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February 05, 2014

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House Depot Contest Winners Announced

WOWIE! Hundreds of amazing entries were submitted to the 2014 House Depot Contest! And that’s no exaggeration—over 500 applicable entries were reviewed and judged.

House Contest AQW 2014

I cannot believe how talented you and our fellow players are. If I knew you were undercover architects, I would have asked you to design my real-life house =D

Before we get to the winners, a super special THANK YOU is in order. Our wonderful volunteers—your fellow players of AQWorlds—helped review, manage, and organize ALL the entries.

Thank you Aqua Dragon Master, Tendou No Mazo, Gjappy, Asuka, Roooooow, Blood, Rysox, Judge Acumen, Lafbael, and Dropju,

When you see these guys in game, be sure to thank them for all their hard work! You are my heroes!!!!

Grand Prize Winner Winners

This was a tough one. So many amazing submissions and we could only choose 1 Grand Prize Winner. But we couldn’t pick just 1… so we have 2 Grand Prize Winners!

Pirate's Paradise House

Pirate’s Paradise

Created by Mr Zul and Capn Cio

Tired after a plunderin’ day? Drop anchor on ye’ TreehouseShip, Matey! All the amenities of a true Pirate’s Life at ye’ hooks: white sand at ye’ peg-leg, peaceful quarters, convenient hangin’ point on your Crow’s Nest an’ 100 miles to Tortulgar Inn only! Yarrrr!

House of Vita

House of Vita

Created by Prime, Nici , Ryuu

The house of the Stars, this structure is the remainder of an ancient civilization, Vita. Living knowledge of the cosmos is stored within its crystal shards. The entire structure is powered by the Stars gem at the top.

These two houses will soon be created in-game for everyone to enjoy. The players who created these houses will receive their creation for FREE, plus a bonus of 1,500 AdventureCoins! Woohoo!

Coming Soon!

Since things have been oh-so-hectic (working on Battle Gems, Valentine’s Day release, shattering sunroof, etc), I will be adding the additional winners soon. There were SO MANY amazing entries that NEED to be recognized. Character Page badges will soon be awarded =)

So stay tuned to my Twitter and I’ll let you know as soon as I update this section!

xoxo Beleen!

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