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June 24, 2016

CryptKeeper Limited Quantity Packages

Friday, June 24th: Throne of Darkness Limited Quantity Gear

Starting tonight, Friday, June 24th, at 6:00 PM EST (server time), head to our Limited Quantity Package page to grab the darkest, deadliest limited quantity sets off the year! Only a few heroes in AQWorlds will ever be able to equip them, which means once the quantities run out, they become instant status symbols for you rare hunters. Each package also comes with a unique badge in your Book of Lore! 

Each of these items was crafted by Dage the Evil and is based upon Vaden's tale of the Bone Castle from our Throne of Darkness Saga. The green parts of each item are color customizable, and will match to your "eye color"!

Unlock the CryptKeeper Vault and get ALL 25 items!

Price: 4000 AdventureCoins
Total Quantity: 4100 sets (initial stock: 2000 sets, 150 sets per restock)

  • Ancient CryptKeeper Armor
  • Arcane CryptKeeper Armor
  • Abyssal CryptKeeper Armor
  • 13 helms
  • 4 capes
  • 5 weapons
  • and unique Book of Lore AND character page badges

This is the first-ever time we are putting EVERY limited quantity item into one package! We know that many of you won't want to miss a thing, and this will make sure you don't! 

Ancient CryptKeeper

Price: 2000 AdventureCoins
Total Quantity: 4100 sets (initial stock: 2000 sets, 150 sets per restock)

  • Ancient CryptKeeper Armor
  • CryptKeeper Plague Doctor Helm 
  • CryptKeeper Cowl Locks Helm
  • CryptKeeper Skull Helm
  • CryptKeeper Braids and Collar Helm
  • CryptKeeper Cowl Helm
  • CryptKeeper Cowl Hawk Helm
  • Plasmatic Dagger and Tome Daggers
  • Ecto Dragon Cape
  • Ecto Minions Cape
  • Reversed Plasmatic Daggerand unique Book of Lore AND character page badges

"Green" sections on armor and accessories are color customizable.

Arcane CryptKeeper

Price: 50,000 gold 
Total Quantity: 8040 sets 
(initial stock: 4000, 360 per restock)

  • Arcane CryptKeeper Armor
  • CryptKeeper Braided Ponytail Helm
  • Masked CryptKeeper Locks Helm
  • Masked CryptKeeper Helm
  • CryptKeeper Braids Helm
  • Cryptic Arcane Tome Mace
  • Plasmatic Dagger Mace
  • Flaming Bone Web Cape
  • Ecto Minions Cape
  • and unique Book of Lore AND character page badges

Available for gold to anyone who has ever purchased a membership (even if your upgrade has expired)!

"Green" sections on armor and accessories are color customizable.

Abyssal CryptKeeper

Price: 25,000 gold 
Total Quantity: 56400 sets (initial stock: 20000, 2600 per restock)

  • Abyssal CryptKeeper Armor
  • CryptKeeper Bone Web Cape
  • Dual Plasmatic Daggers
  • Bearded CryptKeeper Helm
  • CryptKeeper Hawk Helm
  • CryptKeeper Braided Locks Helm
  • and unique Book of Lore AND character page badges

"Green" sections on armor and accessories are color customizable.

Each limited quantity set comes with an exclusive character page and Book of Lore badge! (Note: each package unlocks its own badge, and only one badge per package.)

What are Limited Quantity Packages?

A Limited Quantity Package* is a group of items sold together which has a set quantity. Once the gear has sold out, that's it. The total number of packages is the same for everyone, everwhere, so if you see 300 packages left on the web page counter, that's what we've got left in stock. These items are non-refundable, so once you click the "confirm purchase" button, that set is yours to keep!

How Do They Work?

Excellent question! Starting this Friday, June 24th, at 6 PM server time, the intial stock of our Limited Quantity Packages will be released. Once they are, you'll need to:

  1. Head to the Limited Quantity Package page
  2. Select the package you want to buy
  3. Confirm your purchase
  4. Log into your AQWorlds account
  5. Open your Book of Lore and go to the Other Achievements tab
  6. Find the Package Badge and open the shop to get your gear!

Limited Quantity Package Restock Schedule

We have more than doubled the number of restocks of our 2015 limited quantity sets to make sure everyone has a fair chance at getting the items they want*! Package quantities restock throughout the weekend to give everyone a chance to get the gear they want, no matter what timezone or country they live in.

Restock times:

  1. 6:00 PM Friday, 6/24 - initial stock
  2. 10:00 PM Friday, 6/24
  3. 2:00 AM Saturday, 6/25
  4. 6:00 AM Saturday, 6/25
  5. 10:00 AM Saturday, 6/25
  6. 2:00 PM Saturday, 6/25
  7. 6:00 PM Saturday, 6/25
  8. 10:00 PM Saturday, 6/25
  9. 2:00 AM Sunday, 6/26
  10. 6:00 AM Sunday, 6/26
  11. 10:00 AM Sunday, 6/26
  12. 2:00 PM Sunday, 6/26
  13. 6:00 PM Sunday, 6/26
  14. 10:00 PM Sunday, 6/26
  15. 2:00 AM Monday, 6/27 - final restock
All time zones listed are in EST (that's the same as server time). You can find a timezone converter here so you know exactly when the restocks are in your part of the world!

Why Doesn't the Vault Package have exclusive items?

Question: Can't I just buy all the other packages separately to get the same gear?
Answer: Sure you can!

That is intentional -- the "vault" package is a bundle, it's not intended to have exclusive items (though it does have a unique character page badge). If someone never bought a membership (and doesn't want to) but DOES want the membership package gear, or they want the free player gear, but it's sold out, the "vault" package offers an additional way for them to get that gear.

So if you're fast enough to get all three packages in one go, more power to you! But if you want a guaranteed way to get ALL the gear without having to worry about timezones or quantity availability, then the Vault package is your best bet!


June 23, 2016

Throne of Darkness: 4D Pyramid

Throne of Darkness Sekt Story Update

I just finished the full script for Sekt and the 4th Dimensional Pyramid and am waiting to see Alina's response. 

This was a challenging assignment. I broke three big rules and think you will enjoy it.

  1. You will have a surprise NPC which you WILL NEVER guess. 
  2. 2.) Sekt is the Pharoah of the Black Hole Sun. He is telling the story and starts it out in a way that I do not think we have ever done before. Finally - 
  3. 3.) It ends in a way we have never ended a story before... 

This is the 5th Chapter of the Throne of Darkness saga which starts this Friday with a war... then next Friday with a challenge arena, and the story part will begin the following Friday. I really hope you enjoy it.

Alina reaction: I LOVE the story we're telling here! The twists (both in the art and in the plot) are awesome. As a note... NEXT week we are releasing the 4th Dimensional Arena. Artix's 4D Pyramid release is not one we want to rush, and now that the story and design are done... we can REALLY begin building it!

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June 23, 2016

Ziri's Magical Rares Shop Leaves Tomorrow

Last Chance to Get Ziri's Magical Gear!

A few weeks ago, we released an all-new animated item shop FILLED with gear inspired by Ziri the Daimon's story. Now, sadly, it's time for this limited time shop to go forever rare. Ziri's magical animation shop leaves TOMORROW NIGHT!

  • Golden Flying Pig Bacon Hailstorm
  • Grumpy Rainbow Cat Smash
  • 1 Million Gold Storm
  • Undead Horde Flood

Though the gear in Ziri's Magical Rares Shop will leave, the animations may be used in the future. There are a also a number of animated items you can get right NOW from the Animated Item shop in your game menu!

How animated items work:

  • Animations ONLY appear to you (to reduce lag for other players)
  • Every time you use auto-attack or any skill, there is a chance for the animation to go off
  • Some items will also have a boost (rep, XP, class points, gold) or racial bonus attached (undead, dragons, human, orc, chaos)

New Animations-in-Action Screenshots

Grumpy Rainbow Cat

One Million Gold Shower


Undead Horde Flood

Golden Flying Pig Bacon Hailstorm

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June 21, 2016

Those Pesky Treasure Chest Keys!

Twilly's Quests Reopened

If you head over to Battleon, you will see that Twilly's Treasure Chest quest has been reopened!  You can now turn in your Key for Epic Loot, and Members have access to their free keys again!

I guess being Warlord Twilly is more work than I thought, so we jumped in and helped by unlocking a few things after the fixes went live. If you tried to turn in one of these quests, then you could not turn in any other quest until you relogged. 

This fix means that those quests will no longer block other quests from being turned in.

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June 20, 2016

Coming Soon: Creatures of the Black Hole Sun

Friday, June 24th, the battle begins in the Black Hole Sun WAR!

The Throne of Darkness Saga continues next weekend as we begin exploring the realm of the 4th Dimensional Pyramid! When a black hole sun appears over Battleon, it’s a sign that things are about to get… TWISTED! And inverted. And very, very BAD… 

As Artix and Memet work on the upcoming 4th Dimensional Pyramid story (where you'll learn the tale of the Hero vs Sekt the Eternal), the rest of the team is concentrating on Black Hole Sun war starting Friday, June 24th! While YOU battle the creatures of the Black Hole Sun, they will be finalizing the last pieces of Sekt's dungeon and the bonus release that will follow afterwards.

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June 17, 2016


New Rare Gear Available Until June 29th

So many of the devs here at the Secret Underground Lab are huge gamers, and many of us spent way too many hours questing, battling, and farming on one (or more) of the WarCraft games. In honor of the new movie released last week, Memet crafted a full set of gear to help you celebrate!

Starting tonight, find the following gear in the June Rare Gear shop in your game menu:

  • HorcCraft Commander Armor
  • FOR THE HORCS banner
  • Pounder of Faces hammer
  • Tribal Horc Locks
  • Tails of the HorcLord
  • DOUBLESMASH hammers

(Alliance fans, you haven't been forgotten... but when we went to craft your gear, we found all Memet's styluses strangely crushed into smithereens. We took that as a sign to focus on the Horc tribe this time 'round.)

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June 17, 2016

Drakel Warlord Class Breakdown

Warriors, come out to play!

Drakel Warlords are kings of the arena. Using their brute strength and earned combat prowess they can dish out intimidating damage while fending off bevies of physical attacks. That's wny Pax the Warlord's Class Variant is based on the Warrior Class!

How to get the class

The Drakel Warlord Class is available from the Class shop in Battleon for either 2000 AdventureCoins OR 100,000 gold if you have a membership in AQWorlds!*

Class Information

  • This class has a LOT of defensive stats and a focus on crit damage. 
  • Drakel Warlords are the masters of single target focused combat. 
  • In PvP this class is very strong vs other physical damage classes but its lack of magic resistance makes it vulnerable to classes that focus on spell damage. 
  • Since, at the moment, all monsters do physical damage, Drakel Warlords can tank very well in PvE scenarios. 
  • Their lack of AoE (outside of an AoE stun) means they aren’t the quickest farming class but their high defenses and decent heal mean they can keep going for days.
  • Random fact: the head of our Class Designer group (Arklen) has been running around for the last week challenging random testers to fight him. "PvP me, bro? C'mooooonnnnn...."

* The next Throne of Darkness Class variant will be for ALL players, and will requre rank 10 of the 4D Pyramid faction rep!

Drakel Auto Attack

A Drakel special auto attack that deals 150% damage.

  • Type: Physical
  • Mana Cost: 0
  • Cooldown: 2 seconds
  • Damage: 150%

Notes: We wanted to keep the Warlord’s abilities heavy and hard hitting. The bonus damage on this auto means it’s crits are even bigger.       

Strengthened Strike:

Tap into your Warlord strength to deal 200% attack damage and intimidate your foe, reducing any physical damage they deal by 7% for 10 seconds, stacking up to 5.

  • Type: Physical       
  • ManaCost: 15       
  • Cooldown: 3 seconds       
  • AoE: 1 Range:
  • Melee Damage: 200%

Notes: Your bread and butter spam skill. You get this at early ranks to help both your offense and defense. This skill is a mana trap if you’re not careful. The 10 second duration on the debuff means you don’t need to spam it constantly to keep Intimidation up.

Raged Strike

You rage at everyone around you. Stuns up to 3 targets for 3 seconds. Your boiling blood heals your wounds, applying a HoT for 15 seconds.

  • Type: Physical       
  • ManaCost: 20       
  • Cooldown: 20 seconds       
  • AoE: 3 Range:
  • MeleeDam: 0%

Notes: AoE stun and sustain. As long as this doesn’t miss, it’ll keep you alive in just about any situation (barring DoTs maybe). You probably won’t be taking damage while you’re stunned so it’s a guaranteed bit of healing until the stun wears off. Combo this with Strike of Expertise and you shouldn’t have any trouble finishing your foe off.

Strike of Expertise

Warlord’s experience on the battlefield allow them to position themselves to perfectly land attacks. Applies Prepared Strike, making any autos done in the next 5 seconds always hit and crit.

  • ManaCost: 18       
  • Cooldown: 15 seconds

Notes: Critting on a 150% auto twice is pretty huge, especially with your crit damage buff on your passive. Use this in combination with your stun to guarantee the damage.

Enter the Arena

Challenge your opponent! Deals 100% damage and applies ‘Master of the Arena’ taking 50% less physical damage for 15 seconds. 

  • Type: Physical       
  • ManaCost: 30       
  • Cooldown: 25 seconds       
  • AoE: 1 Range: AllDam: 100%

Notes: Helps targeting in pvp! Really though, this skill is the reason you dominate in 1v1 combat. Your 30% physical damage reduction passive plus Enter the Arena means you have capped out your physical damage resistance to the maximum (80%) for 15 seconds! This can be up 15 out of every 25 seconds which is 60% of the time (isn’t math cool)!

Passive 1: Expertise: Increase critical damage by 15%

Passive 2: Warlord’s Respect: All physical damage taken reduced by 30%

Passive 3: Drakel Skin: Increase END by 20%

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June 17, 2016

This weekend: The Hun'Gar Games BEGIN

Death Arena PVP: Two Teams Enter... One Team Wins!

After the trials and tribulations of Pax’s warlord challenge, battles inside the Death Arena will never be the same! This weekend, fight alongside your team members to hone your combat skills in our newest PvP arena!

Drakel begin practicing the art of war from a very early age... and to help YOU keep your blades and skills sharp, we've built a new PVP arena and stocking it with NEW rewards! 

In the Death Pit Brawl Rep Shop you'll find:

  • Drakel Warlord Armor, weapon, and two capes
  • Pax the Warlord BattlePet
  • Chud, Gall, Hun'Gar, and Velm pets

In the Death Pit Arena Rep Shop from last week you'll find:

  • Spinal Carnage Staff
  • Sword of Malice
  • Drakel Chud Armor and Helm
  • Drakel Velm Armor and Helm
  • Drakel Hun'Gar Armor 
  • Drakel Gall Armors (green and white skin)
  • Drakel Gall Morph
  • Green Drakel Morph

This week's PvP map is modeled after the team PvP in Darkovia Brawl, but fear not, PvE-ers -  if you're a member, there will also be some PvE quests and rewards if you aren't a fan of PvP. If you're a free player who isn't into PvP, even MORE good news! We've added some new gear to the DeathPit Rep shop*

If you ARE a PvP fan, though... this is your time to break out your best class and get to battling! And speaking of Classes... the Drakel Warlord CLASS arrives tonight, too! Read this Design Notes post for more info.

* And fixed the issue with the gear that was not requiring rep.

DragonFable 10th Anniversary Gift

Happy 10th anniversary, DragonFable! To celebrate DragonFable's 10th anniversary, the incredible Cronix (a DF artist) crafted an all new scythe JUST for you! You'll find it for 0 ACs in the DragonLord shop inside the Guardian tower! 

Make sure you've linked your DragonFable account to your AQWorlds account, then find the Ultimate DragonLord Scythe in the DragonLord shop in the Guardian tower! 

PTR Testing Bonus: 200% to XP, Gold, and Class Points boosts

As we race to the finish of the server rewrite, we need ALL the testing we can get! Log onto the PTR servers this weekend for a MEGA boost on both the PTR and member-only PTR Testing Servers! Get 200% MORE Class points, rep, XP, and gold!

 There is a known issue with the display off bonuses, but you ARE still being awarded them. If you encounter any issues wh

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June 15, 2016

Progress Report of all Reports

Who wants updates on what's happening in AQWorlds?!

According to Twitter, Facebook, emails, and messages in-game... YOU DO! So let's get down to it!

Server Rewrite Update

Yorumi and M are cranking out the updates, and everything you guys have been finding on the testing servers has been very helpful. (THANKS!) Here is what we have left to work on:

  • Onoing: bug fixing (based on what you find) and confirming all the fixed glitches
  • Fishing tradeskill*
  • PvP memory leak (estimated fix date: this Friday)
  • Fixing mod report functionality 

This may sound like a lot, but Yorumi and M have made good progress on each of these, and we are ironing out the wrinkles (and smashing the bugs).

* Fishing is the only tradeskill that will go live with Phase 1 of the server rewrite. We want to rebuild Alchemy and spellcrafting to be better, faster, and more of what YOU want them to be!

The rewrite has taken a fair bit longer than we expected, but we are essentially rebuilding the game. It's like if you have a car that doesn't run very well, so you replace the engine but leave the interior the exact same. You'll notice improvement in how the car performs, but not how soft the car seat fabric is. 

Our goal is to make the game's engine run super-smoothly, and we are on track to do just that!

AC Generation Glitch

If you saw Twitter over the weekend, or logged in to see the testing servers had disappeared, you may have heard about an AC generation glitch. The glitch (which was only abused by around 20 people), was quickly fixed thanks to player reports and the swift escalation by our whitehats (these are the good-guy testers with the extra-handy programming power).

All is well with the glitch, and those who exploited it to get free ACs have had them removed and their accounts disabled until they can write in to Player Support for more information.

Testing Mission Sprocket

Those of you who have completed quests on the testing server may have noticed a new item dropping from ALL quests - the Testing Mission Sprocket! Save up enough of these babies and you'll be able to turn them in for the 0 AC Sir Ver Bank Pet, a wicked-cool PTR testing reward!

Remember: as you find issues testing quests, killing monsters, and running around the game, please report them on the Bug Tracker!

Coming Releases

WOAH I hope you like your brain broken! This week is the Death Arena PvP release... but NEXT week we start the three-part 4th Dimensional Pyramid story. It begins with the Black Hole Sun War next Friday, followed by Sekt's story in the 4th Dimensional Pyramid, and then the all-player bonus release!

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June 13, 2016

This Friday: The Hun'Gar Games

Death Arena PVP: Two Teams Enter... One Team Wins!

After the trials and tribulations of Pax’s warlord challenge, battles inside the Death Arena will never be the same! This weekend, fight alongside your team members to hone your combat skills in our newest PvP arena!

Drakel begin practicing the art of war from a very early age... and to help YOU keep your blades and skills sharp, we're building a new PVP arena and stocking it with NEW rewards! 

This week's PvP map is modeled after the team PvP in Darkovia Brawl, but fear not, PvE-ers -  there will also be some PvE quests and rewards if you aren't a fan of PvP. If you ARE a PvP fan, though... this is your time to break out your best class and get to battling!

Testing Server Glitch Abuse

Over the weekend, our whitehats (these are the security testers with mega-bonus programming skills who help us track down issues and exploits) let us know about a new AC glitch, where some people (less than 30) managed to get a LOT of free ACs due to some broken monthly-quest check code.

Those accounts have been rolled back and disabled. That means 1) they do not get to keep the ACs and 2) they will need to write in to Player Support to have their individual situation reviewed.

If you encounter any glitches or expoits on the testing server, please do not tweet about it or create more accounts to help make AE aware of the issue. The best thing to do is send a report to the Bug Tracker so we can get the devs on it as soon as possible!

Why do you want to ban for glitches like this, but not ones like the DoT room, merge shop, and quest window glitches?

Good question, phantom player! I believe it is the dev team's responsibility to fix glitches when they are in-game as soon as possible so they you guys cannot abuse them (and therefore don't get punished for them. The new server has fixed most of the glitches that people are using, so that will not be an issue very shortly. However, our rules ask people not to discuss glitches, as that can lead to more abuse. (Want a refresher on the rules? Check them out here!)

But when it comes to AC-related glitches, where some people are abusing a glitch to get ACs... that is essentially stealing from Artix Entertainment, because everyone else needs to spend real money to get those ACs and the glitch abusers are getting them for free.

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