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Ayi is the Fear Chaser

最害怕的是什么?黑暗?蜘蛛?高地? Beleen的粉红色衣柜?加入我们和音乐客串恐惧追逐者-吉胡阿依的全新的音乐AQ世界特别活动...在此你可以和我们的朋友在论坛上 选择恐惧,然后我们可以消灭恶魔版本的它们!

什么: 恐惧追逐者音乐活动
时间: 美国东部时间4月15日下午6时星期五
参与者: 音乐客串吉胡阿依,AQW队员和你!
原因: “唯一的恐惧...这是一个关于恐惧本身的特殊活动”
如何: 在这里 AdventureQuest 世界的游戏内


1st International Music Event!

An R&B star from the East making it big in the West

Our family friendly game and community has a reputation for doing crazy and unusual things... so let's shake things up! We are bringing a rising music star from the other side of the world. We have done some very different music in our past events... this promises to keep the tradition going!


Starring Ayi Jihu!

The hot, up & coming "Chinese Madonna"

Ayi* was recently called the "Chinese Madonna" on BBC. She is a rising Pop/R&B star with over 100 million song downloads in her home country of China. One site even voted her one of the Top 100 most beautiful women in the world**! Now she is preparing to launch a TV series and comic book called "Fear Chaser Chronicles" and... <COUGHS> ok... wait.... Seriously. How in the world did the AE team end up being friends with her? I mean... AE's a bunch of computer geek types who do not know how to talk to people without using a keyboard... and they get someone like Ayi to be in their game!? This is crazy!!! I can't wait to see what they do in he cutscenes this time. <END COUGHING RANT> ...will be the special guest star in this brand new AQWorlds special event!

* Pronounced "Eye-Eee"
** Can J6 draw her into being one of the top 100 most beautiful game characters in the world?

The Fear Chaser event is a one-of-a-kind music event where players will be able to experience an in-game concert featuring music and voice acting by the talented singer Ayi Jihu. After the concert, players will team up with Ayi the Fear Chaser and battle against some of the most powerful fears that plague our players.



Frequently Asked Awesome Questions!

Q: Will there be rare items?
A: .... oh.... YES!

Q: Will the music be suitable for all audiences?
A: Of course! Just like our other events we carefully select songs that are suitable for players ages 6 to 130.

Q: Will Ayi be voice acting her parts in the cutscenes?
A: Yup! She has this amazing English/Chinese accent... <swoons>. Just remember, she is speaking her parts... when your character has lines, you reed to read yours out loud too!

Q: Do you actually have players age 130
A: Not yet, but we are waiting for you to level up in real life. Hurry!

Q: Is the event FREE?
A: Yes! It is free to play the storyline of the event. There will also be a bonus zone (special boss fight) available for Members with very interesting items.

Q: Where can I get Ayi's Music?
A: Check out the white box below!


More Ayi & Fear Chaser!
Music, Video, Comic, Prizes, Clothes

Visit Ayi's official website for lots more... including some real life fear-filled destinations.


Songs used in the event were carefully chosen to be suitable for players of all ages (including the youngest ones). Ayi's websites and the songs found there may contain lyrics and themes which are intended for audiences age 13+. If you under 13 please return to our homepage.

Get your parent's or guardian's permission before going to Ayi's Website.

One-Eyed Doll Website


Fear Chaser written by: Stevie Eagle E and Ayi Jihu.  Concept: Stevie Eagle E.  Fear Chaser Adapted from original drawings by Courtland Ellis Illesigns. Fear Chaser and Ayi Jihu All rights reserved Shlepp Entertainment Ltd.  Fear Chaser Movie Shlepp Entertainment Ltd/Blue Pearl Motion Pictures LLC/TriUs Entertainment.  Fear Chaser Chronicles Albums: Shlepp Entertainment Ltd/Mahvrick




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