Rysox's Character Page




Time Dragon PvP Amulet +3250
Guardian Shadow
Legendary Darkness Orb
Legendary Wind Orb
Black ShoGunslinger Helmet
Darkside Trooper Helm
Metal Greek Corinthian
X-Treme Shades
Ancient Sigil
Black Sludge Potion
Blood Titan Token
Blue Space Fabric
C-Armor Token
Caffeinator Potion
DragonSkull Trophy
Essence of the Undead Legend
Evil Soul
Firestorm Skull
Fortune Ticket
Giant Dakka Fang
Grime Token
Health Potion
Legendary Runes
Legion Token
Loyal Spirit Orb
Magic Treasure Chest Key
Mayhem Key Fragment
Mirror Token
Monster Trophy
Moon Rock Fragments
Mystic Parchment
Mystic Quills
Mystic Shards
Not used
Platinum Hammer
Proof of Loyalty
Red Space Fabric
Runic Ink
Sanctified Silver
Scrap Metal
Scroll of Psychic Wave
Source of Luminance
Spirit Orb
Stack of Fortune Tickets
Star Scrap Metal
Super-Fan Swag Token B
Super-Fan Swag Token C
Treasure Chest
Treasure Map
Treasure Potion
Ultimate Weapon Kit
Ultra Shifting Plane Gem
Undead Energy
Undead Essence
Vampire War Badge
Vote for Baron
Vote for Gravefang
VR Room Access Card
Zorbak's Secret G-Rave Key
Relic of Will
Rune of Chaos Enchantment
Token of Collection
Perpetual Ice
Platinum Egg
Platinum Egg Hammer
Class Boost! (60 Min)
Daily Login Class Boost
Daily XP Boost! (1 hr)
Doom CLASS Boost! (1 hr)
Doom GOLD Boost! (1 hr)
Doom REP Boost! (1 hr)
GOLD Boost! (1 hr)
GOLD Boost! (20 min)
REP Boost! (20 min)
REPUTATION Boost! (1 hr)
XP Boost! (1 hr)
XP Boost! (20 min)
Battle Gems Anubus 14
Doom Twilly Bank Pet
Doom Zorbak Bank Pet
Spirit Orb
Lovely Axe
The Great Gilead Axe
Seraphic Pistols
Skeleton hand
Titan's Blood
Titan's Brawler
Blade of Corruption
Chaos Pinnacle Spear
Frozen Fire Spear
Seraphic Grave Digger Spade
Spear of Dragon's Vengeance
Cruel Staff of the Fallen
Frozen Fire Staff
Heartstone Staff
Staff of the Fallen
Staff of Weaving
Beleen's Heroes Blade
Blade of the Wicked
Dreadblade Mach 2.0
Golden Blade of Eternity
Saber of Prismatic Destiny
Trislayer Blade of Doom +5

Classes & Armors

Acolyte (Rank 10)
Alpha DOOMmega (Rank 10)
Alpha Omega (Rank 10)
Alpha Pirate (Rank 10)
Arachnomancer (Rank 10)
ArchFiend (Rank 10)
Assassin (Rank 10)
Barber (Rank 10)
Bard (Rank 10)
BattleMage (Rank 10)
Beast Warrior (Rank 10)
Berserker (Rank 10)
Beta Berserker (Rank 10)
BladeMaster (Rank 10)
Blood Ancient (Rank 10)
Blood Titan (Rank 10)
CardClasher (Rank 10)
Chaos Champion Prime (Rank 1)
Chaos Shaper (Rank 10)
Chaos Slayer Berserker (Rank 8)
Chaos Slayer Thief (Rank 1)
Chaotic Slayer Cleric (Rank 1)
Chaotic Slayer Mystic (Rank 1)
ChronoCommander (Rank 10)
ChronoCorruptor (Rank 10)
Chronomancer (Rank 10)
Chunin (Rank 10)
ClawSuit (Rank 10)
Cryomancer (Rank 1)
Dark BattleMage (Rank 10)
Dark Caster (Rank 9)
Dark Legendary Hero (Rank 10)
Darkblood StormKing (Rank 10)
Darkside (Rank 10)
DeathKnight (Rank 10)
DeathKnight (Rank 1)
Defender (Rank 10)
DoomKnight (Rank 10)
DoomKnight Overlord (Rank 10)
Dragon Knight (Rank 10)
Dragon Shinobi (Rank 10)
Dragonlord (Rank 10)
Dragonslayer (Rank 10)
Elemental Dracomancer (Rank 10)
Enforcer (Rank 10)
Evolved ClawSuit 10 (Rank 10)
Evolved ClawSuit 11 (Rank 10)
Evolved Dark Caster (Rank 10)
Evolved Leprechaun (Rank 10)
Evolved Shaman (Rank 10)
Exalted Soul Cleaver (Rank 10)
Lycan (Rank 1)
Mage (Rare) (Rank 10)
Naval Commander (Rank 1)
Pinkomancer (Rank 10)
Prismatic ClawSuit (Rank 10)
Sentinel (Rank 1)
The Collector (Rank 6)
Troll Spellsmith (Rank 10)
Vindicator Of They (Rank 10)
Warrior (Rank 1)
Warrior (Rare) (Rank 10)
Black ShoGunslinger
Cryomancer Armor
Dawn Archmage
Toxic Fiend of Nulgath
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