Blade's Character Page




Gold PvP Amulet +1500
Banished Brawler Cape
Black Cape 15
Champion's Bright Wrap
Cloak of Nulgath
Doomknight Battlemage Cape
Evolved Clawspikes 10
Formal Eternal Flame
Jangles On Your Back
Jingles On Your Back
Oiled Ender's Cape
Royal Deathbringer Cloak
Ruby Eternal Flame
Sek-Duat Cloak
ShadowMage Cape
Shadowscythe Arms
Slugbutter On Your Back
Vile Winter's Chill
Violet Eternal Flame
Banished Brawler Hair
Banished Brawler Helmet
Beard Hat +3
Bearded Brutalcorn
Blademaster Assassin Hood and Mask
Blind Ender's Cowl
Brawler Hood
Dark Cyber Reaver Helm
Darkside Trooper Helm
DoomMage Skull
Helm of Victory
Hood of Nulgath
Hooded Brawler
Infused Ender's Helm
Male Lycan Morph
Masked Shadow Brawler Hood
Mights Vision Helm
Nulgath Horns
Onager's Helm
Onager's Hood
Onager's Hooded Helm
Prismatic Necromancer Hood
Red Hunting Hood
Royal Deathbringer Helm
Shadow Brawler Hood
Sheared Horn Helm
Shifty Shadow Brawler Hood
Slick Chops Helm
Vaden's Helm
Vile Winter Slayer Helm
Vile Winter Slayer Hood
Black Knight Orb
Candy Corn
Cysero's Cookie
Datadisk 3
Datadisk 4
Datadisk 5
Dungeon Invite
Elixir of Regeneration
Emu Egg Binder
Fish Oil
Fishin' Chips
Fishing Bait
Heart Potion
Hootbeak Piercer
Hyperium Spaceship Key
Level 30+ Shop Token
Mirror Realm Token
Nulgath's Approval
Potent Life Potion
Tanned Skin
Treasure Chest
Undead Essence
Unidentified 10
VR Room Access Card
Note from the Watchers
Dessicated Heart
Love Token
Dwobo Bank
Mimic Bank Pet
Spirit Orb
Sword of Nulgath
DoomFlame Rapier
Dual Prismatic Destiny Sabers
J6's Handguns
Onager's Sword and Shield
Reversed Dual Ebil Saber
ShadowFlame Rapier
Silver Duel Busters
Skeletal Smashers
Voidfangs of Nulgath
Cadaverous Scythe
Rainbrutal Lance
Spider Scythe
AntiShadow Striker
The Super Pole
Ancient Greatsword Of Ice
Bane of Nulgath
Blade's Blade
Blade's Blade
Bright Blade of Champions
Chilling Winter Broadsword
Claws' Little Helper 10
Cyber Dark Dragon's Rage
Dark Tech Blade
Dual-Edged Red Sonic Blade
Evolution of Blade
Evolved Barbaric Blade
Evolved Legendary Magma Sword
Grim Dragon's Dagger
Hex Blade of Nulgath
Kezeroth Knight Polearm
Kezeroth Knight Sword
Liberty Blade Red 11
Onager's Sword
Rowan's Sword of Will
Royal Deathbringer Sabre
Shadow Brawler Sword
ShadowMage Rapier
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