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Epic Hero




Artix Entertainment




Copper PvP Amulet +500
Platinum PvP Amulet +5000
Ambassador Cape
Bladed Cape of the Code
BRIGHT Pink Eternal Burning Flame
Cape of Awe
Class of 2012 Banner
Dawn Stars Cape
Golden Moglin on your back 09
Grace Of The Fire Avatar
Red Flag Cloak
Unlucky Skeleton Key
Unshattered Cape
Venom Draconian Wings
Ward of the Ancients
Beauty Of The Fire Avatar
Chaos Berserker Hair
Dark Spikes of Envy
Dead Head
Great Mogloween Pumpkin
Green Draconian Head
Helm of Awe
Hero of Steel Hair
Red Moglin Head 10
Red Moglinster Morph 09
Zeke Battle Helm
Chaos Fuzzies
Dragon Star Radar
Dragon's Pearl
Last Stone of Battleon
Luca's Signet
Mage Glove (Required)
Omni Artifact
Water of Life
Your Moonstone
aKidz The Kid
Attack Scorpion
Blue Hedgehog
Cat Sharklin
Celebration Cannon
Chaotic Chicken
Firestorm's Offspring
Flame Titan Gryphon
Frost Moglin 09
Gaiazor Pet
Geopetal Rocks Pet
Giefury Pet
Greater Solar Elemental Pet
Green Moglin
Ichorus Egg
Memet Hearts Hermes Pet
Mini Bido 2017
Mog-O'Rahilly 10
Molten Baby Dragon
Party Crasher Zorbak
Philip, the weather predicting groundhog 10
Sock Monkey Pet
Stalagbite Pet
Treasure Egg
Twilly Pet
Vorpal Bunny 15
Burning Light Of Destruction
Fabled Chopper
Krom's Conquest
Red Double Axe Blade
Cheat Code Daggers
Evolved Butcher Knife
DragonStar Map
Golden Bough
Gravity Defying Coffee Mug 13
Vaxen LoreMaster Omnibus
Fallen King's Scythe
Ultimate Dragonlord Scythe
Celestial Staff
Beleen's Heroes Blade
Brilliant Star Sword
Burning Blade
Chaorrupted Blade of Awe
Chaorrupter Unlocked
Guardian's Prime Blade of Awe
Muddy Soulflare
Paragon Star Sword
Phoenix Blade
RazorBack Skull Blade
Shining Lava Starsword
Star Sword Breaker
Ultima Thermos
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