Click Safari -> Empty Cache. 
  • Click "Empty" on the dialog box. 
  • Restart Safari. 
    • Safari -> Preferences -> Privacy -> Details 
    • Select site to remove cookies from -> Remove or Remove All 
    • Restart Safari 
  • Alternate method Safari -> Reset Safari... -> Check Remove all Website Data -> Hit Reset 

    Safari 6.0.3 (Mac Mini)

    • Located Develop option on Toolbar 
    • Click Develop 
    • Click Empty Caches on list (not the delete caches option) 



    Firefox for Mac

    • Click "Firefox -> Preferences." 
    • Click "Advanced" and select the "Network" tab. 
    • Under the "Cashed Web Content" section, click "Clear Now." 
    • Restart Firefox. 



    Note: If you do not see your browser's version listed here, it is strongly recommended that you upgrade your browser. The latest browsers typically have more features and improved security. 

    Be sure to also restart your web browser. So the game page fully reloads, and not just the content files.

    Thanks to the Archknights and Moderators on our forum for compiling and updating the guide!


    April 20, 2016

    The DeathKnight Lords are waiting...

    Members: battle through the Skull Towers of Silver and Gold

    Screams rip through the darkness surrounding the Castle of Bone, but the Skull Towers of Silver and Gold stand silent, eternal guardians. Waiting at the top of each is the shadow of a DeathKnight Lord...

    These two former rulers of the Castle of Bone were not strong enough to hold on to their power, not after Vaden arrived. But they were strong enough to rule for many, MANY years. And now they stand, waiting, ready to slay any who survive the battle through their tower's lower floors.

    The Butcher stands outside the door to the towers... waiting for YOU. And he is very, VERY angry. You don't know why. Yet. But he needs your help. And you are the only way he can get what he's waited so long for... Revenge.

    Tags: Alina,

    April 18, 2016

    Unlock the DeathKnight Lord CLASS

    DeathKnight Lord Class: A new variant of DeathKnight Arrives Friday!

    MAN, is it a great week to be a member! We are making some of the coolest, darkest gear from the Throne of Darkness: Castle of Bone chapter exclusively for you as a way to say "thanks" - your support lets us make AdventureQuest Worlds free to play for EVERYONE, all the time! 

    Starting this weekend, you can battle to unlock an all-new variant of the DeathKnight Class: Vaden's DeathKnight Lord Class! OR, if you're short on time (or don't like farming), you can get it immediately with 2000 AdventureCoins! 

    The quests will not be difficult (I am pretty sure you can slay level 3 skeletons preeeeetty fast by now!), but it WILL take time to craft the class... 30 days, to be precise! 

    * This class is based on the original DeathKnight Class... which our class designers are working on buffing! That might come out next week, but the DKL class is planned for this Friday!

    Friday: Skull Tower of Silver and Gold!

    Upgrading your account is the only way to unlock Vaden's DeathKnight ARMOR inside this Friday's new zone... but you'll need to craft the silver and gold versions FIRST! This weekend, the Throne of Darkness: Skull Towers of Silver and Gold member-only expansion will release... giving you more information about one of last week's minibosses: The Butcher!

    Both the Class and the Armor will be 0 ACs for free storage, and so you can use them... FOREVER! Not a member but really want the Class or to help support AdventureQuest Worlds? Upgrade your account and unlock this week's Class, zone, and all the other exclusive perks!

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