Dream Warden's Character Page




Genesis Wings of Revontheus
Edvard's Face
AQW QA Champion
Commander's Chaos Parrot
Abaddon's Terror
Blinding Scythe of Destiny
Brawn Jovi
BroomBroom 14
Cadaverous Scythe
Chaorrupted Halberd
Chaos Energy Polearm
Chaos Pike
Chaos Polearm
Chaos Reaper Scythe
ChaosWeaver Defender
Chaotic Crystal Glaive
Chaotic Dragon Lance
Chaotic Miasma Gutter
Chaotic Music Note
Chaotic Sumire Impaler
Charon's Oar
Charon's Spear
Citrine Poleaxe
Conquest Polearm
Creeper Arm
Creeper Leg
Crimson Purification
Curve Bladed Polearm
Dark Dracomancer's Scythe
Dark Knight of Vokun Polearm
Deadly Dragon Claw
Deorum Lance
Divine Deliverance
Double Saber of Ebil
Draconian Poleaxe
Dreadhaven Halberd +5
Elite Dragonspear
Energy Reaper Scythe
Energy Slicers
Enhanced BroomBroom 14
Evisceration Reaper
Evolved Bunny Berserker Spear 14
Evolved Ogre's Spear
FallFire Scythe
Fear of Light
Festa da Ferocious 13
Fiendish Impaler
Fight of the Light
Frostguard's Lance
FrostScythe's Cruelty 2011
Gears of Melancholy
Geki Halberd
Gilded Dread Scythe
Gold Infinity Pike
Golden Clover Cleaver 14
Great Spear Of Flame
Greater Bloodbeacon Polearm +5
Grim's Shadow Scythe
Half-Dragon's Havoc
HolloEnergy Blade
Hollowsoul Lance
Holy Blessing Spear
Horc Hacker
Imperial Naginata
Infamous Revenge
Infinite Joust
Jack O Poison Scythe
Jack O Scythe 14
Judgement Scythe
Karmic Retribution
Killer Pitchfork
Kiss of Venom
Leviasean Pike
Love at First Scythe 12
Love at First Scythe 14
Lunar Lorekeeper Spear
Lunar Sand Spear
Lycan Scythe Of Hemorrhaging
Malacoda Necroment
Malani Polearm
Necrotic Scythe of Scourge
Necrotized Scythe
Night Mare Scythe
O-dokuro Glaive
Oblivion Spear of Revontheus
Odanata Weapon
One Eyed DoomLance
Organ Harvester
Pestilence Spear
Piercing Azurite
Pike of Contempt
Pike of Pain
Pink Strike Scythe
Piston-Driven Polearm
Plaque Destroyer 14
Poison Vapor Polearm
Poleaxe of Randor
Potent Chaorruption
Pride of the Legion
Prismatic PitchFork
Pumpkin Lance of Piercing 14
Radiant Lucian Spear
Rage Unleashed Scythe
Red Naginata
Red Rocket Blade
Red Skull
Righteous Deliverance
Rip Tide
Riparian Trident
Rocket on a Stick
Ruby Poleaxe
Sands Of Blood Scythe
Sapphire Poleaxe
Sapphire Slicer
Scorpion Spear
Scythe of Carving 12
Scythe of Liberty
Scythe of Maelstrom
Scythe of Red Death
Scythe of Revenant
Scythe of Scintillation 14
Scythe of Scintillation 14
Scythe of Scourge
Scythe of the Decrepit
Scythe Of The Void
Shadow Scythe
Shadow Serpent Scythe
Shadow Slash
Shadow Spear of Nulgath
ShadowScythe of Scourge
Shamrockin' Scythe 12
Shattered Soul Harvester
Shinobi Naginata
Sickle of the Harvest 13
Sickle of the Harvest 14
Skull of Casualties
Skyguard Spear
Solar Lorekeeper Spear
Soul Harvester Spear
Soul Ripper Scythe
Soul Saving Spear
Soulreaper of Nulgath
Spear of 100 Bodies
Spear of Awe!
Spear of Immortality
Spear Of Legend
Spider Scythe
Spine Spear 13
Spine Spear 14
Spirit Hunter Scythe
SpiritHunter Halberd
SpiritHunter's Reaper
Staff of Despair
Stone's Glow
Stormy Pinkness
Supercharged Heavenly Hasher
Supercharged Heavenly Hasher
Superior Guard Spear
Taco on a Stick 14
The Apprentice's Scythe
The Pain Scythe
The Rixty Ripper
The Rot
The Scythe of Awe
Trident of Alignment
Trident of Chaos
Trident of Storms
Twisted Bough Staff
Ultra Dragoon Lance
Undead Skull Polearm
Unholy Demons Slash
Unlucky Bident
Violaceous Purification
Wraith Warder
Wraith's Pike
Yaomo's Naginata
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