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AdventureQuest Worlds
Dragon Of Time

The Span: Dragon of Time!

All stories start from small beginnings. Your story is no different. Throughout life, we all have searched for meanings, whether it’s the meaning of our existence, our destiny, or simply who we are. It is time for you to learn about your present Lore and those that have come before, after, and are occurring simultaneously, but to do so, you must go on a journey. This journey will take you where space, time, lives, and worlds... collide! To walk amongst the Ages, you must prove your worth, but remember that every hero’s journey has to start and end! Where or when will yours take place?

Stop by Quibble Coinbiter’s shop starting this Friday in BattleOn to see what new gear he has in store for you. His chest is chock-full of items taken from your past, present, and future…all contained within The Span! This Friday, Power Gems will be popping up all over as a way to earn awesome free items! Read below to learn about this new way to receive exclusive epic items! Don’t forget to visit your local Target store and purchase an Artix Upgrade card; redeem it by August 31st, 2012, to unlock the exclusive Bullseye Spear!

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Quibble CoinbiterQuibble Coinbiter’s Shop is Back!

This Friday, Quibble returns to Battleon! Make sure you don't miss out on his epic items from the past, present, and future! This traveling sales moglin’s chest is full with never-before-seen-slightly-used items that are inspired by gear from AQ, DF, and MQ. So whether you are donning the Dravir Armor or the Technomancer Set, you are sure to be setting trends long before they are even cool…or thought of for that matter!


It All Begins and Ends with Time!

This week, Iadoa takes you on a journey across time itself, and this is the one you have been waiting for! But can you still trust someone who has fallen to Chaos? How do you know he is leading you onto your path of destiny? Your quest to seek out the Eternal Dragon of Time leads you to the Time Void, but knowledge may come at a cost. Prove yourself to Vaxt Ahas, the Unending, to unlock the information you seek.

Convincing this timeless creature of your worth will require courage and dedication, but you'll leave the Void knowing why the Dragon of Time fell to Galanoth's blade!

All new weapons and armors will be released:

  • Tonbo Giri
  • Judgment Wheel Scythe
  • Northern Butterfly Wings
  • Prismatic Galacta Gun
  • Epic Armors! And more!

AE Gamecards at Target!

Don’t forget to stop by your local Target by August 31st, 2012! Artix Game Cards are now in-stock at locations across the United States! Redeem your Game Card before the end of August and unlock the Bullseye Spear!

Power Gems!

Ready to earn some awesome free items? Power Gems are time-sensitive special items awarded to you every week for reading this email and following the link below. You can use Power Gems to buy epic items from the Power Gem Shop that Twilly, the red Moglin, has opened in Battleon. But you had better hurry—the Power Gem link below is only good for 21 days! Claim your free Power Gem now!



Everything you need to know about AQWorlds… and some stuff you never knew existed… can be found in the Lorepedia! Discover invaluable information about Classes, Enhancements, Badges, Moglins, and all of the awesome benefits of being a Member. You can also check out the Player Handbook that explains all of the features found within AQWorlds. Buff your real-life INT stats and check out Lorepedia at http://www.aq.com/lorepages.asp !

Dage vs Nulgath: The Final Showdown!

After earning a victory against his nation, Dage and his Legion fell in their second confrontation against Nulgath and his armies. With control of the Underworld in their grasps, it’s up to you to hand it to them on a silver platter along with your enemies’ heads! In this third and final installment of this epic war, it’s time for you to meet fear face-to-face and finally decided who is the rightful ruler of the Underworld… but beware of the darkness and death that lie before you on the battlefield! 

Coming to Lore this Friday are 4 new legendary items to turn the tides of battle in the Dage vs Nulgath war, 2 for each side, along with EPIC weapons to the side of the victor’s!

New Gear in SponZard!

U.S. players, keep a lookout for the SponZard button located in BattleOn. Clicking the button will bring you to a video ad and upon completion, you will receive a random exclusive in-game rare item, such as the Hero of Sponsor armor, sword, helm and many more. You are able to view these ads up to 10 times a day, with a pool of items as rewards.

$4.95 USD AC Package!

We will be offering a $4.95 USD AC package that comes with a shiny new weapon that will help in your never-ending quest! With the purchase of the $4.95 USD AC package, you will receive 900 ACs along with the exclusive Platinum DragonAxe of Victory +15!

1 Year Membership Package: Golden Set!

For a limited time we will be offering a NEW membership package with an incredibly shiny bonus! (And we're not talking about the ACs.) Dage crafted a blindingly bright, super-shiny version of the original AdventureQuest's Golden Plate! Once this offer is gone, the Golden Plate set will NEVER return!

Purchasing a 1 year membership will get you:

  • 1 year of AQWorlds membership (and the growing list of perks that comes with it!)
  • The Golden Plate set (armor, helm, cape, weapon)
  • 7,000 Adventure Coins (that's an extra 1,000 ACs!)

Member Items Attached to AC Packages!

Members, you’re going to get your money’s worth and MORE if you buy the 2,000; 5,000; or 12,000 AC packages from now on, because we’re attaching epic member-only loot to them! Get an exclusive member-only battle pet, color custom Dreadnought armor, or the Mindbreaker class (depending on the package)!

AQWorlds / They Might Be Giants Crossover Event!

Get ready for inter-galactic, trans-time travel! You'll be rocketed back in time to an age when dinosaurs roamed, and then hurled through spacetime to an otherworldly alien futurescape! Gaining the Vigilette is your aim in each area, but it's not going to be easy! And at the end... waits The Collector!

Do you have what it takes to make him a permanent rare boss? John L. and John F. from They Might be Giants provided 2 original TMBG songs for that event that you can't hear ANYWHERE ELSE!

HeroMart Products - Click!

HeroMart: Epic Real Life Rares!

HeroMart is Artix Entertainment’s online merchandise mega-store – get epic swag and great in-game gear for your hero to /equip!

New to HeroMart:

  • Act fast as the deluxe limited print of Dage Vs. Nulgath are available at HeroMart! This 17 x 11 print will feature Dage the Evil as he takes on Nulgath for control of the Underworld. Designed by Dage and Diozz, there will be two editions of the poster for sale; a standard print and LIMITED autographed versions signed by Dage and Nulgath! Each print will include two sets of armors, helms, and weapons for use in AQW!

  • Due to heavy demands, the J6 T-shirt is in stock at HeroMart! This exclusive shirt comes with an in-game J6 Helmet and the J6 Cowboy Armor! Make sure you pick one up to stay off of J6’s bounty list!

Agora é mais facil ter o melhor no AdventureQuest Worlds!

Adquira créditos para o AdventureQuest Worlds com a Paymentez! Visite a loja Artix Points para usar meios de pagamento locais e continue se divertindo no jogo! Jogue agora!

Earn Free ACs and Artix Points!

Running low on ACs and BattleOn Points? Did you know that you can use our AExtras special offers system to earn FREE AdventureCoins?

Coming soon!

  • Empress Gravelyn on the move in Shadowfall!
  • Discover the secret purpose of Lore's Clerics!
  • Guilds: Phase 1
  • More Chaos!

More Adventure

2012 is truly the Year of Chaos! Expect NEW gameplay updates, MORE Chaos Lords, more member-only releases, two MORE Friday the 13th events, epic gear, rockin’ rares… and things we haven’t even thought of yet! And have you heard the announcement of our latest game (currently in pre-pre-pre-Alpha)? Don’t forget that by using our new VIP Membership deal, if you buy a Membership to AQW or HeroSmash, you get a free membership to the other game, the VIP Armor in AQWorlds and access to AQ3D Beta testing! Check out Artix’s Design Notes for the AQ3D MMO! ANYONE who is currently or has supported our games in the past can pre-register their name for LoL now!

Battle On!
Artix and the AQW Team

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