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Get your Exclusive in-game Classes, Pet, & Items!

Your deck of AQworlds BattleOn Battle Cards, and each Battle Card Mod Pack include a code that unlocks exclusive items in the hit online game, AdventureQuest Worlds. Of course you knew that already... how else would you have found this page? Enter your AdventureQuest Worlds Username, Password and the code below! Remember, your code can only be used once.
Exclusive Items


Congratulations, your AQWorlds character can now access your new item(s)! Llike all exclusive items, login to the game and then use your Book of Lore to access them.

  1. Log into AdventureQuest Worlds and select a server
  2. Click on the "Book of Lore" button (located in the bottom right)
  3. Click on the A.E. Tab (A.E. stands for Artix Entertainment)
  4. Find the badge for the item you obtained (you may have to hit the NEXT button) and click on it! You can now access all of the items you unlocked.

Note: If you sell or delete these special items, you can always get them again using your Book of Lore.


What do I do after I enter the code?
You can now log into the game and access your items. Once in game, click on the "Book of Lore" located in the bottom right of the screen, then select the A.E. tab, scroll down to the Card Clasher, Chaos Pack or Undead Pack badge and click on it. The Shop button will be on the opposite page!

What if I do not have an AdventureQuest Worlds Account?
You can create a new FREE account and play.

Where is my Code located?
The code is printed on a special card in your deck or mod pack. Wait a sec... how did you find this page if you do not have the card?

Can I use the code more than once?
No. Your code is unique. Once it is used, it cannot be used to unlock the card clasher items on any other AQWorlds accounts.

Where can I get the Card Game Deck?
You can find the AQworlds BattleOn Battle Card Game deck in any U.S. Toys R' Us store location or on Heromart.

What items come with the Card game Deck?
When you purchase the AQworlds BattleOn Battle Card Game Deck you unlock the Card Clasher class, the color customizable Card Blades and Card Cape as well as the House of Cards in-game house!

Where can I get the Mod Packs?
You can find the AQworlds BattleOn Battle Card Game deck in any U.S. Toys R' Us store location or on Heromart.

What items come with the Mod Packs?
There are two Battle Card Mod Packs.

  • If you purchase the Chaos Mod Pack, you unlock the Chaos Flying Eye non-member pet!
  • If you purchase the Undead Mod Pack, you unlock Vordred's Sword!

If you purchase BOTH mod packs, you can combine these items into the powerful PaladinSlayer Class! Don't worry! You can go back and get the Chaos Flying Eye pet and Vordred's Sword again once you combine them!

Do I need the Card Game Deck to play the game?
Yes. The base deck contains everything that you need to play the fast paced, funny and fun AQworlds BattleOn Battle Card Game. The Mod packs contain extra cards to modify (mod) your deck for a different experience. They just add to the fun!

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