Pinkpanther Dx's Character Page




Silver PvP Amulet +800
Bladed Braid
Chaos Spy-eye Wings
Doom Spider Legs
Blade Warrior Head Unit
Crimson Helm
Deathdoll enchant
Highland Savage Armet
Oblivion Helm of Revontheus
One-Eyed Drow Helm +5
Pink Bunny Ears Bonnet
Soulseeker's Grim Hood
Undead Warrior Bruiser Helm
Valor High Halo
Valor High Priest
Winged Helm of Justice
Zhilo Hairstyle
Bone Dust
Dage's Approval
Dage's Favor
Hilt Found!
Legendary Handle
Legendary Hilt
Legendary Stonewrit
Legion Token
Nulgath's Approval
Power Gem
Realm Gem
Sellable Cracked Opal
Shard of Chaos
Shurpu Blaze Token
Treasure Chest
Treasure Potion
Ultra Carnax's Bounty
Unidentified 10
How To Get Other Items
Aracara's Fang
Escherion's Chain
Good Heart
Hydra Scale
O-dokuro's Tooth
Strand of Vath's Hair
The Secret 1
The Secret 3
Daily XP Boost! (1 hr)
REPUTATION Boost! (1 hr)
5th Betrayal Blade of Nulgath
Ankle Biter
Battle Wyvern
Great Pumpkin Pet 12
Sir Liest
Magma Bow
Azure Flaming Fists
Dagger to the Heart
Dual Blood Spirit Staff
Dual Golden Spirit Rods
Dual Oppression Katanas
Sanctified Glaives
Sanctified Sword and Shield
Sword of Sponsors
Twin Drake Cutters
Cinazool's Wedding Bouquet
Facebasher Mace +13
Golden Bough
Hammer of the Core
Skeleton hand
Hydra Spear
Judgement Scythe
Prismatic Double Scythe
Three Worlds Scythe
Chaos Widow Staff
Deadly Hydra Staff
Golden Spirit Rod
Molten Staff
Chaorrupted Star Sword
Chaotic Star Sword
Corrupted Dragon Slayer
Dragon Khan Blade
PainSaw of Eidolon
Runed Chainsword
Soul Eater Advanced

Castles & Houses

Castles & Houses

Creepy Cabin
House of Hope
Safiria's Castle

Wall Items

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