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Aura of the Ascended
Cape of Darkness
Cape of the Infinite
Cavern Wings
Chaorrupted Cavern Branches
Chaotic Countdown Cape 13
Crimson Countdown Cape 13
Dwarlord Cloak
Frozen Back Blades 12
Furred Cape
Guiding Stars Cape 12
Jolly Furred Cape
Metallic Moonlight Wings 12
Prismatic Furred Cape
Shadow Crescent Cloak 12
Wind of the North
Wings of Shade
Apocalyptic Warlord Face
Apocalyptic Warlord Helm
Ascended DarkCaster FauxHawk
Ascended DarkCaster Fem Hair
Ascended DarkCaster Fem Horns
Black Knight Helm
Blood Titan Horns
Carbon Warrior Helm
Carnaval Long Headdress
Carnaval Short Headdress
Cavern Horns
Cavern Scream
Cavern Terror
Chaorrupted Cavern Mask
Chaos Manticore Trainer Mask
ChronoAssassin Concealer
Cobalt Warrior Helm
Dark Sun Mask
Dire Crested Helmet
DragonLord Faceplate
Effeminate DarkCaster Hairdo
Elite Asgardian Helmet
Eviscerater Male Mask
Eviscerator Female Mask
Evolved DarkCaster FauxHawk
Face Of The Beast
Female Darkblood Horns
Female Darkblood Incarnate
Female Skeleton Paint 12
Festive Furred Hood
Gruaige o' Sláinte
Guardian Helmet
Hades Scream!
Hata o' Sláinte
Helm of Shadow
Helm of the Grid
Helm of the Honorbound
Hidden Intrigue Helm
Honor of Onslaught Helm
Hood of Darkness
IceBreaker Helm
Jolly SnowStalker Hood
Long Frosted Tips
Magi's Fanged Hood
Male Darkblood Horns
Male Darkblood Incarnate
Male Skeleton Paint 12
Manticore Trainer Mask
Nocturan Guard 12
Nocturan Horns 12
Prismatic Elf Hat
Prismatic Female Darkblood Horns
Prismatic Male Darkblood Horns
Prismatic SnowStalker Hood
Prismatic SnowStalker Locks
Silver Warrior Helm
Spiky Frosted Tips
The Unhinged's Hood
The Wrath's Brim
TrophyHunter Helm
Fortune Ticket
CLASS Boost! (1 hr)
CLASS Boost! (1 hr)
GOLD Boost! (1 hr)
REPUTATION Boost! (1 hr)
REPUTATION Boost! (1 hr)
XP Boost! (1 hr)
Ascended Paragon Pet
Dark Fairy
Legion Flying Skull V2
Phoenix Hand Turkey
White Hawk
Brutality of the Darkblood
Darkblood Battle Axe
Graveclaw's Shatter-Axe
Skulls of the Misfortunate
Sub-Zero Axe 12
Sub-Zero Hatchet
Tide of the Darkblood
Trophy Taker
Darkblood Eviscerator Daggers
Darkblood Keydaggers
Dual Darkblood Katanas
Elite Dual Asgardian Hammers
Guardian Hammer and Shield
Jade Bushido Katana
Lost Daggers
Mage's Kris and Staff
Void Snake Daggers
Darkblood Skull Crusher
Dwarven Spiked Mauler
Falguard's Reckoning
The Mace Mace Mace
Battle Mage's Staff
Darkblood Keyscythe
Galánta Tuar Ceatha
Blade of Purification
Blade of the Forgotten Tombs
Blade of the Watchers
Chaotic manticore Tamer
Chelicera's Bite
Chelicera's Sting
Darkblood Blade
Darkblood Great Sword
Darkblood Keysword
Death's Bright Blade
Hebi Twintana
Honorbound Prime Katana
J-Roku Katana
Jade Samurai Gitou
Lion Slayer
Lunar Gleam 12
Manticore Tamer
Protector's Edge
Rapier of the Star 12
Ripper of Vokun
Sword of the Great Den
Sylvienth Steel
Vast Necrosis
Voice from the Darkness

Castles & Houses

Castles & Houses


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