Teravor's Character Page




Gold PvP Medal +3000
Black Cape 12
Black Ghost Cape
Brocade and Blood Cloak
Brown Cape
Castle Guard Wings
Dark Nosferatu Cloak
DOOMFire Guard Cape + Sword
Dragon Wings
Enchanted Vampire Lord Cape
Santa's Colorful Backblades
Shadowed DeathBlade
Shroud of Storms
Tree Nymph Cape
Undead Legend Cape
United States Scarf 2016
Valkress Cape
War's Cape
Masked Crimson Archer Locks
Beastborn Locks
Beastborn Locks and Helm
Crimson Archer Locks
Female Darkblood Horns
Female Darkblood Incarnate
Logash's Matriarch
Matriarch Adversary Helm
Prismatic Female Darkblood Horns
StormKing Female Horns
Carnax Essence
Dark Crystal Shard
Dark Energy
Dark Gem
Dark Key
Defender Badge
Diamond Token of Gravelyn
Essence of Nulgath
Fiend Token
Flux Communicator
Gelid Token
Glacial Token
Golden 8th Birthday Candle
Grime Token
Heptagonal Chest
Key of Envy
Key of Gluttony
Key of Greed
Key of Lust
Key of Pride
Key of Sloth
Legion Token
Lumin Badge
Metrea's Secret Room Key
Mystic Parchment
Mystic Quills
Mystic Shards
Radiant Ink
Rime Token
Scroll of Corrosion
Shadowscythe Round 4 Medal
Super-Fan Swag Token A
Super-Fan Swag Token B
Super-Fan Swag Token C
Tainted Soul
Treasure Chest
Undead Essence
Unidentified 10
Voucher of Nulgath (non-mem)
Weapon Shard
Your Moonstone
Advanced Paragon Bank Pet
Armored Baby Frost Dragon 08
Armored Baby Red Dragon
Autumnal Dragon
Baby Ice Dragon
Baby Wooly Mammoth
Blood Moon Chest
Bone Guardian Pet
Brutal Gemaphant Pet
Crystallized Jellyfish
Dark Armored Daimyo
Dark Wolf Pup
Eclipse Flare
Envious Dragonoid
Evil Toaster of Love
Extrikiti Pet
FrostZard 08
Fudgey Pet
Glacial Moglin
Gravelyn Lunchbox
Honey Badger
Infected Hare Pet
King Alteon Pet
LightningStorm Dragonoid
Lil Death
Pet Puppy Love
Shadow Dragon Pet
Snowball Amberarms
SoulSeeker Battle Pet
SteamGear Moglin
Tiki Statue Pet
Vordred Nightmare Pony
Vorpal Bunny 15
Nightlocke War Axe
Shadow Terror Axe
Dual Midnight Hanzo Void Katanas
Dual Prismatic Deathdealers
Dual Unarmed
SandSea Scimitars
Toxic Wisteria's Claw
Umbral Fiend Hands
Steel Hand Cannon
Unidentified 1
Ancient Frying Pan
Balboa Club
Unholy Terror Mace
Dark Nosferatu Scythe
The Super Pole
Castle Guard Sword
Double Tipped Cutlass
Enchanted Spiked Skulls on Fire Blade
Fiendish Blood Blade
Flaming DOOMFire Blade
FrostReaver 08
Soul Terror Sword
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