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The ClubHouse
... which contains a portal to another dimension
The Legend-Only Clubhouse was just released! Use your map to go to this new place for Members to gather, chat, dance is two music-filled rooms, and venture into the Portal of Mystery to face the most powerful monster currently in AQ Worlds: Abaddon! As you will notice the Club House is still being constructed in-game -- which is the best part! Because YOU get to help decide what we put in it forums! (<coughs> The crazy Disco ball in the room to the right was Warlic's idea)

Battle on!

Defeat Abaddon and his minions to get large gold and XP rewards as well as a chance for ultra-rare drop items: Balor's Cruelty sword and the Abaddon's Curse helm!

If it is not showing on your map, you can type:
/join ClubHouse


Bludrut Keep!
A Four Part Dungeon
Explore one of Lore's most legendary dungeons and unlock its secrets. You can get their using the new button in town, your map, or by typing /join bludrut


Four levels of dungeons each with their own art and monsters. Brand new quests and adventure! Levels 1 & 2 are available to all players. Levels 3 & 4 are Legend-Only.


Monsters now have a small chance to drop the weapon they are holding. INCLUDING THE BIG GUY!


An Encounter with DEATH
Guard your Dragons!
Beware friends. There is a rumor that Death itself is roaming our world for some mysterious purpose.

DEATH visits Lore.

Whatever you do... do not let him touch your pet Dragon with his skeletal hand.

Pet... Dracolich!?



New World Map
The Lands of Lore are taking shape
The map has been updated now that the town of Battleon was teleported to GreenGuard Forest. Click on the map to zoom into specific regions.
Read more on the Design Notes

The new map!
Zoomed into view of Oaklore Forest


Dragonslayer Class
Available in the Lair
Seek out Galanoth in the Dragon's lair. Use your map or type /join lair to go there. This is our first specialty class with skills that make you a MUST HAVE in any party of dragon hunters. Here are the skills of this new class:

  • Bane of The Scale
    Forces a dragon to focus its attacks on you, while reducing the dragon's damage dealt with all attacks by 30%. Lasts 10 seconds
    2 mana, 16 second cooldown
  • Impale
    Causes 200% of weapon damage over 12 seconds with a chance of stunning the target for 3 seconds.
    6 mana, 12 second cooldown
  • Scorched Steel
    A fiery attack dealing 150% weapon damage.
    4 mana, 6 second cooldown
  • Talon Twisting
    While active, 30% of damage done to you by dragons will be added to your attacks. Last 8 seconds.
    3 mana, 12 second cooldown


The SleuthHound Inn
A HUGE Whodunnit Mystery!
Are you ready to put your detective skills to the test? Come to the grant opening of the SleuthHound Inn... a great mystery is afoot! (Erm... might be a hand too.) This new release features tons of new costumes, weapons, deadly furniture, and NPCs. This release is getting rave reviews! Also, Beleen made you this to help.
Read more on the Design Notes


Multi Class

The Inquisitor Finale
End of the Inquisitor Saga!
In the exciting conclusion to the Inquisitor saga you will battle the Grand Inquisitor himself! You will be able to obtain his armor, mace, cape and helm.

Mace of the Grand Inquisitor

The Beast: Inquisitor Part 2 Boss Fight
The Inquisitors are a group of Knights dedicated to eradicating all of the magic in the world. Go to the Citadel on the map and complete all of the quests to stop the magic-hating Inquisitors and unlock the boss battle! Defeat the beast to unlock a shop containing 4 MONSTER MORPH armors, 2 Inquisitor soldier armors, and several very mean weapons!

The Inquisitors
The Inquisitors seek to destory all of the magic in the world.


Major Game Improvements!
Read the Design Notes
Great job this week everyone. As you know we are ramping up for the release of the main storyline. Great improvements were made to the game this week including supersizing the game screen, the ability to customize your class with different looks, adding the theater (/join theater) and the biggest round of bug fixes since we broke Sir Ver's digi-spleen back in Alpha testing. For details and a sneak peak of what is coming next, read the Design Notes.


The Inquisitors
A group of Knights dedicated to destroying all magic
Full of new monsters, quests and weapon drops, this new area is the largest explorable map ever added to AdventureQuest Worlds yet... and this is only part 1!

The Inquisitors
The Inquisitors seek to destory all of the magic in the world.

Mithril Man!
86.3% more effective than Iron.

The Crash Site
The Dwakels were bad enough before they have steam powered combat armor! This full new area features new quests, monsters (including two bosses), item drops, and one very unique armor! See the design notes for a full list of game improvements -- including monster aggro!

What is this wierd red light? Hey... poke it with something...

You can access the new map by typing /join dwakel


Child's Play Charity
Special Announcement
Child's Play is a charity that raises money to make lives better for sick children in hospitals around the world. It was started by gamers, like you and me, and is a cause that the Artix Entertainment Team feels very strongly about.

Last year, AdventureQuest, DragonFable, and MechQuest contributed their reserves and sent in a Gold level sponsorship to the charity. We had intended to match last year's contribution again, but thanks to all of you who upgraded and became Founders of AdventureQuest Worlds, you empowered us to DOUBLE our donation this year! We sent in a Platinum sponsorship* on your behalf to Child's Play Charity this year! Thank you so much!

* Wow, your Platinum Dragons ended up giving a Platinum Sponsorship!


Dragon's Lair
Battle the Red Dragon
Untold Danger and treasure await you within this massive and heavily guarded Dragon's lair. Expect to run into a special guest NPC and be the first to battle never before seen monsters and obtain strange new items. Are you brave enough to venture deep into the heart of this dungeon and battle AdventureQuest Worlds FIRST DRAGON!?

Dragon Lair
Entrance of the Dragon's Lair

You can access the new map by typing /join lair if the icon does not appear on your map.

Multi Class

Add More Bag Space
Purchase inventory slots with AdventureCoins
You can now permenantly add up to 20 more slots in your backpack. Talk to Valencia in the town of Battleon. AdventureCoins are now available via the upgrade page.

Improved Armor Space
Zhoom built a new tab for your armors. You can now store up to 20 class armors AND 20 normal items. See the Design Notes for a list of all the great changes.

Armor and Bag Space
Store 20 Class Armors!


The Lore Grimoire
Coming Soon: The Bizzare Storyline of AQWorlds
An ancient evil awakens and the world is soon to be engulfed by CHAOS. Our only hope lies within a rare* magical book.... this book is said to seek out the chosen one and grant this hero the knowledge and power to save** our world! This one of a kind book*** is known as the LORE GRIMOIRE.

* New Lore Times Best Seller - Over 1 Million Copies Sold!
** Or destroy the world... it says so on the back!
*** Only 199g - coming soon to an in-game magical book store near you!


Note: Be forewarned, the book is a little crazy, full of typos, plot holes, and it HATES reading -- although, oddly, it loves comics and manga.... and um.. milkshakes. However, it is lactose intolerant. There is a rumor floating around that the Lore Grimoire actually ate the Necronomicon and occasionally beltches up pages. The main storly line... begins soon!

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