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Gold PvP Medal +1150
Time Dragon PvP Amulet +3250
2013 Lunar Watch Cape
Chrono Clock
Duel Swords Paladin Cloak
Force Marker
Gravity Cloak
Lethal ZombieSlayer Wrap
Panda Launcher
Prismatic Clawspike
Radiant ZombieSlayer Cape
Reigns' Sword and Cape
Runic Wings
Tarandus Battle Cape 12
2013 Lunar Battle Helm
Battle Clawshelm 12
Battle Crown
Dark Caster X Hood
Dark Hood of The Fallen
Dragon Warrior's Crown
Evolved Clawshelm 12
High Templar's Hood
Radiant ZombiSlayer Helm
SpecOps GH05T
Tarandus Battle Helm 12
TimeDragonís Crest Helm
Werepyre Slayer Helm
Wings of Fury Mask
Aural Gem
Fishing Bait
Fortune Ticket
Friend Gem
Gem of Perception
Gem of Sight
Magic Treasure Chest Key
Monster Trophy
Power Gem
SkyPirate Annhilator Recognition
Treasure Chest
Treasure Potion
Unending Avatar Essence
CLASS Boost! (1 hr)
Daily XP Boost! (1 hr)
REPUTATION Boost! (1 hr)
REPUTATION Boost! (1 hr)
XP Boost! (1 hr)
Bald Eagle
Capoeira Capybara 12
Chaotic Armored Platinum Dragon
Death Bunny
Hate Hawk
Mini Rock Roc
Platinum Armored Platinum Dragon
Reign Doggy 08
Yellow Doom Moglin
Platinum Axe of Destiny
Divinity Bow
Falconer's Bow
Cursed Pharaoh's Blades
Dual Blades of the Forsaken
Duel Swords of Vindication
Atlas Gatling Gun
Swordhaven Battle Guitar
Underworld Hammer of Judgement
FrostScythe's Cruelty 08
Scythe of Liberty
Spear of Dragon's Vengeance
Pulsing Golden Staff 09
The Super Pole
Blade of The Fallen
Champion Hydra Sword
Claws' Little Helper 12
Cysero's Defender Sword
Evolved Bunny Berserker Long Sword 11
FrostReaver 08
Golden Star Sword
Heart Sabre 09
Hebi Twintana
Infernal Rocks
Legendary Sword of Dragon Control
Liberty Blade 11
Nuked Mallow
Silent Knight Blade
Star Sword
Star Sword Breaker
Underworld Sword of Loyalty
Werepyre Slayer Sword
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