Kail Draven's Character Page




Gold PvP Medal +1150
Cloak of Great Divide
Cloak of the Dark
Conquest's Embellished Cloak
Darkness Tendril Wings
Dravir Wings
Gray Fur Cape
Green Dragon Cloak 11
Guardian Shadow
Holiday Paragon Cape
OG Vindicator Of They Cape
Permafrost Wrap
Prismatic Striped Scarf 11
Sheathed Icerender
Vile Winter's Chill
War's Cape
White Fur Cloak
Ancient Undead Horns
Autumn Hair 11
Bright Elven Locks
Conquest's Hood and Crown
Countdown's Protection 12
Cryostorm Crusader Arnet
Cryostorm Crusader Arnet Locks
Cryostorm Warrior Hair
Cryostorm Warrior Locks
Dravir Helm
Eagle-Eye Archer Helm +5
Frosted Spikes
Green Dragon Helm 11
Horns of the Ice Beasts
Legion Mercenary Helm
Legion Skull Helmet
Paladin's Curse (Rare)
Tundra Hunter Hood
Undead Legacy Helm
Vile Winter Slayer Hood
ArchToken II
Legion Token
Lesser Runic Salve
Treasure Chest
Unknown Alloy
Water of Life
REP Boost! (20 min)
AdventureQuest Balloon Dragon
Autumnal Dragon
Baby Frost Drake
Baby Green Dragon
Baby Red Dragon
Baby Shadow Dragon
Bubbly Cannon 10
Digital Drakinator
Doom Zorbak Bank Pet
Dracolich Baby Dragon
Ektorax Pet
Firestorm's Offspring
Forest Tiger 2011
Frostval Moglinster
Guardian Dragon Pet
Harvest Dragon
Hydra Battle Pet
Iron Rune Dragon
Legion Armored Daimyo
Lightning Dragon Pet
Lil Death
Little Wyrm Of Time
Lunar Lander
Mini Energy Tornado
Missing Middle Sock Dragon
Moogiee +5
Nulgath Larvae
Potato Dragon
Riptooth and Flaps
Riptooth and Watcher
Skello Kitty
Sketchy Ghost
Skull Spider
Stalagbite Pet
Umbral Fawn
Unluckiest Kitten
Black Light of Destiny 12
Double Blade of Ice
Emeraldium Axe
Executioner's Judgement
Legion Skull Collector
Conquest Bow
Darkwave Guitar
Hammer of Vokun
SoulForge Hammer
Charmed Bident
SoulSeeker Spear
Ceremonial Legion Blade
Confectioner's Slayer
Corrupted Dragon Slayer
Green Dragon Hunting Blade 11
Ice Calibreaker
Infernal Caladbolg
Obsidian FrostReaver
PainSaw of Eidolon
Sabre Of War
Undead Infantry Sword
Undeadite Destroyer
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