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Get your Exclusive in-game Prize

Use the code from the merchandise item you purchased to unlock exclusive items in the hit online game, AdventureQuest Worlds. Enter your AdventureQuest Worlds game Username, Password and the prize code below! Remember, your code can only be used once.

Don't have an AQWorlds account yet? Create a new FREE account.

What do I do after I enter the code?
You can now log into the game and access your items. Once in game, click on the "Book of Lore" located in the bottom right of the screen, then select Heromart Badges banner, then find the right badge, and click the Shop button.

What if I do not have an AdventureQuest Worlds Account?
You can create a new FREE account and play.

Where is my Code located?
The prize code is printed on the item you purchased from HeroMart or Toys"R"US. It is possible the card was printed seperately, so look inside your package!

Can I use the code more than once?
No. Your code is unique. Once it is used, it cannot be used to unlock the same prize items on any other AQWorlds accounts.

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