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Epic Hero





Gold PvP Medal +1150
LightCaster Runic Cape
Cowl of Malicious Intent
JVI Helm
Black Knight Orb
Datadisk 3
July Rares Raffle Ticket
Legion Token
VR Room Access Card
Auxiliary Clue 3
Auxiliary Clue 4
Rhubarb's Treasure Map
REPUTATION Boost! (1 hr)
REPUTATION Boost! (1 hr)
XP Boost! (1 hr)
AQ Destiny Trobble Pet
Armored Daimyo
Barry the Platypus
Legion Armored Daimyo
Nulgath Larvae
PTR Lag Flame
Axe of Absolute Death
Axe of Many Flames
Blinding Light of Chaos
Godly Golden Dragon Axe
Voltaire's Vorutanian Key Blade
Bow of Bravery
Azure Flaming Fists
Candy Cane Rippers 10
Claw of Nulgath
Dual Blood Spirit Staff
Dual Golden Spirit Rods
Dundoo's Dual Bowies
J6's Handguns
Legion SoulSeeker
Overlord Blade of Dilligaf
Primal Dread Fang
Random Weapon of Nulgath
Searing Slicers
Sword of Sponsors
Undead Assassin Swords
Undead Ninja Dual Katanas
Unidentified Item of Nulgath
J6's Handgun
J6's Minigun
Maximillian's Ice Whip 10
Titan v93 Gun
Facebasher Mace +13
Hammer of Shining Justice
SoulForge Hammer
Spear of Honor
Cruel Staff of the Fallen
Discordia Rose of Chaos
Staff of Victory
Accessory DaiDoji Katana
Bane of Nulgath
Base DaiDoji Katana
Blade of Awe
Blade of Loyalty
Blinding Rage Katana
Cerulean J6 Phoenix Blade
Chaorrupted Star Sword
Chaos Shaper Sword
Chaos Warrior Omegus
Chaotic Star Sword
Claws' Little Helper 10
Claws' Little Helper 11
Corpse Maker of Nulgath
Cozy Sock-Hilt Blade
Ddog Sea Serpent Sword
DeathFiend Blade of Nulgath
DeathKnight's Cleaver
Decaying Blade of Agony
Default Sword
Draconic Fury
Dragon Khan Blade
Dreamer's Chainsaw Blade
FlameStop Blade
Frostval On a Steeck 11
Golden J6 Phoenix Blade
Hex Blade of Nulgath
Infernal Dark Blade of Cruelty
Katana of Revontheus
Lost Blade of Thagnul
Lucky Sword 12
Mystery Moon Sword
Omega Rapier
Particle Blade
Pie-rate Cutlass
Pink Heart Reaper
Prime Blade of Awe
Redemption Blade of Nulgath
Ringed Sword
Robot Parade Sword
Savage Reaver
Shadow Slasher
SpiritHunter Katana
Starchy Sock Blade
Sword of Rainbows 12
Sword of the Unicorn
The Fierce Skullfire
The Tormenter
Toxic Skull Sword
Tyrant Blade
Warrior Claymore Blade
Wand of Glory
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