Zereldo's Character Page




Time Dragon PvP Amulet +3250
AE Team Gift Cape
BRIGHT Pink Eternal Burning Flame
Cloak of Great Divide
Doom Fire
Emerald Eternal Flame
Eternal Flame
Formal Eternal Flame
Gravelyn's Champion Cloak
Guardian Shadow
Kezeroth's Cape 12
Legacy of Nulgath Cape
Maximillian's Cape
Paragon Cape
Prime Chaos Orb
Royal Eternal Flame
Ruby Eternal Flame
Silver and Gold Eternal Flame
Silver Eternal Flame
Violet Eternal Flame
Gravelyn's Champion Helm
Hood of the Eclipse
Legacy of Nulgath Helm
Legion ProtoParagon Helm
Maximillian's Helmet
Mr. Red Naval Top Hat 13
Paladin's Curse (Rare)
Paragon Helm
Akriloth's Scale
Dark Energy
DragonSkull Trophy
Glacera Ice Token
Legion Token
Loyal Spirit Orb
Magic Treasure Chest Key
Omni Artifact
Spirit Orb
Treasure Chest
Undead Energy
Daily Login Class Boost
Doom XP Boost! (1 hr)
REP Boost! (20 min)
Chaotic Armored Platinum Dragon
Chrono Armored Platinum Dragon
Chuckles Skull
Doom Armored Platinum Dragon
Hardcore Paragon Pet
Onyx Platinum Dragon
Platinum Dragon
Thanatos Paragon Pet
Formal Light of Destiny
GrimBlight of Destiny
Platinum Axe of Destiny
ShadowReaper Of Doom (Rare)
Voltaire's Guitar
Vorutanian Key Blade
Abyssal Lighting Orbs of Nulgath
Azure Flaming Fists
Dagger of Awe!
Dragon Tongue Pistols
Dual Betrayal Blade of Nulgath (Rare)
Dual ChronoLord Cutlass
Fists of Fire
Infernal Caladbolg Daggers
Kezeroth's Dual Destroyers
Prime Dagger of Awe!
Zereldo's Soul Splicers
Maximillian's Whip
Chaotic Hourglass
Hammer of Innocence
SoulForge Hammer
FrostScythe of Nulgath
FrostScythe's Cruelty 08
Judgement Wheel Scythe
Legion Vampire Scythe
Organ Harvester
Prime Spear of Awe!
Scythe of Guilt
Scythe of the Legion
Spear of Awe!
Crystal Seed Runed Staff
Dragon Tongue Staff
Golden Staff of Virtue
One Eyed Staff
Prime Staff of Awe!
Staff of Awe!
Balrog Blade
Brilliant Star Sword
Chaorrupted Star Sword
Chaorrupter Unlocked
Chaotic Star Sword
Chrono Star Sword
Consciousness Blade of Nulgath
Cursed Cutlass
Cursed Cutlass of Blaze
Deep Galactic Star Sword
Derpy Stary Sword
DoomKnight Star Sword
DragonBlade of Nulgath
Drakath's Prime Blade
Evolved Dragon Blade
FrostReaver 08
Galactic Star Sword
Golden Blade of Sanctity
Golden Star Sword
Gravelyn's Champion Claymore
Green Chrono Star Sword
Green Star Sword
GrimHero Blade
Guardian Blade of Awe
Guardian's Prime Blade of Awe
Infernal Caladbolg
Legion DoomBlade
Legion Star Sword
Mirror Caladbolg
Oblivion Blade of Nulgath
PainSaw of Eidolon
Phoenix Blade
Platinum Star Sword
Red Star Sword
Salvation Blade of Nulgath
Soul Mender
Soul Ripper
Star Slasher
Star Sword
Star Sword Breaker
Temporal Tyrant Blade 12
The Tormenter
Vindicator Of They Blade

Classes & Armors

Alpha Omega (Rank 10)
Alpha Pirate (Rank 10)
Arachnomancer (Rank 10)
Artifact Hunter (Rank 1)
Bard (Rank 10)
BeastMaster (Rank 10)
Beta Berserker (Rank 10)
BladeMaster (Rank 10)
Blaze Binder (Rank 10)
Blood Ancient (Rank 10)
Blood Titan (Rank 10)
CardClasher (Rank 10)
Chaos Shaper (Rank 10)
Chaotic Slayer Mystic (Rank 10)
Chrono DragonKnight (Rank 10)
ChronoCommander (Rank 10)
ChronoCorruptor (Rank 10)
Chronomancer (Rank 10)
Chunin (Rank 10)
ClawSuit (Rank 10)
Cryomancer (Rank 10)
Dark Caster (Rank 10)
Darkblood StormKing (Rank 10)
Darkside (Rank 10)
DeathKnight (Rank 10)
Defender (Rank 10)
DoomKnight (Rank 10)
DoomKnight Overlord (Rank 10)
Dragon Knight (Rank 10)
Dragon Shinobi (Rank 10)
Dragonlord (Rank 10)
Dragonslayer (Rank 10)
Elemental Dracomancer (Rank 10)
Evolved ClawSuit 10 (Rank 10)
Evolved Leprechaun (Rank 10)
Evolved Shaman (Rank 10)
Exalted Soul Cleaver (Rank 10)
Flame Dragon Warrior (Rank 4)
Glacial Warlord (Rank 10)
Guardian (Rank 10)
Healer (Rare) (Rank 10)
Horc Evader (Rank 10)
Legendary ArchFiend (Rank 10)
Legendary Elemental Warrior (Rank 10)
Legendary Hero (Rank 10)
Legion DoomKnight (Rank 10)
Legion Evolved Dark Caster (Rank 10)
Legion Paladin (Rank 10)
Leprechaun (Rank 10)
Lycan (Rank 10)
Mage (Rare) (Rank 10)
Master Ranger (Rank 10)
MechaJouster (Rank 10)
MindBreaker (Rank 10)
Naval Commander (Rank 10)
Necromancer (Rank 10)
Ninja (Rank 10)
No Class (Rank 10)
NOT A MOD (Rank 10)
Oracle (Rank 10)
Paladin (Rank 10)
Paladin High Lord (Rank 10)
PaladinSlayer (Rank 10)
Pyromancer (Rank 10)
Rogue (Rare) (Rank 10)
Royal BattleMage (Rank 10)
Rustbucket (Rank 10)
Sentinel (Rank 10)
Shaman (Rank 10)
SkyGuard Grenadier (Rank 10)
StarLord (Rank 10)
Thief of Hours (Rank 10)
TimeKiller (Rank 10)
Troll Spellsmith (Rank 10)
UndeadSlayer (Rank 10)
Unlucky Leperchaun (Rank 10)
Vindicator Of They (Rank 10)
Warrior (Rare) (Rank 10)
Arctic Dragonslayer
Ascended DarkCaster
Blazing Naval Commander
Blood Fiend of Nulgath
Brilliant Naval Commander
Bubblegum Scallywag
Chaos Naval Commander
ChronoLord Naval Commander
Coolest Invisible Ninja +5
Dark Caster
Dark Legion Vampire
DoomKnight Naval Commander
Dwarf Warrior
Evolved Dark Caster Armor
Evolved Dragonlord
Frost Void of Nulgath
Galactic Naval Commander
Gravelyn's Champion
Icy Naval Commander
Legacy of Nulgath
Legion DoomKnight
Legion Naval Commander
Legion ProtoParagon X1
Legion Titan
Legion Vampire
Maximillian Armor
Mirror Drakath
Naval Commander
Noxious Symbiote
Paragon Plate
Platinum Naval Commander
Rotting Naval Commander
Undead Legion Naval Commander
Undead Paladin (Rare)
Void of Nulgath (Rare)
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