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Silver PvP Amulet +800
Backblade of the Prepared
Battle Cloak of Panthera
Blood Cloak
Dread Crossbow Cape
Graveyard Oilcloth Wrap
Great Pumpkin King's Great Vines 14
Hooded Druids Cloak
Sheathed FlameBlade Blade
Alden Helm
Great Pumpkin King's Head 14
Horns Of Betrayal
Red Hunting Hood
Rotted Lich Helm
Shorn Chaos King Crown
Vampire Locks 2013
Ancient Artifact
Bone Dust
Bones of the Mountain Victory Totem
Candy Corn
Cavern Celestite
Chaos Eye
Chaos Tentacle
Coordinates to Hyperium
Crystallized Dragons Breath
Datadisk 5
Dragon Star Radar
Dried Slime
Elixir of Haste
Essence of Nulgath
Fishin' Chips
Fishing Bait
Fishing Dynamite
Globrush (R) Lightbeam Elixir
Grime Token
Guardian Patent
Guardian Stonewrit
Hollowsoul Blue Key
Hollowsoul Green Key
Hollowsoul Key
Hollowsoul Red Key
Horde Token X
Iron Victory Totem
Knight Helms
Legend Top Hat
LightGuard Defender Token
Mage Glove (Required)
Malignant Darkness Gem
Master Strategist Victory Totem
Mystic Parchment
Mystic Quills
Necrotic Darkness Gem
Omni Artifact
Pink Balloon Scrap
Potent Guard Potion
Power Gem
Red Balloon Scrap
Strategist Victory Totem
Sun Token II
Thirdspell Token
Tortured Darkness Gem
Treasure Chest
Treasure Potion
Turkey Feather
Ultimate Darkness Gem
Ultimate Strategist Victory Totem
Undead Skull
VR Room Access Card
WindowSlayer Badge
Zombie Shins
Rhubarb's Treasure Map
Chaos Gem
Dwakel Decoder
Bonegrinder Medal
Perpetual Ice
Daily XP Boost! (1 hr)
REPUTATION Boost! (1 hr)
Black Wolf
Clawg of Love
Emerald Flame Unicorn
Ghost of Mogloween Pet
Ghost Turtle Pet
Great Pumpkin Pet 14
Silverclaw Battlepet
Dual Golden Spirit Rods
Orange Gummi Were-bear and Lolly 15
Pumpkin Slicers Mach-15
Dread Crossbow
DragonStar Map
J6's Secret Hideout Map
Blood Spirit Staff
Bone Claws of Turmoil
The Super Pole
Adventurer's Sword
Artifact Hunter Blade
Barbarian Steel Blade
Binky's Uni-horn
Blade Ov 1000 Kittehs
Brightoak Avenger Blade
Crusader Sword
Doom Phoenix Blade +5
Enchanted Blade
Infantry Assault Blade
Lionfang's Silver Blade
Lionfang's Will
Lotic Blade
Natatorium Scimitar
Omni Sword
Plastic Princess Blade
Raven Blade
Scorched Fang
Sword of the Forsaken
Sword out of the Stone
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