Shanghili's Character Page




Time Dragon PvP Amulet +3250
Arcane Paragon Pet Cape
Blazing Light
Cape of Awe
Fiend Cloak of Nulgath
Immortal Chronomancer Wrap
Legion Armored Cape
Onyx DOOMFire Cape
Paragon Cape
Poisoned Darts Quiver Cape
Sapphire Knight's Bladed Cape
Sapphire Knight's Cape
Blood Hanzo Void Mask
Chaos Slayer Hood
Closed Undead Legion Helm
Crested Sapphire Helmet
Dark Heart Manly Locks
Doom Bandana
DragonSlayer General Helm
DragonSlayer General Helm Scarf
Firestorm Fury Diadem
Helm of Awe
Helm Of Holiness
Immortal Chronomancer Hood
Legion Bandana
Legion Deathstare Helm
Legion Priest Hood
Legion ProtoParagon Helm
Otherworldly Legion Deathstare Helm
Pa-Love-Din Helm 16
Paragon Helm
ProtoParagon Samurai Helm
ProtoParagon Samurai Hood
Sapphire Knight's Helmet
Tyndarius's Protection
1v1 PvP Trophy
Aquamarine of Nulgath
Dark Box
Dark Energy
Dark Key
Dark Spirit Orb
Diamond of Nulgath
Gem of Nulgath
Heptagonal Chest
Key of Envy
Key of Gluttony
Key of Greed
Key of Lust
Key of Pride
Key of Sloth
Sloth Gem
Unidentified 24
Unidentified 13
Blood Gem of the Archfiend
GOLD Boost! (1 hr)
Doom Twilly Bank Pet
Evolved Blood Orb
Platinum Coin of Nulgath: 2500
Blinding Edge of Obsidian
Legion Skull Collector
Ancient Runeblades
Dual Ancient Legion Axe
Immortal Chronomancer Daggers
Legion SoulSeeker
Re-Vitalized Bloodletter of Nulgath
Undead Assassin Swords
Zealith Reavers
SoulForge Hammer
Undead Infantry Mace
DragonSlayer General Spear
DragonSlayer Spear of Poking +15
Fallen Scythe of Vengeance
Glorified Spear of the Celestine
Legion DoomBringer Polearm
Prime Spear of Awe!
Scorching Orb Polearm
Ancient Evil Runeblade
Celestial Khopesh
Immortal Chronomancer Blade
PainSaw of Eidolon
ProtoParagon Samurai Katana
San Dragon Blade
The Guiltius
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