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Get ready for nonstop action and adventure! AdventureQuest Worlds is the best MMORPG (massively multiplayer online roleplaying game) that is browser based. There are no downloads or software to install, and this 2D MMO fantasy RPG is free to play! Brandish your blade, conjure your spells, and heed the call of Battle On!


November 11, 2017

This Weekend: Harvest Fest Returns

Help Oishii and Battle the Wretched Rider!

Before you can sit down to the hero-worthy feast Oishii's cooked up, talk to Ergotth in Feast. This ShadowMan has a mission for you, and a monsterous creature to defeat. Deal out its just deserts*, and then YOU can sit down to dessert! 

Limited Time Set: Primal Wraith

Find the Primal Wraith set from Axeros in the Featured Gear Shop in your game menu until December 1st! 

The set contains:

  • Primal Wraith armor
  • Wraith's Shadowed Hood, Skull Face, Crowned Skull, Shadowed Crown helms
  • Wraith's Backblades, Wings, Flight of the Wraith capes
  • Wraith's Cursed Daggers
  • Wraith's Lantern Mace
  • Wraith's Soul Collector Polearm
  • Wraith's Cursed Blade

November Bonus: BrightScythe Knight

Upgrade with a Membership or AdventureCoins for exclusive gear!

Starting this Friday, November 3rd, at 6 PM EST, buy any AdventureCoin or Membership package of $10 USD or more to unlock the exclusive BrightScythe Knight November upgrade bonus items! Get the Golden Raider gear and the ShadowScythe Knight set with a 12 month membership or 12000 AC package.


November Release Calendar

November brings cool air, Fall colors, and the start of the holiday season here in the land of the Secret Underground Lab. Summer may be gone, but we're ready to Fall into a battle stance and gear up for all the releases to come! 

November 3: Golden Gauntlet in the Celestial Arena + November Upgrade bonus gear + Achievement tracker rewards + NostalgiaQuest update

November 10Thanksgiving Hub town + Wretched Rider bonus boss

November 17: Memet's birthday in the Nightmare Realm + Birthday rares

November 23EbilCorp Takes Over! Thanksgiving + Black Friday WAR

November 24Even more Black Friday gear added to rares shop

November 27Cyber Monday rares shop



November 04, 2017

Golden Gauntlet Boss Battles

This weekend: Golden Gauntlet, Achievement Tracker, and more!

We've got a lot planned for this weekend, and the team is already pushing full steam ahead to get everything ready for Friday. Because of how much we've got planned for you, in this week's update we return to the Celestial Realm's Arena to take on some of the brightest bosses in the game!

This week's battles will send you to some of your favorite zones before you can blast through Aranx's shiniest bosses! Starting Friday, /join goldenArena and talk to Aranx to begin his quests: defeating original bosses to gain THEIR Champion Badges. Once you do, you can return to him to unlock the Golden Gauntlet boss versions.

  • Greenguard Dragon
  • Grand Inquisitor
  • Gladius
  • Karok the Fallen
  • Queen of Envy

Battle the golden bosses to get merge shop resources. You'll use these to collect the pieces of each boss's armor set! (The Blessed Inquisitor's gear is already available in the Celestial Arena)


Now available at HeroMart: 2017 Calendar

2017 Calendar Unlocks ShadowWalker of Time Class at Heromart!

A new year approaches, and that means it's time for a brand-new Calendar to arrive at HeroMart. This year's new calendar features digitally painted artwork inspired by our newest game, AdventureQuest 3D, and its theme is "Year of Adventures." Given everything we've got planned for 2017, that sounds about right!

free online rpg mmo chaos queen beleen


November 14, 2017

This Weekend: Mutations and Mayhem

Celebrate Memet's Birthday with a Nightmarish New Adventure!

True heroes defend the innocent, whenever - and wherever - they need help. This weekend, journey to a super-secret biological laboratory where the experiments were too cute to be evil… until Genetech got ahold of them!

Genetech's scientists should have watched more movies... but now, they've become part of their very own HORROR show.

  • A mysterious contagion is spreading through the lab.
  • All of the lab animals have been abandoned.
  • The most deadly experiment of them all is loose... and VERY VERY ANGRY.

Deadly (and Adorable) Rare Birthday Gifts

AdventureQuest Worlds writer + artist, Memet, is leveling up in real life. She’s crafted deadly (and adorable) new gear for you this week! Find her gear in the Featured Gear Shop in your game menu until December 1st, 2017!

  • Hedgehog Kurugami Armor and Helm
  • Nightmare Moglin Kurugami Armor and Helm
  • Wistar-287 Bank Pet

Happening Now: 7 Deadly Dragons Saga

Battle 7 Deadly Dragons to protect our world!

There are 7 deadly vices -- Wrath, Envy, Pride, Lust, Gluttony, Sloth, and Greed -- and 7 Great Dragons that embody them. This Summer, Galanoth and the Order of DragonSlayers need your help to cleanse our world of their terror.

Fire Dragon of Gluttony

Glutus, Dragon of Gluttony, has terrorized men -- especially DragonSlayers -- for far too long. NO DragonSlayer has managed to survive battle with him, and Galanoth is making this battle personal. Take on the dreaded Dragon of Gluttony this weekend!

Storm Dragon of Pride

The 7 Deadly Dragons Saga continues this weekend as we face… Valsarian, Storm Dragon of Pride! For millennia, dragons were the greatest creatures on Lore… until humans came. Until DragonSlayers came. Battle to save Darkmoor Village, the first town Valsarian's Storm Drakel army has conquered as he begins his press to turn humans into slaves... and Dragons into KINGS! 

Ice Dragon of Greed

Dragons invade, kill, and most importantly --they hoard. Each dragon guards a vast treasure trove of gold, gems, and priceless artifacts... all very, very tempting for any thieves foolish enough to risk their wrath. But when evidence appears of a rogue DragonSlayer stealing from dragon hoards for his own benefit, Galanoth needs your help to uncover the truth.

Green Dragon of Lust

Deep inside a fortress, hidden from sight and out of reach of the family who would seek to reclaim them... Lascivia, Dragon of Lust feasts and frolics and delights in the antics of the kidnapped, enchanted princes and princesses - her royal horde hoard!  This weekend, battle to aid Princess Cecily in her quest to free her fiance and rescue the other members of Lascivia's Hoard'em!

Then take on Lascivia's deadliest defender: Killek Deadchewer! Locked away from the rest of her attendants for their safety, Killek will do ANYTHING to protect her.


Unlock the Ultimate DragonSlayer

Upgrade in BattleGems to unlock rewards in AQWorlds!

The new BattleGems update is live on the Google Play and iOS app stores! When you upgrade in BattleGems, our mobile RPG Puzzle Game, you'll unlock the exclusive Ultimate DragonSlayer set in both games.


Personal Buy Back Shop

Unlock all your old rare items in your own shop!

Log in to your account manager now to access the new Buy Back Shop functionality NOW! Get all the details about the shop and how it works in the Design Notes

Throne of Darkness Trailer


Turn Fantasy into Reality

Upgrade and Unlock the Legend-only BeastMaster Class!

Unlock more power, exclusive storylines, and super-charged rewards when you upgrade your account! In our latest Legend-only release, unlock the BeastMaster Class when you talk to Faith, and begin learning how to control your animal companion in battle! Battle as a Legendary Hero and gain access to a ton of exciting extra Legend Perks when you upgrade your account!

Upgrade in Online Roleplaying Game for Beast Master Class
BeastMasters are free to play and battle with ANY pet in-game!


RPG Strategy: Unlikely Alliances

Good & Evil vs Chaos!

Decide whether you will be Good or Evil! Choose quickly, because Chaos monsters have already invaded Lore! Ally with Good King Alteon or the Evil Empress Gravelyn, then join the battle to defeat Drakath and his 13 Lords of Chaos. Use your Book of Lore to begin the adventure with thousands of players as new chapters of the story unfold each week!

Main story in Best MMORPG Adventure Quest Worlds To defeat Chaos, Good and Evil need to work together!

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