Every young video game creator dreams about his wedding. You know, something traditional. White flowers… musical preludes… and the onslaught of armored groomsmen, swordfights, ninjas, Iron Man, Batman, WWE’s Jimmy Heart, and evil bellhops all taking place during the middle of a Catholic ceremony.

The wedding of Adam Bohn, creator of the video game AdventureQuest Worlds and founder/CEO of Artix Entertainment’s, and his bride, Michelle Chang, took place at the Lowes Don Caesar Hotel in St. Petersburg, Florida. This historical building has been the landmark for many special occasions… but never one like this before!

Artix Wedding GroomsmenThe groom and his groomsmen, all clad in armor-plated suits, ushered close friends and family to their seats. Even Adam’s battle Pomeranian, Daimyo, was dressed in a tuxedo for the magical occasion. The wedding ceremony was beautiful … until the Catholic priest said: “Should anyone have reason why these two should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace…”

Suddenly, an armored knight wielding a sword stood up from the back of the room, and challenged the groom to prove his worth before the two wed. Adam’s bride-to-be handed him a sword out of nowhere (did anyone check her garter?!), and, with the gentle encouragement “Get him, babe!” an epic sword fight ensued down the aisle.

The groom emerged victorious, but before he could take his place back on the altar, another group of combatants had already entered the room: 6 masked ninjas led by Chairman Platinum, the CEO of of Artix Entertainment’s fictitious archenemy, wielding a battle-ready briefcase.

Artix Wedding Ebil CorpAs ninjas took fighting positions after flipping down the aisle, the Maid of Honor broke the briefcase over the Chairman’s head, and an all-out brawl erupted alter-side. But the bridal party emerged victorious, and the befuddled officiant prepared to continue… until the not-very-orderly ceremony disintegrated into pure Chaos! Iron Man charged into the room insisting that Michelle leave the ceremony to join Shield, only to be interrupted by Batman… who ALSO wanted Michelle to run away with him!

The laughter of the audience was only silenced when yet another man charged the aisle. The entire wedding party and guests were told to leave the hotel by this man claiming to be the Hotel Manager with the ultimatum of “…unless you can defeat my army of Bellhops!” Cue the next battle scene: a squad of red bellhops charged the bridal party but in the end, were bested by Michelle and Adam hurling the Bellhop Boss into the rest of his crew.

Wedding Manager & Bellhops

But things didn’t settle down after that: Jimmy Hart, WWE Manager, charged into the room in a heart-covered jacket with his signature megaphone. But instead of unleashing yet another wave of fights, he gave a sincere and loving speech, promising to prevent anymore interruptions. So, without further ado, the ceremony continued as bride and groom shared their first kiss as husband and wife.

Wedding Music OED and VoltaireAs the guests waited for the reception, Austin Texas’ number one punk rock band One-Eyed Doll put on an amazing performance, playing haunting yet beautiful melodies alongside hors d'oeuvres.

No wedding night is complete without cake, and no knight dare slice through a confectionary masterpiece with a mere plastic slicer. The cake was cut with the $20,000 Number 2 Frostmorne Blade from the video game World of Warcraft while, much to the amusement of the guests, George Lowe (voice of Space Ghost Coast to Coast) narrated. Voltaire, the dark Goth and hilarious rock musician, took stage at 9 o’clock and played a special selection of songs.

Players of AdventureQuest Worlds have gotten to know Adam though his character “Artix” via his Design Notes (aka blogs) over the past 11 years. “More than 250,000 players logged in yesterday,” confirms Adam, “but the Don Cesar is just not equipped to hold that many people!” So the AdventureQuest Worlds staff teamed up with the players and decided to recreate the event during a special in-game wedding.

So if the previous in-game weddings in AdventureQuest Worlds imitates life, and Adam’s real-life wedding was imitating Artix games, then this is a prime example of “life imitating art imitating life.”

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