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Time Dragon PvP Amulet +3250
Ambassador Cape
Back Axes of Randor
Cloak of Blizzard 08
Explosive Rocket Backpack 11
Santa's Backblades 08
Soft Shelled Cape 11
Violet Eternal Flame
Closed Benediction Helm
Necrotic Deathday Helm
Paladin SCUBA Mask
Rotting Mogloween Pumpkin
Taco Admiral 11 (Male)
The Mask of the Skulls
Tom Cat's Neko Hair
Transforming Berzerker Bunny Helm 12
Bone Dust
Combat Trophy
Datadisk 3
Datadisk 4
Datadisk 5
Experimental Dark Item
Guardian Patent
Hollowsoul Blue Key
Legendary Awe Pass
Legendary Blade
Legendary Handle
Legendary Hilt
Legendary Stonewrit
Luca's Signet
Mirror Realm Token
Mystic Quills
Omni Artifact
Spirit Orb
Treasure Chest
Undead Essence
VR Room Access Card
Zorbak's Secret G-Rave Key
Aracara's Fang
Escherion's Chain
Hydra Scale
O-dokuro's Tooth
Strand of Vath's Hair
CLASS Boost! (1 hr)
CLASS Boost! (1 hr)
GOLD Boost! (1 hr)
REPUTATION Boost! (1 hr)
XP Boost! (1 hr)
5th Betrayal Blade of Nulgath
6th Betrayal Blade of Nulgath
8th Betrayal Blade of Nulgath
aKidz The Kid
Albino Onyx Armored Grenwog
Alina's Wedding Cake
Armored Baby Frost Dragon 08
Armored Baby Red Dragon
Beleen's Stupid Derp-Fish
Cyber-Enhanced Potato
Derp J6 Pet
Derp Taco
Derp Twilly
Derp Zorbak
Direly Adorable Wolf
Dracolich Baby Dragon
Emerald Flame Unicorn
Ficus Tree
FrostZard 08
Ghostly Sheet 08
Gilded Pigasus
Gnomish Airship
Great Pumpkin Pet 08
Hydra Battle Pet
Inu-ken Battle Pet
Mini Grenwog 09
Miniature Necromancer
Missing Middle Sock Dragon
One Eyed Crawler
Oolong 11
Pink 'n Black Chongo 10
Rysa Hatchling
Sinister Pumpkin Pet 10
Sky-NET Pet
SteamGear Moglin
Ticklish Zorbo
Twilly Bank Pet
Vordred Nightmare Pony
Vorpal Bunny 12
Wedding Cake
Zombee Buddy
Destructo-Tacos 11
OS Founder Arms
Reversed Revenge
Shuang Gou of Shinobi
Caketech Hyper-Icer
Frog Cookie
Rest In War
Rolith's Berry Mug
Organ Harvester
Shinobi Naginata
AntiShadow Striker
Gekido of Shinobi
Golden Star Sword
Natural Selection
Purified Claymore of Destiny
Shade of Awe 11
The Faith Breaker
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