Paradox's Character Page




BRIGHT Pink Eternal Burning Flame
Cape of Drowning
Chrono Clock
ChronoCommander Analog Cape
Derpy White Wings
Doom Fire
Ebil Nanotype Grid
Emerald Eternal Flame
Eternal Flame
Formal Eternal Flame
Gravelyn's Doom Fire
Icy Eternal Flame
Oni Rune Cape
Overfiend BackBlades of Nulgath
Paraso Featherfan Cape
Pink Eternal Burning Flame
Roses and Gold Flame
Royal Eternal Flame
Ruby Eternal Flame
Runic Wings
Santa's Colorful Backblades
Silver and Gold Eternal Flame
Silver Eternal Flame
Snowman Head Display 08
Violet Eternal Flame
Werepyre Slayer Wings
Bats off to You!
Chrono Goggles and Locks
Claws' Hood 08
Clockwork Dolly Locks
Crushed Top Hat
Demonhuntress Horns
Disast'rous Jill's Stetson
Fairytail of Fae
Female Spooky Hair
Glacial Locks of Rage
Heart and Curls Top Hat
Helm of Holiday Cheer
Lady of Time Locks
Light Empress's Hair
Love At First Sight Female
Mystical Warrior Coif
Mystical Warrior Hood
Sand Bandit Locks
Shadow Blade Shinobi Ponytail
Sorcerer's Apprentice Hat
Valkyrie Locks Helm
Vestige of Nulgath
Voltaire Hat
Well-Water Hair Helm
Whispering Winds
Golden Key
Libro dell'Inferno
Memehano Bank Pet
Blinding Light of DragonFable
Cursed Guitar of Skull Punch Island
Shadowsmoke Claymore
Voltaire's Guitar
Dark Dual Manslayer of Taro
Dead Knight Armaments
Dream Energy Batons
Dual Eternal Chakrams
Mortal Bane
Paradoxic Spears
SandSea Scimitars
Shadow Khans
Skyguard Blade and Shield
Brightskull of Retribution
Globrush Toothchucks
Potato-Powered Lightning Rod 11
Wedding Bouquet
Earth Piercer
Gilded Dread Scythe
Half-Dragon's Havoc
Stormy Pinkness
The Grave Spade
Best Scythe
Citizen's Kane
Eternal Revolution Staff
Gjappy's Divine Staff
Great Void Vertebrae
Skull Cane
Blooming Katana
Broken Horseshoe Blade
Dark Dragon's Fang
Eternal Revolution Katana
Evolved Legendary Magma Sword
Evolved Soulreaper Blade of Nulgath
Firey Valeblade
FrostReaver 08
Gjappy's Celestial Sword
Mystery Moon Long Sword
Pink Heart Reaper
Royal Blade of Thorns
Sword of Swordlyness
Tainted Valeblade
Ultima Thermos
Waizumanzu Ryu Bured
Wasabi Root Blade
Wrapping Paper Sword
Globrush (R) Wand
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