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Defeat the Cockatrice: Harbinger of Disease and Rot!
Fell Beast Dragon Emperor Set
New Release: The Fell Beast Dragon Emperor Tier Sets

Experience the 1st ever release designed by fellow AQW hero, Alastair Q!

  • The Fell Beast: the Cockatrice
  • New Expansion to the Mirror Realm
  • Discover the Cockatrice’s lair in the Dark Warlock’s Dungeon
  • Capture its beloved prize: an egg rumored to house the 13th Beast of Order!

This is history in the making—Alastair Q won the Design an AQW contest, and now you & your friends must defeat his diabolical creation!

Inspired by Game of Thrones & designed by Dage, the Dragon Emperor Tier Sets arrive this Friday, May 16.

  • YES! Color Customizable Armor Sets!
  • Unlock all 12 Items w/the 12 Month Upgrade
  • 7 Items w/6 Month Upgrade or 12,000 AC package
  • 4 Items w/3 Month Upgrade or 5,000 AC package

Special Offer: get the Fantasy Hero Special Pass to unlock ALL gear from Wolfhound Warrior, Dragon Emperor, AND Dark Warlock sets!

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Guild Launch Wheel of Doom
Exclusive Guild Launch Items
Free Wheel of Doom Tickets!

Have you and your Guild launched your own Guild Launch webpage?

  • Create Free Guild Launch account
  • Link Guild Launch w/AQW account
  • Unlock Guild Launch Achievement Badge
  • Obtain 2 Guild Launch weapons + 1 Cape

The only way to get the badge & exclusive items is to link your AQW account with your Guild Launch account!

Have you spun the Wheel of Doom in the last month? If you answered YES!, then you’re eligible for 2 FREE spins in the Wheel of Doom! The WoD has the BEST items in game:

  • Doom Exosuit Binoku
  • Doom Golden Centurion Armor
  • Ophidian Dragon Morph

And so much more. /join Doom to spin the Wheel of Doom and win a prize every time!

Launch your Guild Spin it to Win it
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