Blood's Character Page




Time Dragon PvP Amulet +3250
Blaster on your Back
Eternal Flame
Icy Eternal Flame
Lightning BackBlades
Onyx DOOMFire Cape + Blade
Shadow Peacock Feathers
Bean Twilly Morph
Blood Guard of Nulgath (Rare)
Fiend Face of Nulgath (Rare)
Monster Grin Morph
Nightborn Drak Hair
Nightborn Drak Morph
ProtoBlaster Gas-Mask
ProtoBlaster Gas-Mask + Locks
Timelock Key
Birthday AC Note
Armored Baby Frost Dragon 08
Armored Baby Red Dragon
Cursed Quibble Bank Pet
Fiery Cake
Riftkin Quibble Bank Pet
Dark Double Axe Blade
Platinum Axe of Destiny
Red Double Axe Blade
ShadowReaper Of Doom (Rare)
Voltaire's Guitar
Arachno Bow
Arctic Breeze Bow
Dracolich Bow
Dragon Tongue Bow
Nightmare Bow
One Eyed Bow
Vampiric Longbow
Bloodletter of Nulgath
Captain's Hook
Cursed Blade and Pistol
Cursed Blood Blade and Pistol
Dark Lunar Daggers
Dead Knight Armaments
Death Scythe of Nulgath
Dragon Tongue Pistols
Dragonwings of Destiny CC
Dual Betrayal Blade of Nulgath (Rare)
Dual Black Katanas
Dual Busters of Nulgath
Dual Champion Blade of Nulgath
Dual Primal Dread Saw of Nulgath (Rare)
Frost Knight Accoutrements
Nightborn Drak Armblades
Overlord Blade of Dilligaf
Ravenous Reaver Daggers
Scorpion Claw
Talons of Nulgath
Bamboo Rifle
Dark Lionfang's Whip
Dragon Cannon
Golden Flintlock Pistol
Laser Whip
Live Wire Whip
Maximillian's Whip
Peace Terminating Rifle
Pirate Flintlock Pistol
WarpForce Heavy Gun
White Tiger Cannon
Brightskull of Retribution
Cake Mace
Cysero's Berry Mug
Dark Diamond Cane
Jester's Folly 08
Playa's Cane
Port-A-Plunger Mace
Prestigious Tanking Roundhead
Rainbow Lollipop
WarpForce War Shovel 20K
Yulgar's Berry Mug
Blessed Bident
Cursed Bident
Dark Frostscythe
Dragon Tongue Scythe
Red Pitchfork 08
Scorpion Spear
Scythe of Ruin
Shadow Spear of Nulgath
Skyguard Halberd
Soulreaper of Nulgath
Spine Spear 09
The Grave Spade
The Plague Scythe
Twilight Moon Scythe
ULTRA Shadow Legion Vampire Scythe +10
Undead Skull Polearm
Amethyst Mana Surge
Arcane Rage Battlestaff
Awesomesauce Scepter
Bone Cane
Broken Mirror of Death
Candy Cane
Cane of Greed 09
Cherry Wood Cane
Dark Moon Rising
Dracolich Scythe
EPIC Live Dragon Staff
Exclusive Gravelyn Surfboard 2016
Focus Staff of Nulgath
Golden Cane
Golden Staff of Virtue
Horns of the Undead Staff
Mystic Pencil of Endless Scribbles
One Eyed Staff
Skull Cane
Spellbound Staff of Nulgath
Vitae's Breath
Whirling Snowflake Staff
1st Birthday Sword
Balrog Blade
Bat Broad Blade
Dark Diamond Blade
Derpy Stary Sword
DragonBlade of Nulgath
Frost Matriarch Sword
FrostReaver 08
Golden Harvest Scythe
Golden Phoenix Sword
Golden Star Sword
Guardian's Chainsaw
Icy Spirit Rapier
Infernal Cyber Doomblade
Infernal Rocks
Ivy Blade 08
Jay Sun's Machete
Legendary Magma Sword
Lunar Pirate Rapier
Nation of Z Blade
Nation of Z ShortBlade
Nightborn Drak Blade
Nightmare Blade
PainSaw of Eidolon
Party Slasher Birthday Sword
Phoenix Blade of Nulgath
Primal Dread Saw of Nulgath (Rare)
Prime Bloodletter of Nulgath
Ravenous Reaver Blade
Red Star Sword
Royal Blade of Thorns
Royal Blade of Z
Royal ShortBlade of Z
Shadowscythe of Z Blade
Shadowscythe of Z ShortBlade
Solar Flare Naval Cutlass
Solar Naval Cutlass
Soul Eater Advanced
Soul Kris
Soul Mender
Soul Ripper
Star Slasher
Star Sword
Star Sword Breaker
Sword of Ctrl
Sword of the Vilifier
The Frostval Fir
Undead Edge of Z
Undying Cleaver
WarpForce Black Beamsword
WarpForce Blue Beamsword
WarpForce Green Beamsword
WarpForce Red Beamsword
WarpForce Yellow Beamsword
Werepyre Slayer Sword
World Sealer
Wrapping Paper Sword
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