Harrison's Character Page




Gold PvP Medal +3000
Aoi no Hime Wings
Arcane Dark Caster Bats
Arcane Dark Caster Runes
Arcane Paragon Pet Cape
Armored Turdraken Sword on Hip
Backblade of the Prepared
BackBlades Of Vokun
Bounded Bat Broad Blade
BRIGHT Pink Eternal Burning Flame
Cape of Awe
Cape of Guiding
Celebration Sparkles
Celestial Double Wings
Champion's Bright Wrap
Crimson Cape of Victory
Crossed Silver Shotguns
Cyber Assassin Back Katanas
Doom Lord Valtrith Cape
Dual Mechanized Cutlass Cape
Enchanted RiftWalker Wings
Eternal Dark Caster Winged Rune
Eternal Dark Caster Wings
Eternal Infernal Dark Wings
Evil Pixel Cape
Evolved 3017 ProtoWings
Final Hearts Back Blade
Full Moon Cape
Future Paragon Cape
Icy Eternal Flame
Living Shadow Katana Cape
Luck Dragon Cape
Lucky Monkey On Your Back
Lunar Parrot Cape
Mirrored ShadowFlame Wings
Nightbane's Wings
Pink Eternal Burning Flame
Prismatic Austere Wings
Prismatic Cat's Tail
Prismatic Double Wings
Prismatic Shadow Cape and Wings
Prismatic Wings of the Fallen
ProtoWings Mk 3
Rampage Blademaster Arms
Shadow Blade Shinobi Sword Back
Sheathed Dragon Leviathan
Skeletal Spirits Coffin Cape
Solar Eclipse
Spiralling Keyblade Cape
Synderes' Cape of Doom
The DrAEgon of Artix
The Server is Down
Wee L'il AQW Fan
Wings of the Seraph
X-Treme X-Zilla Tail
Arcane Dark Caster Shag
Eternal Dark Caster X Spikes
King Klunk's Crown
Chocolate Doubloon
Chocolate Loonie
Column Piece
Inspiration Brand Energy Drink ()
Legion Token
Mirror Token
Mystic Parchment
Mystic Shards
Quest Mission Sprocket
Ring of Light
Slimed Sigil
The Power of Darkness
Treasure Chest
Undead Essence
Unidentified 24
Void Lodestone
Astral Orb Pet
Baby Chaos Dragon
Blade of Revontheus the Good Pet
Bright Paragon Pet
Chaos Lord Mage Pet
Dark Daimyo
Doge the Battlepet
Drudgen the Assistant
Festive New Years Cannon
Memet Bank Pet
Unidentified 19
Dread Axe of Destruction
Fabled Love of Destiny
Soulborne Axe
This Might Be an Axe
Dage's Pride Blade and Pistol
Dual Blinding Caladbolgs
Dual Bug Hunting Pistols
Dual Midnight Hanzo Void Katanas
Dual Riftbreaker Cutlass
Dual Underworld Reavers
Dual Vigilante Pistols
Enchanted Eternal PainSaws
Facebreaker of Nulgath
Firedancer's Torches 15
Mysterious Sprites Daggers
Reversed Dragon Samurai Katana
Roses on Fire Batons
SightBlinder Axe of Nulgath
Spruce's Frigid Scorn
Ultra Revenger Flames +15
Umbral Fiend Hands
Unstable Dark Sprites Daggers
Positive Plazmatron
Ringmaster Whip
Whip It Good
Whip of Love
AQW Diploma
Blessed Coffee Cup
Golden Flying Bacon Mace
Licorice Mace
Mother's Day Bouquet
Scarbucks Latte
SoulForge Hammer
Brilliant Beacon Polearm
Dark Heart Harvester
Evolved Legion Vampire Scythe +5
Mirrored ShadowFlame Fang
Purified Scythe of Nulgath
Reavers of Chaos
Exclusive Gravelyn Surfboard 2016
Gravelyn Surfboard 2015
Pretty Stick
Slayer Mystic Surfboard
Twilly Twig
Year of New Beginnings Staff
Angelic Hematite Sword
AQ3D Tech Demo Starsword
Arasat's Bane
Arcane Blade of Glory
Arcane Void Knight Blade
Auld Seventeen Syne Sword
Bat Broad Blade
Beast King's Lightning
Berserker Blade of Glory
Black Katana
Blade of Divine Intervention
Blade of the Wiki-d
Blade's Blade
Bloodbinder Katana
Celestial Sword of Nulgath
Cryostorm's Bane +25
Cyber Assassin Katana
Cyber Consciousness Blade
Dark Diamond Blade
Dragon Leviathan Sword
Enchanted Eternal PainSaw
Forsaken Sword of Thanatos
Laser Ragnarok
Liberty Blade White
Longsword of Nightmares
Lucky Dragon Blade
Nega Warrior Blade
ProtoParagon Samurai Katana
Regal Valeblade
Runed Legion Broadsword
Shadow Blade Shinobi Katana
Shadow Brawler Sword
Shadowscythe of Z Blade
Sword Of Hope
Underglade Scavenger Reaver
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