Tisumaide's Character Page




Gold PvP Medal +3000
BladeMaster's Side Swords
Fire Imp Tail
Fishing Rod Backstrap
Golf Bag 13
Pinkest Platinum Wings
Shinobow and Arrows
Starry Parrot
Synderes' Cape of Doom
Wicked Chaooze Mutation
Wooly Cape
Batty Wings Hair 14
Bleeding Heart Shag
Burnt Bangs
Dark Snug Bow Helm
Dragonsworn Locks
Fairy Horns
Firestorm Fury Diadem
Fisherwoman's Hat
Gloomcaster Hat 13
Gothika Hair
Kawaii Cut
Legion Mercenary Helm
Marauder Scout Helm
Pink Snug Helm 11
Prismatic Nekomimi
Rampage Locks
Shinobi Kao
Skully Helm
Sleezter Bunny Head
Slicked-back Locks
Spider Warlock Hat
Thalyssa's Hat
Tousled Archangel Hair
Webbed Locks
Dark Energy
Dark Spirit Orb
Golden Goat Cheezburger
Loyal Spirit Orb
Magic Treasure Chest Key
Spirit Orb
Treasure Chest
Undead Energy
Undead Essence
Attack Scorpion
Barry the Platypus
Battle-Ready Gren
Beleen's Birthday Chinchilla
Black Kitten
Brutal Gemaphant Pet
Candy Claws Pet
Capoeira Capybara 13
Chaos Lord Mage Pet
Chaos Sprites
Dark Queen's Hound
Derpy Kitty
Derpy Zorbak
Doom Zorbak Bank Pet
Escherion Pet
Exploding Kitten
Fiery ArchFween
Floating Xan Head Pet
Flying Marmoset 13
Ghost of Mogloween Pet
Gilded Pigasus
Grievvy General
Hovering Mustachio
Hydra Battle Pet
Iadoa Pet
Icy ArchFween
Imp Flaremage
Inu-ken Battle Pet
Kalestri Hound
Khasaanda Pet
Kimberly Pet
Kitsune Pet
Ledgermayne Pet
Lionfang Pet
Mini-Nulgath Battle Pet
Missile Mouse
Mog Trooper
Moogiee +5
Munthor Pet
Nulgath Larvae
Nulgath Rider Battle Pet
Pablly Mogcasso
Riptooth and Flaps
Sergeant Snipps the Barber
Snowball Amberarms
TrIcicle 13
Twigwam 13
Twilly Smells What?!
Twilly The Rotten
Vath Pet
Xin Xang Pet
Marauder Axe
Wicked Guitar
BladeMaster's Sword and Sheath
Heart Surgeon 11
Shuang Gou of Shinobi
Copper Bullet
Death's Cursed Hourglass
Peppermint Lollipop 10
Shadowscythe Reaper Guitar
The Chaotic Forge
Fishin' Rod
Gloomcaster Cane 13
Golf Club +5
Behemoth Blade of Shadow
CrossBones Sword
Sword of Broken Dreams
The Unholy
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