Crescent Thermidor's Character Page




Time Dragon PvP Amulet +3250
Chaos Reaper Wingblades
Dark Wings of the Guardian
Eternal Death Wings
Evolved Paragon Cape
Frozen Back Blades 14
Gilded Blood Cloak
Glacial Warlord Cloak
Grimlord Cloak of Nulgath
Integrity Blades
Kaze Cape of Shinobi
Legion Titan Cloak
NeoFiend Wings of Revontheus
OathKeeper Mantle
Raziel's Chevalier Wings
Sheathed Katana
Soaring Wings of Dage
Undead Legend Cape
VoidWarlord of Nulgath Cape
Arctic Dragonslayer Trophy
Avatar Of Time Helm
Battle Tested Helm
Blood Lord's Pride
Bloodkeeper's Horns
Bright Paladin Spires
Celestial Avenger's Locks
Chaos Lord Helm
Chaos Paragon Helm
Chaos Reaper Cowl
Corrupted Dark Lord
DEAFknight Helm
DragonKing Warrior's Armet
DragonSlayer Helm (Beta)
Evolved Paragon Helm
Fiery Crested General Plume
Frost Legion Nightmare Helm
Golden Fury Mask
Horned Evolved Warlord Helm
Legion Champion Horns
Legion Titan Crown
OathKeeper Cowl
OG Vindicator Of They Helm
Paladin's Benediction
Paragon of Light Helm
ShadowFlame DragonSlayer Faceguard
Undead Legend Crown
Vampireknight Helm of Nulgath
Doom Twilly Bank Pet
Evolved Warlord Orb
Nulgath Larvae
Abaddon's Orb Weaver Axe
Axe of the EbilCorp Knight
Blood Lord's Wrath
Burning Light Of Destruction
Dread Axe of Destruction
Evolved Agony Chain
Executioner's Judgement
Formal Light of Destiny
Prismatic War Axe
Purified Axe of Nulgath
ShadowReaper Of Doom (Rare)
SightBlinder Axe of Nulgath
Soulborne Axe
Ultra Elemental Axe
Zhilo's Axe
Dual Blades of Doomination
Dual Soul Harvester Spear
Dual TheWicked
Elite Dual Asgardian Hammers
Raziel's Celestial Glory
SightBlinder Axe of Nulgath
Ungodly Reavers of Nulgath
BloodFire Chain Axe
Brilliant Beacon Polearm
Chaos Reaper Scythe
Evolved Warlord Spear
FrostScythe of Nulgath
Heavenly Spear of Nulgath
Karmic Retribution
Reavers of Chaos
Sage Scythe of Revontheus
Shadow Scythe of Revontheus
Shadowed Beacon Polearm
Yaomo's Naginata
Blade of The Fallen
Chaos Warrior Omegus
DragonBlade of Nulgath
Golden Blade of Sanctity
Legion DoomBlade
Legion Flesh Ripper
Mirror Caladbolg
Overfiend Blade of Nulgath
PainSaw of Eidolon
The Guiltius
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