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Abomineator Cape
Arcane Paragon Pet Cape
Back Frost Blades 10
Black Ghost Cape
BladeMaster's Side Swords
Bounded Bat Broad Blade
Chaos Dragon Flames
Chevalier Wings
Crimson Pirate Mage Weapons
Crossed Gongji Katanas
Crossed Silver Shotguns
Cursed Parrot Cape
Fiery Lantern Cape
Legion Armored Cape
Legion Breaker Cape
Molten Flare On Your Back
Poisoned Darts Quiver Cape
Ruins of Time Cape
Shadow Blade Shinobi Sword Back
Spirit Drum Cape
Starry Parrot
Unlucky Skeleton Key
Vigilante Golf Bag
Warp Pack
Blademaster Assassin Locks
Cowl of Concealment
Crocadile Dundoo Hat
Fiery Cake Helm
LoreTrek TopHat
Masked Brawler Locks
Queen Tryal's Crown
Red Hunting Hood
Rich Skull Hat
Rogue Fiend Hood of Nulgath
Rudder Beanie
Sleeping Tiki Head 13
Space Adventurer Helm
Thalyssa's Hat
Western Gunslinger Locks
Wylde Faerie Hair
Blood Moon Token
Unidentified 10
Voucher of Nulgath (non-mem)
Black Blood Vial
Doom Zorbak Bank Pet
Evolved Warlord Orb of Nulgath
Nulgath Larvae
Sword of Nulgath
Tiny Zombie Terror
Blinding Light of Dread Space
Octopus Guitar
Pumpkin Spice of Destiny
Voltaire's Guitar
Vorutanian Key Blade
Evolved Soulreaper Bow
BladeMaster's Sword and Sheath
Cherry Bomb
Dual Hunter Crossbows
Dual Primal Dread Saw of Nulgath
Haunted Triangle
Incandes Fulminatus
Infernal Blade of Revontheus
Live Dragon Daggers
Omega Clappers
ProjectSoul Shocker Slasher
Random Weapon of Nulgath
Tainted Claw of Nulgath
Zealith Reavers
Maximillian's Ice Whip 10
Sapphire Bullet Gun
Doom Teddy Mace
Frevo's Voodoo Doll
Ghost Ship in a Bottle
Ketsueki No Ryuu
The Flax Key
Yulgar's Berry Mug
Scythe of the Dark Mage
Shadowed Beacon Polearm
Trident of Storms
Cane of Greed 2011
Dage's Bitter Snowglobe
Mystic Pencil of Endless Scribbles
Nian Lantern
The Supreme Arcane Staff
Ancient Dismal Claymore
Beleen's SUPER PINK DragonBlade
Blade of Thorns
Blister's Chainsaw 10
Burning Blade
Celestial Blade Of Awe
Cyber Assassin Katana
Diamond Key Of Revontheus
Elegant Cutlass
Great Pumpkin King Sword 08
Ivy Blade 10
Mogloween Discord
Mountain Oak Katana
PainSaw of Eidolon
Paragon Bear Claw
Roasted Marshmallow
Shadow Rapier 2011
The Guiltius
Vamp Blade of Nulgath
Vorpal Turbine Blade 14
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