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October 18, 2011

Pumpkin Carving Contest Reminder


Hey everybody, Samba here with a reminder that our 3rd Annual AE Pumpkin Carving Contest is still going! :D How exciting!

Now we had some last minute rule changes, so I just want to present to you an AWESOME example of what submitted entries should look like:

How beautiful, Liryos! Because you have a handwirtten index card with your AQW NAME and YEAR, I can tell that this was made recently and by you! It is AE-themed! Because it is lit up, I can see all the lovelely detail you put into Moglowumpkin! SO RAD!

Again, we here at AE work with image-editing software daily. We can tell when you are cheating and /ignore said entries pretty quickly. Be adventurous and creative and carve your AE dreams into these unsuspecting gourds! Go forth, Heroes of Mogloween!



October is AQWorlds' anniversary month! And THAT means that anyone who upgrades (as long as your upgrade expires ON or AFTER November 4th, 2011) will become a 3rd Upholder! That'll get you a sweet character page achievement and the EPIC Platinum Star Sword!(The Star Sword will not be released until November 4th.) Hop on that!

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