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March 26, 2013

1 Million Likes Contest!

1,000,000 Likes = Brand New Class

Have you Liked Us on the AdventureQuest Worlds Facebook page?

Like Us!

AQWorlds already has over 700,000 Likes on our Facebook page. Do you think we can hit 1 Million Likes by July 7th, 2013?

If you and all your friends can help us reach 1,000,000 Likes, then you and everyone else who helps out will receive a free brand-new Class in AdventureQuest Worlds!

Sweet, right? RIGHT!

Gather everyone you know—friends, family, & followers—and tell them to Like the AdventureQuest Worlds Facebook page to help us reach 1 Million Likes by 7-7-13!

And don’t forget...

The Lucky 13 Contest is still underway!

Lucky 13 Contest

After your friends and family have Liked the AQWorlds Facebook, tell them to make an in-game AQWorlds account to help us hit 1.3 Million New users by April 13.

Invite your friends and family so YOU can start earning sweet rewards while THEY play alongside you!

If we reach 1.3 Million new users by 4-13-13, then every AQW hero will receive:

  • Lucky 13 Achievement Badge
  • Lucky Armor Set:
    • Diamond Dueler Armor
    • Staff of Spades
    • Cape of Clover
    • Helm of the Heart
  • Member Only: Lucky Suit Pets (Bank Pet and Quest giving Pet)
  • 13% higher Dage & Nulgath monster drops
  • 13% higher monster drop rates on hard-to-get items (like Phoenix Blade)!
  • 13% more bonus AdventureCoins when renewing your Membership within a week of expiring 

You help us—and we’ll help YOU become the most epic hero in all of AdventureQuest Worlds. We can do it!

  1. Like the AdventureQuest Worlds Facebook page
  2. Invite your friends to play AQWorlds with us
  3. And Battle On towards victory!
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