Guthixnite's Character Page




Cape of Awe
Drakath's Prime Wings
Formal Eternal Flame
Knives In Your Back
Nythera's Wings
Poisoned Darts Hip-Quiver Cape
Prime Chaos Orb
Prismatic Shadow of the Dragon
Royal Eternal Flame
Shadow of the Dragon
Shadow ZombieSlayer Cape
ShadowWalker of Time Cape
Blademaster Assassin Hair
Blademaster Assassin Locks
Chaotic Top Hat
Cyber Dreadhaven Faceplate
Dark Caster Bday Hat
Drakath Prime Head
Frosted Spikes
Glare of the Permafrost
Hunter Mask
Legion ProtoParagon Helm
Shadow ZombieSlayer King
Stratos' Goggles
Black Knight Orb
Empowered Essence
Fiend Token
Hadean Onyx of Nulgath
Hallow Ink
Mirror Token
Omni Artifact
Source of Luminance
Undead Essence
Autumnal Dragon
Brutal Gemaphant Pet
Frost Draglin
Hydra Battle Pet
Little Wyrm Of Time
Mini-Nulgath Battle Pet
Ringbearer Daimyo Battlepet
Riptooth and Watcher
Snowball Amberarms
SoulSeeker Battle Pet
Tuxedo Daimyo
Vordred Nightmare Pony
Zombie Quibble Bank Pet
Ballooning Light of Destiny
Cursed Skulls Guitar
Cyber Dreadhaven Mace
Formal Light of Destiny
Legion Light of Destiny Axe
Octopus Guitar
Dead Knight Armaments
Gilded Assembly
Live Dragon Daggers
Spirit Dagger
Witching Armaments
Omega ManaBurster
Drakath's Chaos Mug
Half-Dragon Berry Mug
Ice Screwdriver
Darkened Shadowmage Staff
Doom Skull Staff
Dracolich Scythe
Gjappy's Divine Staff
Live Dragon Staff
Chaorrupter Unlocked
Chaorrupter Unlocked
Enchanted Spiked Skulls on Fire Blade
Evolved Dragon Blade
Evolved Phoenix Blade +5
Gjappy's Celestial Sword
Kindred SpiritHunter
Live Dragon Ranger
Magus Short Sword
New Year's Spirit Katana
Omni Sword
Prime Blade of Chaos
Vampire Blade of Nulgath

Classes & Armors

Arachnomancer (Rank 5)
Artifact Hunter (Rank 5)
Bard (Rank 5)
Berserker (Rank 5)
BladeMaster (Rank 10)
BladeMaster Assassin (Rank 5)
CardClasher (Rank 6)
Chaos Slayer Berserker (Rank 1)
Chaos Slayer Mystic (Rank 5)
Chaos Slayer Thief (Rank 5)
Chaotic Slayer Cleric (Rank 2)
Classic Pirate (Rank 2)
Dark Caster (Rank 10)
Dark Cryomancer (Rank 2)
Darkblood StormKing (Rank 5)
Darkside (Rank 6)
DeathKnight (Rank 5)
Defender (Rank 1)
DoomKnight (Rank 10)
Dragon Knight (Rank 6)
Dragonlord (Rank 10)
Dragonslayer (Rank 2)
Enforcer (Rank 5)
Evolved ClawSuit 11 (Rank 5)
Evolved Shaman (Rank 5)
Flame Dragon Warrior (Rank 4)
Glacial Warlord (Rank 10)
Guardian (Rank 5)
Healer (Rank 5)
Infinity Knight (Rank 5)
Legendary Dark BattleMage (Rank 5)
Legendary Elemental Warrior (Rank 5)
Legendary Hero (Rank 5)
Legion DoomKnight (Rank 5)
Legion Evolved Dark Caster (Rank 10)
Legion Paladin (Rank 5)
Love Caster (Rank 5)
Lycan (Rank 5)
Mage (Rank 5)
Master Ranger (Rank 10)
Naval Commander (Rank 5)
Necromancer (Rank 5)
Ninja Warrior (Rank 5)
No Class (Rank 1)
Paladin (Rank 7)
Paladin High Lord (Rank 7)
PaladinSlayer (Rank 5)
Pirate (Rank 2)
ProtoSartorium (Rank 3)
Pumpkin Lord (Rank 1)
Pyromancer (Rank 5)
Rogue (Rank 1)
Rogue (Rare) (Rank 7)
Royal BattleMage (Rank 5)
Rustbucket (Rank 1)
Scarlet Sorceress (Rank 6)
Sentinel (Rank 4)
ShadowWalker of Time (Rank 5)
Shaman (Rank 5)
Sorcerer (Rank 5)
The Collector (Rank 1)
Thief of Hours (Rank 2)
TimeKiller (Rank 5)
Troll Spellsmith (Rank 5)
Vindicator Of They (Rank 10)
Warrior (Rank 4)
Blue Undead Legend
Chaos Champion Prime
Cyber Doomknight
Cyber Dreadhaven General
Cyber Paladin
Descended Amadis
Dragon Khan Rider
Fat Panda
Legendary Chaos Destroyer
Legion ProtoParagon X1
Lunar Sand Knight
Magistrate Armor
Noxious Symbiote
Tomix's SoulWeaver
Wind Ring
Year of the Rabbit Warrior
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