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Silver PvP Amulet +800
Beams of Celerita Wings
Black Cape 13
Conquest's Embellished Cloak
Doom Cloak
Evolved Paragon Cape
Famine's Cape
Formal Eternal Flame
Healer's Eyes of Chaos
Healer's Shadow of Chaos
Holiday Paragon Cape
Legion Naval Ship Wheel Cape
Legion Titan Cloak
Memorial Flag 2014
Plasma Pyro Cape
Prismatic Battleburnt Cloak
Red Cape
Synderes' Cape of Doom
Undead Legend Cape
White Stalker's Wings
Brutalhead +3
Chaos Berserker Hair
Dark Caster Spikes
Dark Heart Manly Locks
Evolved Paragon Helm
Holiday Paragon Helm
Legion ProtoParagon Helm
Legion Titan Crown
Light Emperor's Hair
Nulgath Face Morph
Raven Locks
Sage Eyewrap
Sepulchure's Helm
The Unholy Helm
Windswept Hairstyle
Bone Dust
Dark Energy
Dark Sepulchure's Badge
Grime Token
Guardian Awe Pass
Legion Soul Collector
Legion Token
Mirror Realm Token
Mystic Parchment
Mystic Quills
Mystic Shards
Sepulchure's Legion Badge
Spirit Orb
Treasure Chest
Undead Energy
Undead Essence
Voucher of Nulgath
Zorbak's Secret G-Rave Key
Chaos War Medal
Love Token
Class Boost! (60 Min)
Caladbolg Bank Pet
Holiday Paragon Pet
Little Wyrm Of Time
Mini-Nulgath Battle Pet
Nulgath Larvae
Pablly Mogcasso
Blinding Light of Destiny
Kezeroth's Dual Destroyers
Twin Blades of Famine
Blinding Mace of Destiny
Chaotic Hourglass
Facebasher Mace +13
Necrotic Mace of Misery
SoulForge Hammer
Conquest Polearm
Dark Dracomancer's Scythe
The Scythe of Eternal Rest
Ancient Evil Runeblade
Ancient Grovebreaker Blade
BladeMaster's Sword
Blinding Blade of Destiny
Blinding Broadsword of Destiny
Bloodblade of Nulgath
Chaorrupter Unlocked
Cybercharged Blade Of Awe +3
Doom of the Matrix
Evolved Dragon Blade
Infernal Caladbolg
Necrotic Broadsword of Bane
Piercing Blade of Chaos
Prime Blade of Chaos
Red Cybercharged Blade Of Awe +3
Sepulchure's Undead Blade
Sword of Broken Dreams
Synderes' Blade of Shadows
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