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Epic Hero






Gold PvP Amulet +1500
Alliance Exponent Cape
Azure Cleric Cape
Black Cape 11
Black OverSoul Cape
Cape of the Sun
Celtic Caster Wrap 12
Cockatrice Hunter's Cape
Corrupted Sentry Cape
Emberstone Flag
Ghost's Back Blade of Spooky Hotness
Quiver Cape
Red and Gold Centurion Cape
Samurai Banner
The Server is Down
Undead Infantry Cape
Werejaguar Tail
White Flag Cloak
Brandbreaker Horns
Celestial Knight Helm
Cockatrice Hunter's Helm
Cyber Hunter Helm
Dragon Samurai Helm
Face of the Faceless
Ghost's Wanderer Hood
Halfpipe Top Hat
Helmet of the Sun
Hooded Skull
Kindred's Valiance Hat
Lightwielder's Helm
Male Lycan Head
Savage Hare Morph 09
Shamanic Summoner Helm
Shroud of the Sandsea Assassin
Wind Ring Mask
Black Knight Orb
Cysero's Cookie
Datadisk 3
Datadisk 4
Datadisk 5
Dragon Crystal
Hyperium Spaceship Key
Key to Valhalla
Legion Soul Collector
Mage Glove (Required)
Mirror Realm Token
Mirror Token
Omni Artifact
Proof of Loyalty
Queen's Seal
Thirdspell Token
Treasure Vault Key
Ultra Shifting Plane Gem
Doom Zorbak Bank Pet
Battle Scarred Traveler's Axe
Emerald Axe of Falguard
Silver Light Axe
Cockatrice Hunter's Accoutrements
Galactic Light Sai
Random Weapon of Nulgath
Bone Crusher Hammer
DragonStar Map
Aurelian Spear
Yaomo's Naginata
Cherry Wood Cane
Unidentified 12
Ancient Scimitar
Azure Cleric Sword
Beautiful Misery
Brutal Battle Blade
CrossBones Sword
Cutlass of the Dead
Dark Arachnotana
Dark Energy Katana
Dexterous Blade
Dragon Samurai Katana
Ebon Blade of Sands
Emerald Willowcreek Blade
Ghost's Blade of Spooky Hotness
Green Dragon's Laser
Guardian of Virtue
Horse Tail Katana 14
Ice Walker's Blade
J6's Sword
Meeta's Machete
Ruby Willowcreek Blade
Samurai Katana
Shadow Sword 14
Shining Fury
Silver Claymore
Silverfang Claymore
The Flayer
Undead Infantry Sword
Viridian Twist Sword 12
Werejaguar's Defense
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