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Epic Hero



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Gold PvP Medal +1150
Chaorrupted Tome Cape
Faceless Backblades
Frostmoglin on your back 08
Lightwielder Shield and Sword
One-Wing of Hope 13
Shinobow and Arrows
Weaver Mage Cape
Wings of Revontheus
Champion's Cowl
Deathstare Helm
Genesis Hood of Revontheus
Ice Witch Face
Light Empress's Hair
Long Honor Guard Hat
Mystic Adventurer's Hood
Noble Arcanist Locks
Wind-resistant Hood
Witch Caster Hat
Black Galactic Shard
Cats-Eye Hyper Crystal
ChaosWeaver Eye
Evil Soul
Gamma Gem
Gold Galactic Shard
Ruby Hyper Crystal
Sapphire Hyper Crystal
Shriekward Potion
Silver Galactic Shard
Treasure Chest
Treasure Map
Treasure Potion
Ultraviolet Gem
Undead Energy
VR Room Access Card
X-Ray Gem
Rhubarb's Treasure Map
Blood Gem of the Archfiend
CLASS Boost! (1 hr)
Armored Baby Red Dragon
Baby Red Dragon
Battle Gemaphant Pet
Caladbolg Bank Pet
Fairy Godmother
Frost Draglin
Hardcore Paragon Pet
Holiday Paragon Pet
Inu-ken Battle Pet
Minx Fairy
Nulgath Challenge Pet
Ringbearer Daimyo Battlepet
Riptooth and Flaps
Riptooth and Watcher
Riptooth the Husky
Snowball Amberarms
UndeadSlayer Daimyo
Zorbak Loves Ebil Bank Pet
Axe of the Prospector
Fabled Chopper
Not so nICE Axe
Bow of Judgement
Elven Eleven Bladed Bow
Brawler Dagger
Conquest Accoutrements
Golden Assassin's Blades 12
J6's Secret Hideout Map
Double Saber of Ebil
Lightwielder's Spear
Spear of Dragon's Vengeance
Celestial Evolution Staff
Wings of Ice
Ancient Skulls and Doom Blade
Blade of the Wiki-d
CorDemi Sword
Paladin's Victory
Saber of Prismatic Destiny
Skulls and Doom Blade
Thyton's Magitech Scythe
Wand of Glory
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