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We would like to thank everyone who made this possible. No matter how you look at it, it is amazing that this day is here. Pinch me if I am dreaming.. but did we just release the beginning of a real, honest to goodness massively multiplayer game that plays in your web browser? To all of you who believed in us.... THANK YOU!

Level 1? Time for some serious rat saving!


Just Released
History is being made right now. The fact that you are here with us makes this so special. Whether you have been with us for the launch of a game before or this is your first time.... prepare yourself for a wild ride! These next few weeks are going to be so intense. We hope that you choose to support our development of AQWorlds by upgrading and becoming a member during this exciting launch!


New Zones & Quests
In today's release we have updated the map with all the available areas in the game. The (!) bubbles above quest-givers head are now red like a button. Click on them to access quests. The new zones proably contain two dozen new quests for you to complete!

  • Noobshire
    Every other MMO seems to have you killing Rats at level one... it only makes sense that in OUR game you defend them! Featuring special NPC... Rolith!
  • The Marsh
    A marsh full of quests and evil monsters. New monsters including witches, liches, undead and a special member-only boss: Thrax Ironhide
  • The River
    The Zardman fishers and a HUGE... well.. you beter just see this for yourself. Stop a water elemental before he floods all of the river villages!
  • Guru Swamp
    Filled with otherworldly and magical creatures including a giant organic creature called Wisteria.
  • Willow Creek
    A complete recreation of the classic AdventureQuest area. Unravel the mystery of a strange creature that has been terrorizing the small town of Willow Creek. Uncover more than a few surprises!
  • Pirate area made permanant
    Elissa Cutthroat is now a permanent character in AQWorlds (I guess you are getting a new special event next Talk like a Pirate's day) and will be training you eye-patch wearing types.
  • New Quests
    Re-explore the world to find new quests. For example, Aria now has a complete quest chain at her pet shop.

New Zone: Willow Creek

First New Classes!
Four new trainers can be found in Battle on! Thok the warrior, Metrea the Rogue, Juvania the Healer, and Volcana the Mage Trainer. Each of them offer quests and Members will be able to obtain cool new versions of the base classes with all new art. If those amazing weapons the trainer's are wielding have you drooling...they will be selling slimiar versions at the end of their quest chains!

  • Brand new Classes!
    • Assassin - Currently uses Rogue skill set
    • Beast - Currently uses Warrior skill set
    • Paladin - New skillset!
  • Upgraded Classes
    • Advanced Warrior
    • Advanced Healer
    • Advanced Rogue
    • Advanced Mage
  • Other Classes
    • Pirate
    • Ninja
    • Barber

Note: If you played in the Beta, your Beta classes have been renamed so that you get to keep them!

Members (Upgraded Accounts)
Get full access to AdventureQuest worlds! Use member-only items, helms, and capes. Equip pets and use special shops including powerful enchancement shops. Upgrade during this opening month and you will get Founder status! Upgrade your Account.

If you upgrade your account during the first month, your account will be recognized as a "Founder of AdventureQuest Worlds." Not only is it proof that you were here at the very beginning (which will show on your Character page when it goes live), you will also be able to obtain the special Founders-only Dragon pet. This honor will never be available again.

Free Players (Guests)
Wooohoooo! All players are now welcome to create a AQWorlds account and play. At this time, chat is not enabled on guest accounts. We hated doing this, but for this release, our chat filters and moderators are not ready to handle it. It is a shame that a small number of people ruin the fun for the rest of us. We are working on this - just need time! The good news is that right now you CAN explore the world, switch classes, battle monsters and go on quests!

+5 Fishing skill required to de'bait' my puns.

5 Game Servers
We put five game servers online.

  • Moglin Safe Servers
    These servers are suitable for players of all ages. Once we perfect these servers we will be able to allow players under 13 to create accounts. The reason this type of server is safe is because no chat is allowed at all on them, only messages pre-selected by the team can be sent.
  • Regular Servers
    These servers are just like what you saw in Beta.
  • Member-Only server
    We converted our lovable Alpha & Beta Server (You know him better as Sir Ver) to our first Member-Only Server.

New Website
We finally have a black themed game website! I am so happy. As you can see, I did break down and put the scroll in the middle. I think I may have a scroll obsession. Everything on the site is made from in-game art. Also, we have as our official domain! It is insane that we have a two letter domain name... that is like an internet ultra super rare.

Updated Screenshots
Thank you to the players and forum staff that gathered up some new screenshots! Check them out

Next Week
More Adventure hits AQWorlds!
See the Hompage to see the newest releases or read the Design Notes to see what we are working on next!


Upcoming Features
The further we get, the more we realize we have to do!
As soon as the dust settles from the crazy initial release Minimal and Zhoom are going to continue coding focus on the big to do list of features. Here it is!

  • Player Parties
  • Friends List
  • Stats
  • Import Character Data from AQ/DF/MQ
    This will give your AQW character access to cool stuff from your other characters!
  • Guilds
  • PvP Areas
  • Housing
  • Boss Monster AI

Battle on!
This really is just the beginning. Thank you for being a part of it!

Artix Entertainment

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