Computerdragon5's Character Page




Avatar Of Life Aura Wings
BladeMaster's Side Swords
Dark Caster Arcanist Ring
Flaming Coffin Cape
Ghost's Back Blade of Spooky Hotness
Legion Backsword
Royal Eternal Flame
Skeletal Spirits Cape
Skeletal Spirits Coffin Cape
Avatar Of Life Hood
BeastMaster Helm
Blood Hanzo Void Mask
Dark Caster Spikes
Elegant Gothic Guy Hair
Ghost's Wanderer Hood
Gothika Hair
Legion DeathMask
Light Emperor's Hair
Male Galactic Naval Top Hat
Paragon Skullface
Paragon Tophat
Rich Skull Hat
Ruffled Bedhead
Shadowed Paragon Tricorn
Skeletal Paragon Tophat
Tousled Archangel Hair
Undead Legacy Helm
Wavy Gothika Top Hat
Western Gunslinger Locks
Dragon Star Radar
Legion Token
Token of Collection
AQ Destiny Trobble Pet
Bright Dragon BattlePet
Crafter's Dragon
Data Elemental Pet
Doom Courage Moglin
Doom Twilly Bank Pet
Doom Zorbak Bank Pet
Grand Theft Frogzard
Holiday Paragon Pet
Matrix Conduit Katana Pet
Mercenary Gnome
Nulgath's Legacy Rider Pet
PaladinSlayer Daimyo
PTR Lag Flame
Shadow Dragon Pet
Sir Liest
Super Slayin Battle Twig
Trollolol Moglin
Yakitori Pet
Yellow Doom Moglin
ShadowReaper Of Doom (Rare)
BladeMaster's Sword and Sheath
Cursed Pharaoh's Blades
Paragon Cutlass and Boomstick
Explorer Pistol
Negative Plazmatron
DragonStar Map
Purple Rose
Avatar Of Death's Scythe
Chaos Beleen Scythe
Death's Scythe
Judgement Scythe
Legion DoomBringer Polearm
Reavers of Chaos
Sage Scythe of Revontheus
Scythe of the Dark Mage
Seraphic Grave Digger Spade
Uncorrupt Celestial Spear
Necromancer Fiend Orb
Blood Hanzo Void Katana
Brightoak Avenger Blade
Burning Blade
Classic Mechanical Star Sword
Classic Orange Starsword
Classic Paragon Star Sword
Corrupted Dragon Slayer
DeathKnight's Cleaver
Lava Starsword
Mechanical Star Sword
Oblivion Blade of Nulgath
Pandora's Rage
Paragon Star Sword
Ultima Thermos
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